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Friday Open Thread | The Chicanery With the 2020 Census

Ever since we saw Wilbur Ross trying to put a Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census, we knew that phuckery was afoot. The Constitution is very clear – everyone in the United States is to be counted. Period. There has … Continue reading

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Just A Few Words About Impeachment

Just a few words on Impeachment. The Constitution is clear: The Congress is the one that has the power to hold a wanton, unlawful President to account. It’s sort of odd – the framers of the Constitution absolutely believed that … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | They Are Coming For Your Reproductive Rights😠😠

The GOP is coming for reproductive rights. Make no mistake on that. The recently passed bills in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, and pretty much anywhere where the GOP is in charge of the State House. Revealed: 21,000 US women order abortion … Continue reading

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WATCH LIVE: Robert Mueller Makes First Public Statement on Russia Probe

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Wednesday Open Thread | Immigration Update

We have to return to immigration. Have no choice, because the racists in this Administration don’t stop. Now, wonderboy Jared Kushner has been placed in charge of immigration. I happen to believe it’s because they are delusional enough to think … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | We Are Americans

For all the talk about going back to Africa… We are Americans. I had a discussion with an international student during graduate school, about the way we were treated in this country. She was like, ‘why don’t you just move?’ … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Happy Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Let us remember all who fought for this country and died in service to this country. Never forget, African-Americans have served in the military of this country since before this country was an actual country. Did … Continue reading

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Sunday Praise & Worship | The Christianaires

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Sasha Obama goes to the prom

Barack Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha attended her High School Prom on Friday – confirming that both of the former president’s beloved daughters are now all-grown-up. The former first daughter looked flawless in a classic black dress as she posed for … Continue reading

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Last American Slave Ship Found in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Researchers working in the murky waters of the northern Gulf Coast have located the wreck of the last ship known to bring enslaved people from Africa to the United States, historical officials said Wednesday. Remains of the … Continue reading

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