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Wednesday Open Thread | Maxine Waters owns Steve Mnuchin

How is it these white men think they can trampled on Black women to get a laugh? Matt Whitaker did it to Sheila Jackson Lee and now Steve Mnuchin is with this fuckery. Black women don’t play that shyt. You … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread

We have to look behind the lingo politicians and voters use to justify their stance on issues that affect us. Let’s look at the language here: “Gun control” vs Gun safety. What does each mean to you? This has been … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Happy Monday, Everyone! ICYMI

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Thursday Open Thread | Maxine Waters called Fox News a ‘sexual harassment enterprise’

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President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama Attend The 2010 CBC Legislative Conference Gala

                                                Reuters -Jonathan Ernst   Full video of the gala event  

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