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Tuesday Open Thread | Don Lemon responds to Trump’s personal attacks on him and LeBron James

"President Trump is trying a divide and conquer strategy. … He divides by race and tries to conquer decency by smearing and besmirching the truth and the people who fight to uphold it." – CNN's @DonLemon responds to Trump's personal … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Don Lemon: The President of the United States is a racist

I didn’t think I could hate Trump more but I do. Racists feel emboldened now! So glad Don Lemon cut this sorry racist ass off. Don’t put up with it EVER AGAIN! Cut’em OFF! The rest of the media need … Continue reading

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CNN’s Don Lemon Breaks Silence About Being A Victim Of Pedophile

Don Lemon interviews YOUNG members of Eddie Long’s New Birth Church.  I’m not in to religion and church bashing., because it’s not about either.  It is about the human state of consciousness and how it uses these tools to build or destroy … Continue reading

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Tim Wise On Dr. Laura,The N-Word, And White Racism

Last summer’s Health Care Reform (HCR) bill kicked off a flurry of racist ranting from the Tea Party and other folks gathering at town hall meetings. Now it does not take a genius to teach black folks about the ins and outs … Continue reading

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