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Mississippi police officer murders Black woman he was romantically involved with

OXFORD – Relatives of a slaying victim were outraged Wednesday when Mississippi court officials discussed possible bail for a white police officer accused of killing the black woman with whom he was romantically involved. Oxford police officer Matthew Kinne was … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | DOJ offers to share Mueller documents to avoid House action

So the Justice Department is resorting to blackmail? FOH! GALLING! How dare them! Just brazen thugs. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department said Tuesday it is willing to provide the House Intelligence Committee with documents from special counsel Robert Mueller’s … Continue reading

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Sacramento PD arrest 12 year old Black child & places a plastic bag over his head

Just look at these monsters!  Arresting a 12-year old Black child and placing a plastic bag over his head? They’re predators with a gun and badge hunting and preying upon young Black boys and men. These thugs wouldn’t DARE do … Continue reading

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