Open Thread | Waiting for the Student Loan Forgiveness Decision By The Supreme Court

As we wait for the decision by the Supreme Court with regards to President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness….

I see that the same left-wing grifters who have seen their grift dry up because of the competence of the Biden Administration have been coming back out.
Whining about complete student loan forgiveness and lying on the President.

Let’s get this straight.


He promised to do what he did…the $20,000 limit.

He promised to do what he could do under current laws.
And, in that, he has done a lot.
For students who were sold a bill of goods by fraudulent colleges, he has forgiven BILLIONS.

For the disabled, he has forgiven loans.

The greatest thing he’s done with regards to Student Loan Forgiveness that hasn’t nearly gotten the attention that it should was his revamping of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.
You know, where people go into Public Service jobs, pay 10 years on their loans, and then apply through this program to get their loans forgiven.
This program was developed in 2007.
Under the rotten Betsy DeVos during the Dolt45 years, 99% of people who applied WERE DENIED.


Before the Biden Administration, only 7,000 people had had their loans forgiven through this program.


Since the Biden Administration revamped the program?


Over 600,000 people have had their lives changed.

STOP lying on Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s plan to forgive $10,000 and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients would wipe out the Student loan burden for nearly FIFTY PERCENT OF ALL STUDENT LOAN BORROWERS in this country.

It was brought to court because of REPUBLICANS.
But, it always makes me curious how none of these leftists have any smoke for the Republicans who brought their bullshyt suits against student loan forgiveness. But, all the smoke for Joe Biden to where they continue the lie that he can do this UNILATERALLY, which is untrue, because WE ARE AT THE SUPREME COURT RIGHT NOW.

While President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness program would help nearly 50% OF ALL STUDENT LOAN BORROWERS, the issue with these leftists is that it won’t really help those with the highest amount of debt.

I believe the cloudiness in reporting to basic non-reporting of the extent of the help that President Biden has done with regards to Student Loans is being done on purpose. I believe everyone writing about this issue should have to disclose if they themselves have student loans, and, if so, how much.

I believe that they do indeed have student loans, and resent that President Biden isn’t taking care of their loans, so they don’t have to accurately report about the President on this issue. I think it’s why they choose as the poster children for the stories that they write on this issue, people who look like them and are in their same predicament. Not seeing that these are some of the most entitled, unsympathetic mofos ever to be featured. It’s the sense of entitlement of people who went to elite schools, taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans, and then turn around and think that the rest of us should have to pay for their degrees..people like Brie Brie, who went to HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, but decided that she didn’t really care about using that degree, but, somehow, Biden is supposed to just wave a wand and forgive those loans.

Scratch the surface of those leftist whiners, and you’ll find stories very similar to hers. And, they are mad that President Biden’s plan, while helping nearly FIFTY PERCENT OF ALL STUDENT LOAN BORROWERS…wouldn’t help their entitled selves.

More TRUTH about the President’s plan.

Sissy (@SissyCoel) tweeted at 0:13 PM on Fri, Jun 16, 2023:
Really everyone needs to read about the REPAYE plan. It’s a better plan overall, allows for low income borrowers to never have to pay a dime, and forgives debt after 20 years, even if it’s been in forbearance.

Just look further into the JOE BIDEN CAN CANCEL ALL STUDENT DEBT VIA EXECUTIVE ORDER people. They are LYING…and, they have an AGENDA. Scratch the bare surface, and, to a one, they are grifters whose hustle has been stopped cold by the competence of President Biden and his Administration.😠

Hank (@SonOfNumenor313) tweeted at 0:06 PM on Fri, Jun 16, 2023:
It’s odd to me how they are allergic to bringing up anything about the GOP. They will go out of their way to ignore literal hate groups that back the GOP but they have stacks of smoke for the people that actually try. Once they acknowledge the GOP, their narrative crumbles.

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