Open Thread | A History Lesson About Abaco Island In the Bahamas

I have to admit that I didn’t know this history. But, the truth is…we are all connected in this hemisphere…it just depended on where the slave ship landed.

This thread is educational. For the ADOS fraudsters, maybe you can learn something 😒🙄🙄

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Thread: Today I learned the interesting story of Abaco, the island in the Bahamas hit hardest by hurricane Dorian.

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After the Revolutionary War, many of the white people who were loyal to Britain moved to the Bahamas, which was largely empty. A lot of those people brought their enslaved Africans with them.

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But harsh conditions made many of the white people leave. Then, in 1807, Britain abolished the slave trade. Many of those freed Africans who were liberated on the open seas went to the Bahamas as free people.

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When the US basically bought Florida from Spain, thousands of enslaved Africans and Black Seminoles said “fuck this” and escaped to the Bahamas.

So many ran to freedom that the US government had to build a lighthouse in Cape Florida in 1825.

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In 1834, Britain freed all the slaves in its territories and shit really got crazy.

See, the Bahamas were a regular stop in the Atlantic. Plus, shipwrecked US vessels also ended up there.

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For years, when ships would pull up in the Bahamas (I think that’s the nautical term) Bahamians would tell the captains:

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“Umm, I don’t know if you heard but we don’t play that slave shit over here. Y’all can ride out but you gotta leave the Africans here. They’re free now.

“Now we can handle this like gentlemen, or we can get into some Gangsta shit.”

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Well this was a problem because slavery was legal in the US.

Despite what history whitewashers would have you believe about that freedom@and liberty bullshit, we were one of the last countries in North America to abolish the practice

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So word started getting around plantations about the Bahamas.

Then, in 1840, the Hermosa, a US slave ship headed from Richmond going to New Orleans, wrecked in Abaco.

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Well, the Captain tried to explain that slavery was legal in the US, so technically these enslaved people were cargo. But the Bahamians wasn’t having that shit. They FORCIBLY FREED the entire ship and was like:

“Now runtelldat.”

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Of course, these dumb white folks actually ran and told that. The US government got involved but something else happened.

Enslaved Africans on plantations started hearing about that shit, too!

(Yes, shit’s about to get good)

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This is the part of our history that is rarely told:

In 1840, a black man named Madison Washington escaped slavery and made it to Canada. But Madison decided to return for his wife. (Of course he got caught) he was taken to Va, put on a ship and shipped to La.

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So Madison was on this slave ship, the Creole, with 143 Africans and 17 white people who had ONE GUN!


Y’all know shit was about to pop off.

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As soon as one of the crewmen lifted the grate to where they were holding Madison and his crew, they pounced.

They killed one of the slave traders immediately (you gotta show muhfuckas you mean business). The wypipo didn’t even get a chance to fire their lil’ gun

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Then one of the revolters said: “Aye Madison, did you hear that story about the Hermosa in the Bahamas? Maybe we should see what they’re talking about.”

*Not a literal translation

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So Madison and the slave rebellers get to the Bahamas and a bunch of black soldiers come on board.

The captain tells the soldiers that the people were his property but the Bahamians attorney general was like: “y’all can go. You’re free now.”

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And the enslaved Africans were like: “Go where? Man, we’re a thousand miles from home! We’re on the goddamned ocean! Aside from what’s on this ship, we ain’t even got no food.”

And the Bahamian attorney general was like: “Y’all straight. Just go look outside.”

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So they go above deck and look out on the ocean and witness something astonishing:

The slave ship was surrounded by a “fleet” of tiny little boats manned by local Bahamians ready to take the revolters to freedom.

They would be free forever.

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But the Bahamians atty. gen. held 17 of the men responsible for the white dude’s death on the boat. It became an international incident. The US even tried to organize an attack to REENSLAVE THE SLAVES, but a Bahamian was looking out and warned them that white people were coming

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When the people in the US heard about the revolt, they were OUTRAGED. They demanded a trial. The British agreed. But the Bahamians were like: “Well we don’t have an extradition treaty with those filthy slave traders, so the trial will have to be in the Bahamas.

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Now they couldn’t be tried for murder because the British had already ruled that enslaved people could do whatever they deemed necessary to get free. So the Bahamians tried the Creole 17 for piracy.

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The court ruled, in essence, this:

“How you gon’ charge them with pirating their own bodies? GTFOHWTBS Cased dismissed!”

*again, not a literal translation

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Less than a year later, the Creole would sail no more after it wrecked again…

In a hurricane.

All told, 128 enslaved Africans aboard the Creole were freed

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They will teach you about slave revolts by Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner and John Brown.

But this is the story of Abaco, The Bahamas and what is called:

The most successful slave revolt in U.S. History.







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  1. rikyrah says:

    He can be so funny sometimes.

