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Spelman twins make history as school’s co-valedictorians

hat tip-Miranda at POU I can’t imagine their parents’ pride right now. Spelman twins make history as school’s co-valedictorians </a Identical Twins Kirstie & Kristie Bronner For the first time ever, a local college has co-valedictorians that are also identical … Continue reading

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The Field Negro Said Just What I was Thinking About the Cleveland Situation

Let’s face it – when one of OUR children go missing, the po-po acts like they care just as much about our children as they do when little white girls go missing. Honestly, I don’t think they even give that … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Boyz II Men Week

Good Morning. Enjoy the music of Boyz II Men. 1997-1998: Evolution and label conflicts Motown issued The Remix Collection, a compilation of remixes of various Boyz II Men songs from Cooleyhighharmony and II. The group itself had opposed the release … Continue reading

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