The 21st Century Public Lynching of Trayvon Martin

Lynching Trayvon MartinWhere is this country headed when we have the main stream media complicit in the 21st century PUBLIC lynching of Trayvon Martin?  And this means you CNN, MSNBC, HLN, & Fox News.

My friend and I talked last night about our grandsons. My friend’s grandson is 1 year old & mine is 4. We shared how much love and joy they’ve brought and will continue to bring into our lives. Unfortunately, when I hung up my phone from the call, my heart sank with a sadness like no other. My anger and rage will be used to fight for the justice that Trayvon Martin and all INNOCENT black boys and men deserve.

We want a just and lawful world for our sons, grandsons, uncles, fathers, and brothers to live in. WE can not allow the media or George Zimmerman and his defense drag and mischaracterize Trayvon Martin or his death by the murderous hands of George Zimmerman.

Mark O’Mara, the media, and racist whites are demonizing an innocent child like he deserved to be shot and killed in the street like a rabid dog. It takes deep deep hate to publicly demonize a dead child. What we are witnessing is the 21st century public lynching of Trayvon Martin.

The Main Steam Media wouldn’t DARE ask if Natalie Holloway beared some responsibility in her disappearance by going off with a stranger in a foreign country. The media didn’t question the amount of alcohol Natalie Holloway drank to cloud her judgment to wander off with a guy she didn’t know in a strange land. Trayvon Martin is being treated the same way racist jurors treated the Emmett Till murder in 1955. Jurors agreed Roy Bryant & his brother J.W. Milam was justified in the brutal slaying of Emmett Till because he deserved it. It was their belief Emmett Till was out of his place to whistle at a white woman. When Detective Serino asked George Zimmerman what made Trayvon Martin suspicious, Zimmerman uttered:

Zimmerman: Uh… It was raining, he was looking into the houses, looking behind, looking at me, he wasn’t walking quickly to get out of the rain, he didn’t look like he was trying to head home, he didn’t look like a hardcore athlete that wanting to like train in the rain or anything. He just looked out of place.

The racist white community, jurors and the media in Money Mississippi also believed Emmett Till was out of his place. They felt Roy Bryant along with his brother J. W. Milam had to defend his honor as a white man and kill the nigga. George Zimmerman felt it was his duty and honor to defend the neighborhood from the “effing coon” nigga. The Sanford Police agreed and that’s why it took 45 days to arrest a murderer. They took Zimmerman’s word over the unarmed black kid carrying only skittles and a drink. Sanford Police then fed the public a bull sh*t story because they were sure it would all blow over in a couple of days. Not this time. This isn’t Money Mississippi and we’re not going quietly into the night and accept your bald face lies. We demand justice. This is a country that flaunts equal justice under the law. Like Dr Martin Luther King quoted…”be true to what you said on paper”. The world is watching.

The court has ruled what Mark O’Mara released to the public in order to taint potential jurors, smear & demonize an innocent victim of a homicide is not relevant or admissible. So why does the main stream media continue to show these images to the public? Do they not realize potential jurors watch tv and see this or is this part of the plan to continue the demonization of an innocent kid and call it news? God help us! If this is called moving the country forward, then I shudder because it’s more frightening than the turbulent 60’s.

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  1. How to apply to attend George Zimmerman trial

    Members of the public interested in attending the George Zimmerman trial can enter a lottery for one of 24 seats in the courtroom, the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit said.

    The court will accept applications for a random drawing from 2 to 4 p.m. through Monday through Friday at the Supervisor of Elections office, 1500 E. Airport Blvd., Sanford.

    The first drawing will be held Friday for the first day of jury selection Monday.

    Anyone interested in a seat must submit their name and phone number at the elections office a day before the court date on which they want to attend. Those selected will be notified by phone and given instructions for picking up their visitor pass at the courthouse the next morning. Photo identification will be required.

    The Zimmerman trial will be held at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center at 101 Bush Blvd., Sanford. For more information, go to the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit website at

  2. HLNtv – Trayvon Martin autopsy

  3. HLNtv- George Zimmerman’s story of what happened on Feb 26 2012

  4. Officer’s Cellphone Pics Show Zimmerman May NOT Have Been Punched the Night he Killed Trayvon

    Look closely at George Zimmerman’s nose picture, that was taken from Officer Wagner’s cell phone before EMS cleaned him up and you’ll find there is no blood at all coming from Zimmerman’s nostrils. Yet, Zimmerman told Detectives that Martin punched him in the nose so hard that he “fell to the ground when he punched me the first time” and that he was “punched in the nose 25 to 30 times.” Looking at the nose picture, with no blood at all coming from the nostrils, it is easy to figure out why Detective Sereno told Zimmerman “the 25 to 30 punches” he claimed he took from Trayvon Martin “were not consistent with Zimmerman’s injuries.”

