Sacramento PD arrest 12 year old Black child & places a plastic bag over his head

Just look at these monsters!  Arresting a 12-year old Black child and placing a plastic bag over his head? They’re predators with a gun and badge hunting and preying upon young Black boys and men. These thugs wouldn’t DARE do this to a white child. Subhuman mofos! Watch the video. Check out how the security guard has the child’s neck. It enrages me.

Residents in Sacramento, California are furious over the arrest of a 12-year-old Black child captured on a video that has gone viral.

According to Rolling Out magazine, Black Lives Matter of Sacramento is leading the charge in calling out local police for the excessive force used by officers who placed what appears to be a plastic bag over the boy’s head.

The boy, whose name has not been released, was reportedly attending a carnival when he was confronted by private security. It is not clear from the video what he was accused of, but police were called to deal with him and placed him in handcuffs as he protests being detained. As he argues a white object is placed over his head. A man recording the incident also argues with police.

Apparently the bag is what is commonly referred to as a “spit sock,” which is used on prisoners who are attempting to spit at cops. In the video posted by BLM Sacramento on Facebook, the child can be seen protesting the arrest as he is pinned to the ground. But has calmed down considerably by the time another office arrives on the scene.

However, despite the boy’s calmed demeanor, the unidentified officer still places the bag over the his head as the audibly upset crowd demands to know why such extreme actions are being taken against the minor.

The Sacramento Police Department has yet to release a statement about the incident but according to an op-ed appearing in several Black newspapers in California, the child who stands 4’10” and weighs less than 100 pounds, “was born with significant upper respiratory complications and according to his mother and grandmother, suffered from breathing difficulties particularly when anxious.”

The author of the article, attorney Mark T. Harris, who is representing the boy’s family, also alleges that officers “grasped his neck, placed him on the ground, handcuffed him with his hands behind his back, placed a knee in his back and forced his face into the asphalt.”

Harris, who works with noted civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, said locals feel particularly betrayed by the incident given assurances made by Sacramento police chief Daniel Hahn, who took office last year as demonstrations over the death of Stephon Clark went on.

Sacramento police have not yet released a statement on the incident with the boy.

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7 Responses to Sacramento PD arrest 12 year old Black child & places a plastic bag over his head

  1. This is how punks react when they jump up and get smacked down. Bitchass all in my direct messages…..FKN trash should learn to stop talking smack about innocent Black children

  2. majiir says:

    These mofos have no idea why some Americans run away from, not toward, the cops. This is an example of why some of us have as little contact with cops as possible.

  3. nedhamson says:

    disgusting and inhuman because they used ot be able to get away with it – time is up – no more!

  4. If any person put a plastic bag over a child’s head to obstruct their air, CPS would have them in JAIL. But Sacramento police who are suppose to protect and serve are out here obstructing a 12 yr old’s air and forcing his face into the asphalt. It’s got damn terrorism!

  5. rikyrah says:

    This was outrageous. You tell any child when they are growing up – DON’T EVER PUT PLASTIC BAGS OVER YOUR HEAD. THEY ARE NOT FOR PLAY. And, we have phucking POLICE DOING THIS TO A CHILD?

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