Sasha Obama goes to the prom

Barack Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha attended her High School Prom on Friday – confirming that both of the former president’s beloved daughters are now all-grown-up.

The former first daughter looked flawless in a classic black dress as she posed for photos before the big evening in Washington, ahead of her graduation from the Sidwell Friends High School next month.

Standing arm-in-arm with her tux-clad boyfriend, Chris Milton, the pair left admirers gushing on social media saying what a ‘cute couple’ the teenagers make.

Thankfully for Milton, the 44th US President was nowhere to be seen, as he has a well documented history of making tongue-in-cheek threats towards his daughter’s prospective partners.

Mom Michelle and older sister Malia however were in attendance, and they were seen beaming with pride in series of snapshots taken at a pre-prom party.

Dapper date Chris has since been widely credited for his bravery in asking Sasha to the prom in the first place, considering who her father is.

‘Can we just appreciate the absolute guts this kid must have had during the the “dad talk” with Barack,’ said one Twitter user.

According to reports, Sasha is set to attend the University of Michigan in 2021, after taking a gap-year out from her studies.

The teen opted not to follow in Malia’s footsteps by attending a Ivy League school, turning down a place at Yale.

Her 20-year-old sibling is currently enrolled at Harvard.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    She looks so beautiful 😍
    Time has flown by😢😢

  2. When #BlackTwitter saw Sasha Obama trending. They came ready.

  3. Sasha looks stunning. Just absolutely gorgeous. Lucky guy! Good for him.

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