    Zimmerman's bloody nose

    (George Zimmerman nose picture taken by Officer Wagner before EMT cleaned him)

    I think it’s pretty clear that the only part of Zimmerman’s nose that is bleeding is the very tip of his nose. And when you compare the nose picture Officer Wagner took with the picture the Sanford Police Department took about 45 minutes after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, you can see two pinholes on the tip of Zimmerman’s nose which is exactly the location of the bleeding Officer Wagner’s picture shows. Another interesting feature between the two pictures is that there is no more swelling on the right-side bridge of Zimmerman’s nose 45 minutes after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

  5. Mark O’Mara & Don West letter to Bernie De la Rionda discussing a video on Trayvon Martin’s phone about a bike.

    Date 9/19/12.


    • roderick2012 says:

      Does it really matter at this point?
      I am getting queasy about this case now.
      First the State is deposing Shellie at this late date. Why?
      I would think by now that their case was solid, but having to depose Shellie implies that they don’t have an open and shut case.

      Now the appeals court has waited until a week before the trial to allow Crump to be deposed on the basis of his 15 page affidavit to the court.

      I guess O’Mara’s poisoning the media with images of Trayvon really helped.

      I wouldn’t have a big problem with this ruling except for the timing and the fact that it’s taken them so long?


      Now I bet Judge Nelson will have to issue some type of continuance because I doubt that deposing Crump could occur at the same time as jury selection.

      The appeals court is definitely on the defense’s side.

      • Hi Roderick! Here is Professor Leatherman’s take on the Court of Appeals decision

        Court of Appeals grants writ permitting defense to depose Benjamin Crump

        The Court of Appeals granted the defendant’s petition for a writ of certiorari. Therefore, defense counsel will be permitted to depose Benjamin Crump. However, the scope of inquiry is strictly limited as follows:

        In concluding that the trial court erred in denying Zimmerman an opportunity to depose Crump, we caution that any deposition of Crump is to be limited to inquiry of circumstances surrounding the interview of Witness 8 and the contents of such interview. Defense counsel may not inquire into Crump’s mental impressions regarding Witness 8, nor may counsel inquire as to the reasons why Crump conducted the interview in the manner in which he did. Additionally, we believe the work product privilege precludes defense counsel from making inquiry as to the reason(s) Crump attempted to locate Witness 8 and the methods employed to do so.

        The deposition contemplated by our opinion should be relatively short and straight forward. We are confident that the trial judge will be able to take the steps necessary to ensure the deposition is limited to the subject areas describe above.

        This is generally the subject matter that Crump covered in his affidavit.

        The Court of Appeals is saying that Judge Nelson should have permitted defense counsel to use the deposition to cross examine Mr. Crump about the information in his affidavit.

        The opinion is a per curiam opinion, which means that no judge wanted to take credit for writing the decision, even though all agree on the result. For all we know, it may have been written by a court commissioner.

        I disagree with the portion of the opinion where the Court concludes that Benjamin Crump is not “opposing counsel.” The Court’s conclusion is supported by the case cited, however, it is a civil case and the vast majority of cases involving depositions are civil cases.

        This is a criminal case, however, in which Benjamin Crump must wait to file his wrongful death suit against the defendant until after he is convicted. Note, for example, that the defendant’s defamation suit against NBC has been stayed pending the outcome of the criminal case.

        To say he is not opposing counsel is a hyper technical dodge that ignores the reality of civil cases arising out of criminal cases in which lawyers representing victims of violent crimes or their survivors may from time to time assist the police and prosecution to put together a case against a defendant, ride on the coattails of a successful prosecution, and sue the convicted defendant who cannot then deny liability.

        The Court of Appeals missed or deliberately ignored that important distinction.

        Click the link above for more…

      • roderick2012 says:

        SG2, I did read Prof Leatherman’s take on the Court of Appeals decision which is why I know it’s bullsh@t and political posturing.

        Since O’Mara and West can only ask Crump the questions he has already answered I wonder if Crump can just take a copy of his affidavit with him to the deposition.

        I watched the ‘re-enactment’ on CNN and almost threw something at my tv.

        It’s pathetic how these news programs don’t give a rat’s behind about following any of the evidence (even George’s lies) these days.

        • HLN was pitiful. I couldn’t believe how clueless they are. It really was embarrassing to watch Vinnie Politan and his joke of an expert. Good grief!

  6. Sanford leaders fear Zimmerman trial may revive city’s image problem,0,892011.story

    Sanford’s new police chief, Cecil Smith, spent a recent afternoon knocking on doors in one of the city’s oldest black neighborhoods, carrying out his promise to improve relations between citizens and police after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

    But following Smith around Georgetown was a three-man TV crew from BBC America, which was in Sanford to report on this month’s trial of George Zimmerman and the city’s troubles with racism.

    Even as Sanford works to move past its image as a backward Southern town, the trial and renewed media interest threaten to undermine those efforts.

