Thursday Open Thread | Maxine Waters called Fox News a ‘sexual harassment enterprise’

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80 Responses to Thursday Open Thread | Maxine Waters called Fox News a ‘sexual harassment enterprise’

  1. eliihass says:

    Hopefully, there are still enough Americans with working brains who see through this ridiculous charade…this hollow, embarrassingly Orwellian parody playing out before our eyes…embraced and now being mutually exploited by the oligarchs and their bought and paid for media that they’ve
    instructed to legitimize, normalize and help deflect…

    It might all be exceedingly comical, if it weren’t all so insidious and dangerous …and unequivocally and irreparably damaging to this country and its psyche in the long and short term…

    A shallow, dumb, erratic, petty, juvenile, narcissistic sociopath whose entire existence is a blurry indiscernible ball of whiny, needy, empty bluster and shallow stagecraft ….and desperate to distract attention from his many glaring iniquities and serious conflicts – including his dubious associations and treasonous collusion with the Russians who still own him and control many who surround him…And desperately seeking the universal validation and adulation he craves beyond that conditionally doled out to him by his mostly psychopathic, sycophantic, hollow, racist, agenda-driven, hate-filled white supremacist base….but most importantly, entirely obsessed with one-upping, ‘outdoing’ and completely destroying not just the legacy and stellar reputation of the brilliant, world-beloved and immensely popular and historic President he continues to unhealthily obsesses over and has envied and stalked for years, but the man himself..

    Just last week, it was crickets from the same fake buffoon who in typical shallow reality t.v style was yesterday playing to the cameras with his ‘beautiful babies killed’ theatrics…

    Crickets as American airstrikes in Mosul, Iraq last week killed scores of civilians — including some ‘beautiful babies’…perhaps as many as 200 by account…and the highest civilian death tolls in an American air mission since the United States went to war in Iraq in 2003. And the reports of these civilian deaths in Mosul came immediately after two recent incidents in Syria, where in response to the buffoon’s desire to score a quick ‘win’ to stop his fast downward spiral in the polls, American air strikes sloppily ordered by him, struck and killed dozens of civilians..

    Don’t let them distract, deflect from the ongoing bastardization of our democracy and the decimation of our country as we know it…

    Don’t let them normalize and legitimize and absolve and elevate the Putin-owned buffoon who most definitely got permission and guidance from …and even most likely was first approached by, and probably conspired and coordinated with the Kremlin to put on this little show tonight in Syria…to appear to create distance between them – to throw off easily fooled Americans…and more importantly, to fake ‘assert’ independence from Putin, to contradict and hopefully, discredit ongoing investigations..

    Never forget…the media isn’t moral, high-minded or independent…it’s all oligarch-owned…and concerned entirely and most importantly, with the corporate interests of the oligarchs who own them…

    The media and all the paid bobbleheads and spin-masters and ‘strategists’ are all owned and controlled too by the very same handful of self-serving, self-interested agenda-driven oligarchs from whom they get their marching orders…which us why you find the same ‘contributors’ from one hour to the next, one t.v station and program to the next, offering mealy-mouthed and entirely contradictory opinions from their last appearance an hour before…

    Neil Gorsuch. Corporate-owned tool. The worst of the worst kind of tool. Non-negotiable. Important to the ends of the oligarch corporate agenda…effectively sold to the ‘pro-life’ ‘christian’ right wing as one of theirs…Marching orders to media, get behind and push him. No coincidence that the gushing and carefully caliberated words and faces of as many disparate media types were featured in the million dollar ads ‘urging’ a swift confirmation by congress…but in essence, just another low-grade psy-ops on silly Americans..

    Today, McConnell and the republicans did their masters bidding, and blew up 200+ years of congressional rules just to install a singular, handpicked corporate puppet…a guy most of them really don’t know…in response to an order from the oligarchs. A non-negotiable one.

