Arizona cops terrorize black family at gunpoint after 4-year-old takes a doll from the dollar store

Arizona cops threatened to shoot a Black mother in the head because her 4 year old took a doll from the Dollar Store without paying for it. It’s unbelievable to watch. Savage beasts terrorizing a Black family with yelling, cussing and threatening to KILL people over a mutha fkn doll. When the Black mother begs the cop not to point his weapon at her children, and he tells her he doesn’t “give a sh*t”.

An Arizona family claims “trigger-happy” police threatened to shoot them after their 4-year-old daughter walked out of a dollar store with a Barbie doll they hadn’t paid for — without the parents’ knowledge.

Officers responded to the shoplifting report May 29 involving a man and woman with two small children as they drove away from a Phoenix store, reported KSAZ-TV.

“It was crazy, very scary over a dollar store,” said mother Iesha Harper. “I would have bought that doll had I knew.”

Video released this week by police show officers approach the family and order them out of their vehicle in a parking lot.

“Get your f*cking hands up!” one officer screams over and over. “I”m going to put a f*cking cap right in your f*cking head! Get your f*cking hands up! Who the f*ck is that man?”

Harper tells officers she cannot open the door because it doesn’t work properly and she is holding her children, and one of them threatens to shoot her.

“You’re going to f*cking get shot!” he shouts, pointing a gun at the vehicle. “Are you f*cking deaf? Get out the f*cking car!”

The woman begs the officer not to point his weapon at her children, and he tells her he doesn’t “give a sh*t” in video recorded by a bystander.

“I can’t put my hands up,” Harper sobs. “I have a f*cking baby in my hands. I can’t, I’m pregnant. Officer, he’s overdoing sh*t. He’s overdoing it.”

Another officers escorts the man from the car to a police cruiser, where he roughly places him in handcuffs.

“Feet, spread your feet!” the officer barks. “When I tell you to do something, you f*cking do it.”

The man, Dravon Ames, apologizes with his feet spread, as the officers twists his hands behind his back, and the officer asks what they did wrong.

“I didn’t do anything, sir,” Ames insists.

The other officer points his weapon inches away from Harper’s face, and waves it around as he continues barking at her.

“I tell you to put your f*cking hands up, you put your hands up,” he shouts.

The woman shouts back that she had a baby in her arms and couldn’t put her hands up, and a second officer places his hands on her — which caused the bystander to tell him to calm down.

“Attacking a lady, man?” the bystander says. “Really?”

The officers order Harper to set her child down in the parking lot, but she says the girl is a baby and cannot walk yet.

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50 Responses to Arizona cops terrorize black family at gunpoint after 4-year-old takes a doll from the dollar store

  1. RKYRAH: I saw the stats on the Phoenix Police. They have twice as many cop shootings as the New York PD…and New York has 7 MILLION MORE PEOPLE.
    DA PHUQ?

  2. #Phoenixpolice are STILL victimizing this Black family with LIES by smearing them as thieves stealing underwear & reporters asking the victims these stupid questions don’t have the sense God gave them. Guns were pointed in the their face & they’re asking about UNDERWEAR? GTFOOH!

  3. Dravon Ames was almost in tears after reporter asked him about underwear. He says police had guns to my daughter’s head and reporters are asking about the lies in the police report.

    Speak the truth, brother! #phoenixpolice are STILL victimizing this family.

  4. This is not going away with “I’m sorry “ @phoenixpolice. All police officers involved need to be fired and prosecuted. Release the 911 call while you’re at it.

  5. Did the 911 caller accuse the couple of having a gun? Police came on the scene with guns drawn, ready to shoot the couple. Release the 911 call.

  6. I’m a grown ass woman & no way I can stand barefoot on my concrete steps when it’s hot. And to think the officer demanded the Black mother put her baby, who is not walking yet, down on the hot asphalt. We’re talking about an infant here. The cop didn’t care about safety of the baby.

  7. I looked through my timeline from yesterday & there is nothing there to warrant getting account features disabled. I DID call out the thuggish Phoenix Police for the officers egregious savage behavior for pointing a gun in the face of a young Black mother while she had an infant in her arms and threatening “I’m going to put a fucking cap in your fucking head”, demanding she put her baby down on the hot asphalt, all over a baby taking a $.99 doll from the store. This family was terrorized. There was no reason for guns being pulled & pointed in their face. They didn’t kill anyone, had no weapons. Cops should be fired & prosecuted for assault.