    “I do think that we’re going to have to relive much of what happened last year from the national media,” City Commissioner Patty Mahany said. “We’re not going to be able to avoid it. … But we’re a whole lot more experienced today. And we’re a much better community. I think we’ve developed a much better relationship and built better bonds, especially in Sanford’s African-American communities.”

    More than a year ago, the city was at the center of the international media firestorm that followed the shooting of Trayvon, a black, unarmed 17-year-old shot by Zimmerman.

    Hundreds of protesters filled downtown Sanford’s Fort Mellon Park when the police department did not arrest Zimmerman, who was eventually charged with second-degree murder and has claimed self-defense.

    Sanford leaders have been uneasily awaiting the June 10 trial, worried that revisiting the events of last year will set back the work the city has done to overcome its stigma.

    “I think Sanford today is a better community when looking back at how we dealt with it,” City Manager Norton Bonaparte said.

    Bonaparte hired Smith, a veteran black police executive who has led several walks with Sanford officers, knocking on doors of poor black residents’ homes to introduce himself.

    The city also put together a panel of nearly two dozen residents to come up with ideas to build better relations between Sanford’s citizens and the Police Department. The panel is expected to wrap up its report Tuesday and present it to City Hall soon.

    Sanford city officials have taken part in monthly community meetings in the historically black community of Goldsboro, and police officers have been trained in handling racial incidents.

    The fear in Sanford is that all that work could be undone if a not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial sparks another round of protests from those who think Trayvon was wrongly killed.

    Any protests “will come from outside of Sanford,” said Francis Coleman Oliver, a community activist and Goldsboro historian. “There is no reason to march. … I think that we in the black community feel that we have our victory. George Zimmerman was arrested … and the chief of police, Bill Lee, was fired. Those things are a victory. And it’s now in the hands of the courts, which is what we wanted.”

  7. George Zimmerman trial will bring media village, public-assembly area,0,1080541.story

    SANFORD — With the George Zimmerman murder trial just one week away, a village of satellite TV trucks is about to pop up outside the Seminole County criminal courthouse.

    For months, courthouse personnel and others have been getting ready for what’s expected to be one of the most-watched trials of the year and the biggest in Seminole County history.

    Mostly, they’ve tried to figure out how to prepare for the crush of people expected to descend on the 215,000-square-foot building once Zimmerman’s second-degree-murder trial begins June 10.

    They’ve hashed out who gets a seat in the courtroom, despite its limited space, and who does not.

    They’ve put together detailed — and secret — plans on how to ensure the safety of Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s family, witnesses, the judge and jurors.

    They’ve implemented a set of rules to manage protesters and spectators — they’ll be confined to a specific part of the lawn — and enlisted a group of local black pastors to watch the proceedings and try to keep everyone calm.

    They’ve also agonized over anticipated traffic jams on U.S. Highway 17-92, the road that fronts the courthouse, as well as what to do with all the cars sure to fill the courthouse parking lot.

    And they’ve strategized over how to make sure there’s enough electricity, Wi-Fi and radio-frequency capacity for the multitudes about to descend on the $45 million building.

    “It’s a big deal,” said Steve Hyvonen, news director at WKMG-Channel 6, who plans to have 15 staffers at the trial every day. “It’s a very big deal.”

    And it’s a challenge for the 9-year-old building, built by county officials who had no idea of the demands that would be placed on it because of a confrontation one rainy evening between Zimmerman, a Neighborhood Watch volunteer with a gun, and Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old high-school junior.

    The courtroom

    The courtroom seats have been carefully parceled out. Thirty-one will go to journalists. Six are being set aside for Trayvon’s family and six for Zimmerman’s.

    Twenty-four will go to members of the public through a daily lottery. Four have been set aside for black local ministers, part of a much larger group of Sanford-area religious leaders who’ve been working with the U.S. Department of Justice since Trayvon’s shooting to minimize racial tensions.

    The Rev. Valerie J. Houston, pastor at Sanford’s Allen Chapel AME Church, said they’ll watch the proceedings, communicate with their congregations and go outside and talk to protesters if there’s a need for crowd control.

  8. Ametia says:

    Here’s Friday, May 31 Rev Al-Benjamin Crump interview:

  9. ICYMI

    Document from SPD call Trayvon Martins killing a Homicide

  10. Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look – what’s going down?

    Protesting The Killing of Trayvon Martin.

  11. Ametia says:

    SG2; will you provide us a link to a local news station covering the June 10 trial? I see MSNBC is going to cover it. but I’d prefer to watch it locally.

  12. Ametia says:

    Rev Al had on Benjamin Crump.

  13. Zimmerman team raises $32K in less than 48 hours

    George Zimmerman’s attorneys say they have raised more than $32,000 in the 48 hours after announcing their defense funds were running dangerously low. That figure, however, is only 26% of the $120,000 they originally requested.

    They asked people to donate whatever they could, even if that’s only $5 or $10. Zimmerman’s defense lawyers say the biggest donation received after their plea was $500.