    But God is still in charge…and he’s not even nearly done….even if these folks busy playing God don’t know it yet…He’s got a few surprises left …

    Until then, Neil Gorsuch will always be an interloper …with several asterisks permanently attached…

    And as with the buffoon, no matter how hard the media tries to sell and legitimize him…unendingly bombarding us with prefacing of his name with the unearned title….we will never acknowledge either…

    It will still always be an illegitimate Putin-installed puppet illegally invading, desecrating and holding the People’s House hostage…and it’ll always and forever be Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court seat…

    P.S: Bravo! And well-done to the emerging bright lights in our party, who’ve done their part well these past several weeks…Adam Schiff, Jeff Merkeley…etc. you’ve given us hope…

  2. Breaking: More than 50 Tomahawk missiles launched against Syria.

  3. rikyrah says:

    U.S. land agency website drops hiking photo to give coal top billing
    Thursday, April 06, 2017 3:31 p.m. CDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government’s public lands website has revealed a new face, a wall of coal, as the Trump administration underscores its promotion of an industry that has seen its hardest times since the Bee Gees topped music charts.

    The Bureau of Land Management, charged with overseeing programs on vast swathes of public lands, including cattle grazing, coal leasing and recreation, changed the banner photo on its home page sometime Wednesday or on Thursday by mid-afternoon, web archives show.

    The banner of the agency, an arm of the Interior Department, is now dominated by a photo of a man and his truck dwarfed by a coal vein in Wyoming, the country’s top coal-producing state.

    Previously, the main photo featured two backpackers – a man and a boy – on a vast mountain range gazing into the sunset.

    The image switch, first reported by, came after President Donald Trump signed an order last week to dismantle former President Barack Obama’s climate policies. The order included a reversal of a ban on coal leasing on public lands, where 40 percent of the country’s coal is produced.

    • eliihass says:

      But he’s ‘rich’ …so go right ahead and keep plundering …it’s perfectly fine now for taxpayers to keep carrying the phony, shameless, always have been cash-poor, grifters …

    • eliihass says:

      Of course they are…

      The grifting pretenders who’ve illegally invaded our White House are drunk on delusions of grandeur and the false sense of Secret Service as bit players for the buffoon-family shallow stagecraft…the contrived and grandiose images and falsities bolstered and somehow legitimized by Secret Service stationed all around them…as the buffoon and his brood huff and puff around hoping to be validated and legitimized…

  4. So brazen! These people have no shame. They’ll try it right in your face…but not today, Satan!

  5. Mitch McConnell is a demon from hell.

  6. Breaking News: House Intel Chair Devin Nunes stepping away from Russia probe

  7. rikyrah says:

    * Stepping back from a singular focus on Donald Trump, Alex Pareene writes about how “The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World’s Face.”

    If you want to understand intra-GOP warfare, the decision-making process of our president, the implosion of the Republican healthcare plan, and the rest of the politics of the Trump era, you don’t need to know about Russian espionage tactics, the state of the white working class, or even the beliefs of the “alt-right.” You pretty much just need to be in semi-regular contact with a white, reasonably comfortable, male retiree. We are now ruled by men who think and act very much like that ordinary man you might know, and if you want to know why they believe so many strange and terrible things, you can basically blame the fact that a large and lucrative industry is dedicated to lying to them.

    Because there was a lot of money in it for various hucksters and moguls and authors and politicians, the conservative movement spent decades building up an entire sector of the economy dedicated to scaring and lying to older white men. For millions of members of that demographic, this parallel media dedicated to lying to them has totally supplanted the “mainstream” media. Now they, and we, are at the mercy of the results of that project. The inmates are running the asylum, if there is a kind of asylum that takes in many mostly sane people and then gradually, over many years, drives one subset of its inmates insane, and also this asylum has the largest military in the world.

  8. rikyrah says:

    From Quick Takes:

    * Career professionals in DOJ’s Civil Rights Division are likely reeling at the thought that AG Sessions plans to “review” (more likely decimate) much of the work they’ve done in cities like Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago on police reform. Former acting head of the division Vanita Gupta and senior counsel Corey Stoughton articulated what many of them are not able to say publicly.

    If Mr. Sessions’s review is conducted in good faith, it will vindicate the Justice Department’s existing police work and demonstrate the continuing value of consent decrees. It will show that the department’s civil rights division uses its authority wisely, in only a small fraction of the nation’s more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies. It engages fairly with law enforcement, as well as individuals, community leaders and elected representatives. It makes findings where the law and the facts demand it. It negotiates agreements in good faith with local leaders, adhering to principles of local control and resource limitations without compromising its statutory responsibility to enforce federal civil rights laws. It closes cases when needed.