  8. .@phoenixpolice are STILL savage thugs for pointing a gun in the face of a Black mother & her little kids. Twitter may disable some of my features but others will continue to call them out for the savage behavior towards a young mother & her babies. I WON’T stop calling them out!

  9. Liza says:

    Julian Castro is willing to take on the nation’s policing problem…
    People First Policing
    By Castro 2020 Policy Team on June 3, 2019

  10. You lying thugs. We saw both videos @phoenixpolice. Pulling guns on a family with babies in the car and threatening to shoot the mother in the head over a doll the baby had. All that yelling, cussing and threatening to kill them for $.99? We have eyes and ears, subhuman savages.

    Phoenix police release report from controversial response to shoplifting incident
    Phoenix police countered a couple’s accusations that officers used excessive force and threatened to shoot them in an escalating encounter caught on video by releasing the incident report Friday.

    The report, which Phoenix police provided to The Arizona Republic, provides a new viewpoint to the May encounter that has sparked questions about how the department uses force.

    Dravon Ames, 22, and his pregnant fiancée, 24-year-old Aisha Harper were pulled over by Phoenix police near 36th and Roosevelt streets on May 29. They allege police pointed a gun at their children, threatened them and physically harmed Ames and their daughter all because the 4-year-old unknowingly shoplifted.

    However, the 16-page police report contends the couple actually stole other items from the store and were combative with police. At one point, officers thought Ames was reaching for a weapon, the report says.

    Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams commented on the incident in a two-minute video posted to the department’s Facebook page Friday. She said she was “disturbed by the language and actions of our officer.”

  11. Police are serving and protecting white supremacy. That’s why Juries won’t convict killer cops or Darren Wilson,Timothy Loehmann, Daniel Pantaleo, Blane Salamoni & Howe Lake would be in prison. This is why cops shoot unarmed Black men 20, 41, 55 times b/c no juries will convict them

  12. Liza says:

    Here’s Chief Williams talking about the incident that happened May 29 that everyone is just now seeing in social media.

    • Liza says:

      Executive Team
      Police Chief Jeri Williams
      Jeri L. Williams was appointed Police Chief of the Phoenix Police Department in October 2016. She oversees the largest police department in the State of Arizona, which provides law enforcement services to the fifth largest city in the United States. Chief Williams manages 2,900 sworn officers and more than 900 civilian employees along with an annual budget that exceeds $600 million.

      Chief Williams is a 28-year law enforcement veteran and an accomplished police executive. Under her leadership, the Phoenix Police Department is advancing progressive strategies essential in contemporary law enforcement. Core components of these efforts are centered on the suppression and prevention of crime, the continuation of community engagement and outreach, the promotion of transparency and accountability to increase legitimacy and the commitment to employees and their well-being.

      Previously, Chief Williams served nearly six years as Police Chief in the City of Oxnard, California where she strengthened police-community relationships and oversaw the implementation of police body-worn cameras.

      Chief Williams is a native Phoenician. She began her law enforcement career with the Phoenix Police Department and retired as an Assistant Chief after 22 years of service following her selection as Oxnard Police Chief.

  13. Liza says:

    Meet Jeri Williams, Phoenix Police Chief. In this video she is talking about “offensive Facebook posts written by current and former officers that were found in a review by Buzzfeed News in partnership with Injustice Watch.” This video published on 6-5-19.

    • Liza says:

      Published on Oct 30, 2018
      Williams sheds light on the recent shooting of a Phoenix police officer and police officer shootings overall, which she describes as “an alarming trend.”

  14. rikyrah says:

    Out of control 😠😠 😠

  15. Liza says:

    This is so disturbing. The rage these cops are showing is just incomprehensible.

    They act as though they want to kill people. They aren’t even pretending they need a reason.

  16. This is not about the $.99 doll. It’s about Blackness. When the mother begged the cop not to point his gun at her kids, he tells her he doesn’t “give a sh*t”.

    And he doesn’t.

    Cop came at the family with guns drawn all over some anonymous witness called them, not the store.

  17. It’s not uncommon for little tots to take items from a store. They’re babies. And parents sometimes miss seeing it. Here we have a thug robbing the government blind, violating the law and encouraging others to violate the law and @phoenixpolice are threatening to KILL a mother over a $.99 doll.

  18. It’s was so fucked up, Black bystanders feared for the safety of the 1 year old and 4 year old that they intervened to take the little babies away to safety because the cops didn’t give a fk with the threatening to shoot the Black mother in the head, cussing, yelling over a doll.

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