    Where are we headed as a country when an accused murderer sets up a fund to solicit blood money after killing an unarmed child?

  14. Peace rally for Trayvon Martin

    Trayvon Martin family to speak at Miami peace gathering,0,2094797.story

    With George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial just days away, the family of slain teenager, Trayvon Martin, will speak at a peace and prayer meeting in Miami Saturday afternoon.

    Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin will speak at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Bethel Apostolic Temple at 1855 NW 119 Street in Miami. A crowd of more that 1,000 people is expected to attend the Community Program of Peace, Justice and Prayer.

    A prayer service will be held for Trayvon and the upcoming trial.

  15. Zimmerman case is simple: Trayvon Martin acted in self-defense

    I hope to forever put to rest the following argument: Since the defendant had a right to get out of his vehicle and a right to follow Trayvon, those actions cannot be considered as evidence of guilt.

    As I will soon show, that argument makes about as much sense as arguing that the purchase of a gun with intent to kill someone cannot be considered as evidence of premeditation because the person had a right to purchase the gun.

    Both arguments fail because a lawful act can be committed to achieve an unlawful result. Yes, indeed. A would-be bank robber can purchase a clunker to use as a getaway vehicle after robbing a bank.

    As any lawyer familiar with the law of conspiracy well knows, conspiracy indictments typically allege the commission of lawful acts by co-conspirators in furtherance of objectives of a conspiracy. Thus, simple events like using a cell phone to confirm a scheduled meeting with a co-conspirator are often charged as overt acts in furtherance of a conspiracy.

    Therefore, the issue is not whether the act itself was lawful. The issue is what was the actor’s intent when he committed the act.

    Nobody would seriously argue that the defendant could not get out of his vehicle and follow Trayvon Martin. He certainly could.

    The relevant questions in this case are why did the defendant get out of his vehicle to follow Trayvon Martin and why did he lie about it afterward?

    I do not believe the jury is going to have any difficulty figuring out the answers to those questions: The defendant intended to prevent this “asshole” from getting away and he shot him to death when Trayvon resisted. The defendant lied about it afterward because he did not want to go to prison.

    Trayvon Martin is the only person who acted in self-defense.

    That is basically all there is to this case.

  16. Investigator Dale Gilbreath’s Powerful Response

    “We have Mr. Zimmerman’s statements, we have the shell casing, and we had Mr. Martin’s body.”

    Fred Leatherman law blog

  17. George Zimmerman’s lawyer talks about the Trayvon Martin case

  18. What’s relevant in George Zimmerman case?

    Ask yourself a couple of questions.

    Does it really matter what Trayvon Martin was texting to his friends?

    Does it really matter if he got into past fights while in school?

    Does it really matter if he was suspended from school?

    Ask yourself — is any of that relevant when we are talking about an unarmed teenager being shot and killed by George Zimmerman while walking in a gated community in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012? Does it have any real relevance to the tragedy that occurred that night?


    Judge Debra Nelson did two wise things this week concerning Zimmerman’s trial on second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Martin.

    She said the defense team can’t mention those previously mentioned texts and school incidents during opening statements, but said some of that evidence might be admitted during trial if it could be authenticated.

    She also rejected a defense request for a delay, ruling that the long-awaited trial will start on June 10.

    It’s about time.

    Time for the truth to come out. Time for the relevant evidence — and not text messages sent to friends — to be discussed in open court. Time to find out who was the aggressor, and who felt threatened. Time to hear what actually happened that night, and why Zimmerman felt he had to shoot Martin.

  19. rikyrah says:

    I just came to ask if it was true that Zimmerman’s atty was on Rev. Al

    thanks for the recap

  20. Ametia says:

    Hearing Trayvon’s screaming and crying for his LIFE is like throwing a dagger in the heart. I weep everytime I hear that audio of him, BEGGING for his life, from the SCUM of the earth Zimmerman.

  21. Ametia says:

    Rev. Al: You put out a lot of stuff that the judge did not allow. Was this to try and POISON the public aginst Trayvon? Your client was arrested twice, Trayvon was never arrested.

    O’Mara: Mr. Zimmerman was arrested once not twice, but we don’t need to get into this. REALLY?
    But you put out shit to discredit a dead boy.

    • Ametia says:

      Rev. Al I don’t agree with you. Thanks for coming and hope you can come back

      The Martin family asked for a civil do you denounce the ugliness?

      DUH?!! Yes, what else is this idgit gone say.

  22. Ametia says:

    Give it up, O’Mara. Rev Al could try this case in his sleep. What an idiot this fool is.

  23. Ametia says:

    Complete signal lost. ain’t that a bitch! Got to dump DISH.

  24. Ametia says:

    Rev Al: How can Zimmerman claim self defense when Trayvon’s screaming for help?