    Justice Department career staff members understand the difficulties faced by police officers in Baltimore and across the country. They know that every day, officers risk their lives to uphold the law and keep communities safe. They are keenly aware of the challenges of policing in cities grappling with complex social and economic challenges rooted in poverty, racial segregation and inadequate educational, employment and housing opportunities. The factors the attorney general wants the Justice Department to consider in his review have already been accounted for. Mr. Sessions should let the people in his department working on police reform keep doing their jobs.

    • Liza says:

      Session’s intent is to decimate the Civil Rights Division, to make it non-functional in defending the civil rights of those harmed or killed by police. There is probably no other reason why Sessions was selected.

      • Liza says:

        To do this job on behalf of Trump and the GOP, you would have to be a hard core white supremacist down to the marrow in your bones.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Trump’s Foreign Policy Mess
    by Martin Longman April 5, 2017 4:44 PM

    David Usborne doesn’t think that Xi Jinping will be moved “by the usual golf-and-cocktails Mar-a-Lago treatment,” and in fact believes that it’s a terrible idea for Trump to be meeting with him at this point in time. One main reason for this is that it’s pretty obvious that our president isn’t even remotely prepared.

    You almost wish President Xi Jinping had lingered in Helsinki rather than continuing on his way to southern Florida for his two-day sojourn at Mar-a-Lago, the stucco-and-terracotta confection that nowadays, on account of its owner, has been dubbed the Southern White House.

    That would be Donald Trump, who seems entirely unprepared for a first face-to-face with his Chinese counterpart. He doesn’t have his ambassador in Beijing yet. His trade negotiator has not been confirmed. Nor are the State Department experts who would normally formulate Asia policy and brief the president on it yet in place. It is possible we are underestimating the homework he has done ahead of it, but on balance that seems unlikely. True, Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, went on a ground-laying trip to Beijing last month, but was assailed for issuing a statement afterwards that read as if it had been written for him by his hosts.

    In Tillerson’s case, he has an excuse because he read that statement between naps.

    More seriously, it’s a bad time to talk to China because one of the top topics on the agenda will be what to do about North Korea, and to do that properly, Trump needs to consult very closely with South Korea. But South Korea is currently experiencing a change in government after former president Park Geun-hye was first impeached and then arrested on (among others) charges of “bribery, abuse of power, coercion and leaking government secrets.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Donald Trump Will Never Get What He Wants
    by Nancy LeTourneau April 5, 2017 3:43 PM

    Perhaps because of my background as a therapist, I think it is important to sometimes look beyond the political games and understand what is going on inside a politician’s head. Never has that been more true of a president than Donald Trump. If we simply analyze his posturing from a political perspective, we’ll miss the story.

    Something Martin just wrote triggered my thoughts in that direction: “the Washington Establishment didn’t accept him irrespective of which party they represented.” I was reminded of a fascinating piece Garrison Keillor wrote about Trump during the election, which basically explored what goes on inside Trump’s head.


    Trump has always felt like he is “bush league” in a world of Manhattanites. Even the Washington Establishment rejected him – no matter how much money he donated to their causes/campaigns. The voices inside his head (predominantly his father Fred Trump and Roy Cohn) are constantly questioning his legitimacy and telling him to view every situation as a battle to the death. No amount of money he could make or attention he could garner ever silenced those voices.

    In the end, the calculation that Trump made was that winning the presidency was the one thing that would finally validate him. After all, you can’t get any bigger than POTUS.

    But it didn’t work.

    That’s why yesterday, three months after the election and in the midst of failure on health care, initial work on tax reform, another missile test in North Korea, the use of chemical weapons by Assad in Syria and an ongoing counter-intelligence investigation by the FBI into his campaign, Donald Trump wanted to talk about how bigly he won.

  11. Black people need to stop going in these meetings w/ Trump & kissing his ass, then they wouldn’t have to scramble & make corrections about what was said. Why would Elijah Cummings even think Trump would be a great president? Why even go there with that ISH? Just stop playing games, dammit.

    • rikyrah says:


      If you don’t go meet him..then you don’t have to correct yourself.


    • Liza says:

      It really should be apparent to even the kindest of souls that Trump is a force of evil. No good will come of this and those who believe they can talk to him and reason with him and beg him to do right by the people are, at this point, delusional enough to be sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

      • Ametia says:

        Exactly. These folks are walking a tightrope when it comes to this devil. Eventually, it appears they are all complicit in doing the devils work.

