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Thursday Open Thread

The REAL monuments that tells America’s TRUE HISTORY. Thoughts on Confederate Statues from a Southern White Male Growing up in the South, I was told (and unfortunately believed) a number of things about the Confederacy. Of course, I heard the common … Continue reading

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Video | William Sewell TN State Investigator Loses Job Over Lynching Story Intimidates & Threatens Shun Mullins

YOUTUBE BITCHES! APPARENTLY ALL is not GOOD in ALGOOD! Imagine being told a GRAPHIC  lynching story by a white man, while you are being inteviewed for complaints about your black mother’s death due to racism. William Sewell Shun Mullins reports … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Public Lynching of Trayvon Martin

Where is this country headed when we have the main stream media complicit in the 21st century PUBLIC lynching of Trayvon Martin?  And this means you CNN, MSNBC, HLN, & Fox News. My friend and I talked last night about our … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson, Bow Tie-Wearing Bozo Thinks Michael Vick Should Be Executed

**Hatip SG2 Tucker Carlson’s hate-filled call for the EXECUTION of Michael Vick is not going unrecognized by 3 CHICS!  Thoughts are things. Is Tucker’s comment a battle cry for attention of a white privileged NOBODY, or a call for they death … Continue reading

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