    O’Mara: Florida state experts, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

    • O’Mara cannot find experts to lie & say it’s Zimmerman screaming. They’re not goin to perjure themselves

      • Ametia says:

        Attorney Benjamin Crumps’s case:


        Attorney Mark O’Mara’s case:


  25. Ametia says:

    Rev Al just asked O’Mara how can Zimmerman claim innocence when he got out and pursued Trayvon. O’Mara is saying basically, it doesn’t matter, it’s what happened once they came face-face.

  26. Mark O’Mara should be sanctioned by the Court

    Bad character evidence about the victim of a homicide is not admissible in a self-defense case unless the defendant knew it before the encounter that ended with the victim’s death.

    In other words, if the defendant did not know that the victim was a violent thug, he cannot introduce evidence that the victim was a violent thug in support of his claim of self-defense.

    Mark O’Mara is using the information obtained from Trayvon’s phone in a fruitless attempt to establish that Trayvon was a violent thug. Even if he were successful, the information would still be irrelevant and inadmissible because the defendant did not know Trayvon before he killed him.

    O’Mara must know this because he is a lawyer who specializes in criminal law. Since he knows this, we can reasonably conclude that he knows his motion for sanctions against BDLR will be denied.

    The question people should be asking is why did he file the motion since he knew it would be denied?

    I believe the answer is obvious.

    He is using the motion as a vehicle to publicize irrelevant and inadmissible information about Trayvon Martin. He wants the public to believe that Trayvon is a violent thug who deserved to die.

    Since he waited to file his motion until after 500 people received a summons for jury duty, we also can tell that he is using his motion for sanctions to convince as many of those 500 people as possible that Trayvon was a violent thug who deserved to die.

    Two additional important points that are getting lost amid the hue and cry caused by the release of the information are that:

    (1) it does not prove Trayvon was a violent thug, and

    (2) it does prove that Mark O’Mara acted in bad faith when he filed the motion for sanctions.

    Therefore, Judge Nelson should sanction O’Mara for filing the motion for sanctions in bad faith.

    • Ametia says:

      THIS: The question people should be asking is why did he file the motion since he knew it would be denied?

      I believe the answer is obvious.

      He is using the motion as a vehicle to publicize irrelevant and inadmissible information about Trayvon Martin. He wants the public to believe that Trayvon is a violent thug who deserved to die.

  27. George Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara will appear tonight on MSNBC PoliticsNation with Rev Al.

    This should be good!

  28. Media agrees not to photograph George Zimmerman jurors at trial,0,5962020.story

    Tomorrow’s hearing in Sanford in the George Zimmerman case has been canceled.

    On Tuesday a lawyer for several media companies, including The New York Times, CBS News, NBCUniversal and The Miami Herald, indicated they’d fight for the right to photograph jurors, something Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson said she would prohibit.

    She then ordered attorneys back to court tomorrow to discuss the dispute, but the media group lawyer, Scott Ponce, today filed paperwork, saying there was no dispute, that his clients would abide by a ban, provided it applied only to the courtroom and ended when the trial concludes.

    Rachel Fugate, an attorney for The Orlando Sentinel, wrote a letter to the judge today, echoing that sentiment.

    Both attorneys, though, object to another request by Zimmerman’s attorneys – that the names of jurors be kept secret.

    Defense attorney Mark O’Mara asked for that, saying he’s afraid journalists and others might hound panel members

    Fugate on Tuesday said the judge could, for a time, withhold from the public the names of jurors but could not make it permanent.

    In paperwork filed with the court today, Ponce agreed.

    Nelson on Tuesday ordered attorneys and court personnel to refer to potential jurors only number once the trial starts June 10. She did not make a final decision.

  29. Judge wants four alternate jurors for George Zimmerman trial,0,2098457.story

    SANFORD – Six jurors will decide whether George Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder, but during jury selection at his trial, attorneys will pick a panel of 10, four of them alternates, according to Seminole County Clerk of Courts Maryanne Morse.

    Normally at a second-degree murder trial attorneys pick six jurors and two alternates, but in this case Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson is apparently building in extra protection by adding more alternates.

    They typically sit in the jury box with other jurors and listen to the evidence then are released when the others go into a closed room and begin deliberations.

    But they’re sometimes called to step in if a juror is unable to finish the job, for example if he gets sick or is kicked off the panel for violating one of the judge’s rules, such as discussing the case with someone or surfing the Internet for news accounts of what happened.

    Zimmerman’s trial begins June 10 at the Seminole County criminal courthouse. He’s the 29-year-old former Neighborhood Watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford.

    Prosecutors say Zimmerman is guilty of profiling Trayvon, assuming he was about to commit a crime, following and murdering him.

    Zimmerman says he shot the Miami Gardens teenager in self-defense.

    Yesterday, Zimmerman’s lawyers announced they had run out of money and made a plea via the Internet for $120,000 in donations. Today they announced that donors had already responded with $12,000 in gifts.

    As for jury selection, the judge asked Morse to summon 500 potential jurors for the trial. Those jury service notices went into the mail May 1.