  12. rikyrah says:

    Trump pushes laughable claim about a leading congressional Dem
    04/06/17 08:40 AM—UPDATED 04/06/17 09:00 AM
    By Steve Benen

    Before we get into what Donald Trump said yesterday about Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), some context is in order.

    Less than a month into his presidency, Trump declared at a White House press0 conference how eager he was to meet with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. “I actually thought I had a meeting with Congressman Cummings, and he was all excited,” Trump claimed. “And then he said, ‘Well, I can’t move, it might be bad for me politically. I can’t have that meeting.”

    Cummings soon after explained that Trump simply made all of this up. “I have no idea why President Trump would make up a story about me like he did today,” the Maryland Democrat said.

    The following week, Trump and Cummings did meet, and according to the congressman, Cummings told the president some things he didn’t want to hear.

    Reflecting on the conversation, Trump seems to remember the meeting very differently. Here’s what he told the New York Times yesterday:

    TRUMP: Elijah Cummings [a Democratic representative from Maryland] was in my office and he said, “You will go down as one of the great presidents in the history of our country.”

    NYT: Really.

    TRUMP: And then he went out and I watched him on television yesterday and I said, “Was that the same man?”


    So what did the congressman say? The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake reported:

    [Cummings] explained in a statement to [the Washington Post]: “During my meeting with the president and on several occasions since then, I have said repeatedly that he could be a great president if … if … he takes steps to truly represent all Americans rather than continuing on the divisive and harmful path he is currently on.”

    This is Trump’s fabulism in action. He hears a comment like that, lops off the all-important “if” part, and takes it as a compliment. And then he takes that perceived compliment and amplifies it by a factor of about four; “great president” becomes “great presidents in the history of the country.”

    The question, as with all of Trump’s falsehoods, is whether it’s subconscious or deliberate – the “Stupid or Liar” theory. Either he doesn’t comprehend what Cummings was saying to him – which is a big problem in a president – or he chooses to completely misrepresent it – which is a big problem in a president.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Trump faces foreign policy tests he doesn’t know how to pass
    04/06/17 08:00 AM
    By Steve Benen
    At a White House press conference yesterday alongside Jordan’s King Abdullah, Donald Trump was asked about Iranian support for the Syrian regime. The president responded by complaining about the Iran nuclear deal, which in context, didn’t make any sense. At the same event, asked about his administration’s plans for U.S. policy towards Syria, Trump’s answer was even stranger.

    “I don’t have to have one specific way, and if the world changes, I go the same way,” he said. “I don’t change. Well, I do change.”

    Soon after, BuzzFeed reported that officials in Trump’s Defense Department “were left confused” by what, exactly, the president intends to do.

    [T]hree defense officials told BuzzFeed News they cannot begin to craft a military response, if that is what Trump wants, without a clear understanding of what the president wants to see happen in Syria. Does he only want the Assad regime to stop using chemical weapons? Does he want regime change? Is he seeking a negotiated settlement? Or were Trump’s comments simply rhetoric?

    It’s one thing when you and I have no idea what Trump’s intentions are, but as Rachel explained on the show last night, when officials in his own administration can’t figure out what their boss wants to do, there’s a much larger problem.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Senators demand answers on new EPA policy
    Rachel Maddow follows up on the exclusive revelation of what appears to be internal EPA memos on removing environment regulations, noting that three senators are now seeking answers on the specifics of the new policy the memos describe.

  15. rikyrah says:

    White House story on Bannon NSC move perplexes
    Jennifer Jacobs, White House reporter for Bloomberg News, talks with Rachel Maddow about the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council and how the Donald Trump White House explains the change.

  16. rikyrah says:

    ‘Careening incompetence’ of Trump administration risks crisis
    Rachel Maddow remarks on the “clown car of incompetent catastrophe” that is the Donald Trump administration and expresses concern for how important matters of national security will be handled.

  17. rikyrah says:

    A judge has ordered Kansas’ secretary of state to turn over notes he was holding during a photo-op with Donald Trump

    — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) April 5, 2017

  18. rikyrah says:

    Well . .The Congresswoman is telling the absolute truth.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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