    All 500 people will not show up the first day of jury selection, Morse said. On Day 1 it will be 100 to 200 people, she said, and each day after that about 100 new prospective jurors.

    “The objective of the court is basically to spread them out over the five-day cycle,” Morse said.

    Potential jurors will be required to fill out a questionnaire then will be questioned individually, outside the earshot of other potential jurors.

    They’ll be asked about their jobs, family, experience with police and the court system and what they’ve heard about the case.

    Morse said she hopes jury selection can be completed during the first week. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara earlier predicted it would take two to three weeks.

  30. Hey, Chicas!

    Racerrodig is a huge supporter in justice for Trayvon. I met him on Huff Post and then we met again on the Leatherman law blog. He and Xena both rock!

    • racerrodig says:

      You guys and gals really have it together. I don’t have the computer savvy to do what you do. You know some of what I’ve stated before and you know I’ll take any Zidiot to the mat. I have to keep telling myself it’s impossible to use logic with illogical people, but we all know the reality. Why hate anyone ?? I ask Zidiots this all the time and needless to say, not one can come up with an answer other than….if your head was getting bashed on the concrete. When I ask for proof of that, the silence becomes deafening.

      There will be Justice, it’s just about over but the clapping. Notice they had to prop Taaffe up last night with his “I mentor teens in a THC withdrawal program” Huhhhh ?? !! LIke a drunken, unemployed racist liar like that can qualify. His “..Trayvon was looking in all my windows” is another new lie. They are trying to validate Fogens NEN lies with that “hindsight is 20/20” thinking, just like the “..he’s on drugs or sumpthin’..” and an irrelevant amount of THC. See, I was right on everything I said to the dispatcher, so I’m justified.

      Sorry Charlie…..

      • Notice they had to prop Taaffe up last night with his “I mentor teens in a THC withdrawal program” Huhhhh ?? !! LIke a drunken, unemployed racist liar like that can qualify. His “..Trayvon was looking in all my windows” is another new lie.

        I couldn’t believe my ears at the lies spewing from Frank Taaffe’s face. A drunk mentoring teens? GTFOOH! Taaffe needs to be put in de-tox! Alcohol has effed him up. Who takes this drunken maniac seriously?

        • racerrodig says:

          I thought Nancy was gonna said, “..cut the mic.” like she did to him and Oliver last year. The look on her face. Then a real cut to commercial and he was gone…..Poooooff!!

          • I was surprised he’d come back after having his mike turned off the first time. But I guess he’s wanting to be on camera spewing his hate for the world to see.

          • racerrodig says:

            I walked to the other side of the shop and when I came back, there’s Frankie…I was a bit stunned.

  31. Mark O’Mara keeps repeating that MMA style BS lie. I can hardly take it. Lord, help me to get through this trial. The lies, hate, disrespect and smears about a dead child is just too much!

    Mark O’Mara on FOX 35 May 29 2013

  32. Ametia says:

    And every single media outlet that is still airing photos and such of Trayvon Martin, even after Judge Nelson ruled this crap INADMISSABLE needs to be stalked and beaten to a pulp on TWITTER. Yeah, I said it.

  33. Liza says:

    I wish we could skip the trial and go straight to the guilty verdict. That defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, could crawl under a snake. He doesn’t give a damn about guilt or innocence, or justice, or a child whose life was stolen, or parents who will never recover from having their child murdered. There are no words that adequately describe him.

    • God is watching and taking note.

      • racerrodig says:

        As I’ve said a hundred times before…”Never us God as an alibi……never” Yes, he’s watching, taking notes and I’m pretty certain he’s ticked off.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Liza. Yes; I want the verdict to be guilty, because anyone with a brain cell knows Geroge Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin.

      So while we know the trial will NOT be skipped; here’s what I wish:

      I wish Trayvon Martin was still alive, enjoying his Skittles and Arizona Iced tea, kickin’ back with his buddies and falling in love with his main girl, sharing his birthdays, celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and yes, finishing school and chosing a career or going to college..But he’s not, because of the the hate and ignorance of a few like George Zimmerman.

      I wish this for Trayvon, because I am a grandmother of a black grandson, I am the sister of black brothers, uncles, and nephews, and the wife of a black man. I want our men to live the life of liberty and the pursuit of HAPPINESS afforded ALL AMERICANS.

      I want folks to start OWNING their shit. ALL.OF.IT., and stop trying to dump it on our BOYS & BLACK men.

      • Liza says:

        Hi, Ametia,
        Whenever I see Arizona Iced Tea in the store, I have to look away. I can’t even look at it without thinking about the murder of Trayvon Martin and I know that will never change.
        You’re so right, killing a child or a young person obliterates everything that child might have been or would have done and destroys a great deal more than a single life. There is no way to even calculate the loss. I don’t know how the parents of murdered children can bear it, they always get a life sentence whether the killer does or not.

  34. Ametia says:

    I wish there were a like button on WordPress, because I’d click it a GAZILLION times, SG2. We ain’t NO WAYS TIRED. And Trayvon’s murderer will get his due. We need everyone on this to hold the media and that attorney accountable for the lies and distortions of Trayvon’s character.

    See, the media didn’t commit a character assassination on Nicole Brown or her beau either, when the supposed killer OJ Simpson slit her and her lover’s throats.

  35. Mark O’Mara engineers snipe hunt to avoid responsibility for publicizing irrelevant evidence.

    NBC News reported late yesterday:

    A Florida judge ruled Tuesday that George Zimmerman’s defense team cannot mention Trayvon Martin’s suspension from school, prior marijuana use, text messages or past fighting during opening statements at next month’s trial.

    Judge Debra Nelson said that during the trial she will consider motions to admit details as evidence on a case-by-case basis, outside the presence of jurors who will decide if Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Martin.

    Although this statement is technically correct, it also is misleading because Judge Nelson actually concluded that the evidence was irrelevant and inadmissible. That is why she granted the State’s motion in limine to prohibit the defense from mentioning any of those things during jury selection and opening statement.

    The only reason she might change her mind is if the State were to open the door by introducing evidence of good character. That is not going to happen because Trayvon’s character, whether good or bad, is not an issue in this case. BDLR has no reason to introduce evidence of good character and I am certain that he was not planning on doing that because he knows that good character evidence is irrelevant. Since the defense cannot rebut something that does not happen, the jury will not hear any of this information.

    That is not the end of the story, however, because the irrelevant information in question was obtained from Trayvon Martin’s phone and it is the subject of a defense motion for sanctions and request for a judicial inquiry that Judge Nelson has scheduled for June 6th, the same day as the Frye hearing regarding the admissibility of expert testimony identifying the person who uttered the terrified death shriek.

    Click the link above for more. Very informing!

  36. George Zimmerman defense fund is nearly broke

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — George Zimmerman’s defense fund is almost depleted with less than two weeks until the former neighborhood watch leader goes on trial in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

    Zimmerman’s attorneys posted on their website Wednesday that the fund had less than $5,000 left. The fund had almost $315,000 in January.

    The attorneys say they calculate that Zimmerman needs another $120,000 to put on a good defense or even another $75,000 to give him a fighting chance.

    Attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West say they haven’t been paid a cent and many interns are working on the case without pay.

    They say they will need the money in the coming weeks to pay experts and for transcripts of depositions.

    Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. He is pleading not guilty.

    • Ametia says:

      GOOD! Go broke. GZ’s defense fund doesn’t need more $$ to pay EXPERTS TO LIE.

    • racerrodig says:

      “Zimmerman’s attorneys posted on their website Wednesday that the fund had less than $5,000 left. The fund had almost $315,000 in January.”
      They’re lying to this day. They’re 40 K in the hole. Petty Cash doesn’t really count on this one.

      • Hi, Racerrodig! Nice to see you here! Welcome!

        • racerrodig says:

          You & Xena are amazing !! What a great article and refresher course. These racists will get theirs, it’s coming.

          • Racerrodig, it’s very depressing hearing toxic hate everyday. It’s so discouraging.

          • racerrodig says:

            True that is, but this 57 year old white male believes in Justice, Equality, Truth, Fairness, Compassion, Love for our Fellow Human Beings, and the Rights Guaranteed by the Law of the Land. These racists all seem to be able to call themselves Christians as well. God’s not fooled and neither are we.

            Hoodies up & Skittles held high…

      • Ametia says:

        Hi racerrodig. Welcome to 3 Chics. If this isn’t asking for handouts WELFARE.. IRRESPONSIBILITY, by any other name…

        • racerrodig says:

          Let me ask you this….could you blow through 315K $ (alleged that is) and have nothing to show for it other than a weight gain of over 100 lbs.?? knowing you need legal help that is not cheap.

          That’s a lot of Pizza, Golden Corral, KFC and Chinese take out….that’s for sure.

    • Ametia says:

      He’s eating away the fear and stress of MURDERING an INNOCENT boy and paying the media to carry his water.

    • roderick2012 says:

      I wonder sometimes about this begging for money.

      Honestly I believe that there is some sugar daddy funding the defense and trolling for dollars is a measure of public sentiment for the defense because it’s very convenient that O’Mara was almost broke around the beginning of the year when the pre-trial when suddenly O’Mara needed $30K/month but now he needs $120K pre-trial so that would be $30K for four months.

      How has the defense been surviving without any donations since what January?

      But I am sure the rubes and racists will sacrifice their disability Social Security checks for the cause.

      • Ametia says:

        THIS: “But I am sure the rubes and racists will sacrifice their disability Social Security checks for the cause.”

        All the while screaming about gubment handouts and bashing Obamacare!

      • I’m with you, Roderick. I too believe it’s someone with big bucks putting out the money.

      • Ametia says:

        O’Mara and Zimmerman are playing both sides of the coin. Poor, ignorant Racist white, media whore strolling for ratings and more $$.

  37. rikyrah says:


  38. An American Mourning: A Remembrance of Emmett Till, Rodney King And Trayvon Martin

    Mississippi 1955. If you know the name of Emmett Till, murdered fifty-seven years ago on this day, August 28th, then you know that his death was a crucial turning point for the Civil Rights movement in America. What you may not know is that Emmett was a breech baby, that he was talented at art and science, and was a very good speller. At six years of age, he contracted polio, and was left with a stutter. His nickname was “Bobo” and he loved to play pranks on his friends. His mother would often recall his beautiful teeth. On his trip to Money, Mississippi to visit family in the South, she finally gave him his father’s ring to wear. Perhaps she saw, as he boarded the train, handsome in his suit and hat, that her fourteen-year-old son was now becoming a man.

    Facts like this may not matter to those interested in Emmett Till the historical icon, but when people become icons, the smaller details, the ones that keep his memory alive, obviously don’t make newspaper headlines. An icon belongs to the public, and to history books, preserved in the amber of memory. In The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till, his mother Mamie Till Mobley remembered that they almost missed the train, that they could hear the whistle blowing. As Emmett ran up the steps, she said to him, “Wait a minute. You didn’t kiss me goodbye, where are you going? How do you know I’ll ever see you again?” and he said, “Aw, Mama” and gave his mother a kiss. He also gave her his watch for safekeeping because he wouldn’t be needing it, and she wore it home. This is what a mother remembers.


    The rest of the story is legend; on August 24, Emmett went to a store with his cousins in Money, Mississippi to buy candy. It is disputed what happened in the store; some say that Till whistled at the white woman who owned the store with her husband, others maintain the whistle was part of Emmet’s speech impediment. Other accounts say that his indiscretion was that his hand touched hers when he gave her the money. Whatever it was, in her mind she had been violated, so she went out to her car and got her gun. The boys left the store, and Emmett, frightened at first by the reaction around him, eventually put it behind him. Four days later, Till would be found in a bayou, tied with barbed wire to a seventy-pound cotton gin, bloated by the water and mutilated beyond recognition, one eye torn out and one missing, his skull split in half, and a bullet-hole through his head.

    Mississipi 2012. George Zimmerman shoots Trayvon Martin as part of his “neighborhood watch” in Sanford, Florida; he claims that when he approached Martin and questioned him, Martin tried to attack him, and that he ended up using his gun in self-defense. The words he puts in Martin’s mouth to justify his actions towards the victim are reminiscent of Bryant and Milam’s claims that as they were beating Till, he was shouting back at them, calling them bastards, telling them that he was their equal, and that he had white girlfriends. As Zimmerman has already lied to the public, it is hard to know what to believe.

    In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Zimmerman says that he has no regrets about getting out of the car the evening of Martin’s death, against the advice of the police. He then says the shooting of Trayvon Martin was the “will of God.” To some, Trayvon should never have been in the neighorhood in the first place. It is Zimmerman who is the real victim, a folk hero. A judge revoked Zimmerman’s bail because he and his wife lied about how much money they had at the time of the bail hearing, not admitting to the $135,000 they had collected in donations on their website. Zimmerman’s lying didn’t surprise me, but the money he raised did. In the documentary Emmett Till: The Untold Story, Dan Wakefield of the The Nation recalls:

    “There were little jars for people to drop money in, in stores, in the drugstore, dry cleaners and commercial places in the town of Sumner for the defense of the two men accused of (Till’s) murder, and I must say it was a strange, eerie feeling, a very uncomfortable feeling, to see these little jars of money being collected to defend two men who it seemed (everyone) understood were the murderers.”


      Smart niggers make certain white people nervous in America. Sometimes they can’t be controlled; they may even run for president, and win. Emmett was supposed to be an example, as lynchings always were, to other boys his age who may have been impressed by their cousin from Chicago: this is what happens when you forget who you are. Know your place, and if you can’t remember, the Ku Klux Klan will be happy to remind you. As I reflect on Emmett, I remember South Carolina representative Joe Wilson shouting, “You lie!” at the President’s speech on health care, and the reporter Neil Munro heckling the President during a press conference about homeland security. Obama handles these moments with grace, but I feel outrage for him, because this isn’t an issue of politics, but of white supremacy. Obama is proud and unyielding. These men apologized for their behavior, but the damage was done and they knew it. What is most appalling is that they are willing to disrespect the highest office in our country, a national security issue, because they can’t resist disrespecting a black man. And now Trayvon Martin is dead because someone who felt the same entitlement couldn’t get his hands on Obama, who acknowledged after Martin’s murder that Trayvon could have been his son. The neighborhood that Zimmerman was “watching” was America, and Martin, in Zimmerman’s view, didn’t belong, didn’t respect his authority, didn’t know his place.

  39. Emmett Till: The Media and Injustice of the Trial

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