    CBC Week, Explained

    Michael Harriot
    Today 1:30pm

    The Root’s Senior Writer Michael Harriot will be documenting his first time attending the Congressional Black Caucus’ Foundation Annual Legislative Conference in Washington DC, colloquially known at CBC Week.

    What is CBC Week?

    According to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s website, the CBCF Annual Legislative Conference is “the leading policy conference on issues impacting African Americans and the global black community. Thought leaders, legislators, and concerned citizens engage on economic development, civil and social justice, public health and education issues. More than 10,000 people attend 100 public policy forums and much more.”

    If a black family reunion met the March on Washington during Howard University’s Homecoming and started a long-distance relationship through a series of brunches, after a long period of courting, the couple would have a child who became the elementary school class president, eventually, finish grad school and went into public service. Of course, that baby wouldn’t be CBC Week because that is a really stupid name. But when that kid turned 26, perhaps following an after-work networking event, that child would go to Jos A. Banks and buy a suit so it could make the annual pilgrimage to Washington, DC to CBC Week.

    Basically it’s like CPAC without white people. If you’re white at CBC, they make you wear kente cloth.

    This might be the reason that there are very few white people at CBC. I also suspect it’s because they are worried that they might slip up and use that racial slur.

    The n-word?
    No, “uppity.”

    This is basically a conference filled with the people who white people think should “get off the Democratic plantation,” and “talk about black-on-black crime.” I can almost guarantee that there’s a Senator from Tennessee or a Montana congressman staring out of the window of his office right now wondering why Washington is being overrun with uppity negroes.


    CBC is like a family reunion filled with the smart cousin who went to college and now only drinks deep reds—Merlots or Black Cherry Kool-Aid. That cousin also pledged Alpha. I don’t know why, but CBC Week feels disproportionately Alpha-heavy and lapel pin-centric. Don’t get me wrong—there are plenty of politicians. But for every politico, there are three Alphas, four “aides” and six bright-eyed kids straight out of college who work on Capitol Hill because they still believe they can change the world.

    One of the biggest fuelers of my imposter syndrome is the fact that I have never “worked on The Hill.” One out of three successful black people who eat sushi and bought a townhouse before they turned 30 has worked on The Hill. For the elite black east coast professionals, it’s a rite of passage. And for those who have already had their ambitious negro bar mitzvah by working on The Hill, then CBC is like Essencefest with suits.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Trump Administration Officials Arrested for Scamming Puerto Rico Out of $1.8 Billion in Hurricane Relief Funds

    Michael Harriot
    Yesterday 3:00pm

    Remember when Trump blasted Puerto Rico’s government for their corruption and thievery, explaining that he was the best thing that ever happened to that foreign country whose president’s name he couldn’t quite remember?

    Well, it turned out, it was his own people who were actually doing the scamming.

    A federal grand jury indicted two former Trump administration officials and a utility company chief on Tuesday, Sept. 3, charging them with bribery, fraud, fraud, and more fraud for diverting disaster relief funds into their own pockets, prompting their boss, U.S. president and first-ballot Con Artist Hall Of Famer Donald Trump to issue a statement saying:

    “Wait? It’s illegal for a federal official to profit off taxpayer money? Let me check on that because that can’t be right, so… Oh, I see. They weren’t white. That explains it.

    According to the Department of Justice, federal prosecutors returned an indictment against Donald Keith Ellison, former President of Cobra Acquisitions, FEMA Deputy Administrator Asha Tribble and Jovanda Patterson, who was the former chief of staff for FEMA but you probably don’t remember her name because — and I swear the FBI’s indictment says this, she was “better known as JoJo.”

    And Jojo ‘nem be stealing.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Looking at the clips of Renee Zellweger in this new movie based on Judy Garland. I didn’t realize that Judy was only 47 when she died. Damn. She went thru it. I think Renee is going to be amazing in it.

  4. rikyrah says:


    The Health 202: White House may have given up on health plan it says it is writing

    A former White House staffer and several congressional aides and activists say they’ve been told the Trump administration has moved away from seeking an Obamacare replacement and is instead focused on damage control should a judge rule next month to topple the entire law.

    Trump made waves earlier this year by promising to come up with yet another Obamacare replacement plan, but a high-stakes case before the Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit is threatening him and other Republicans seeking reelection with a political wild card, as it could result in millions of Americans losing coverage as the election season heats up.

    “There seems to be a decreasing appetite for the ‘big plan’ reveal and instead just focusing on responding to the 5th Circuit with prudence and a minimum of hysteria,” a former senior administration official wrote me in an email yesterday.

  5. rikyrah says:

    UH HUH
    UH HUH

    What a surprise….NOT

    Jurisdictions once monitored by the justice department for racially discriminatory voting practices have collectively closed more than 1,000 polling places since a watershed 2013 US supreme court ruling released the jurisdictions from oversight, according to a new watchdog report. In 757 counties and county equivalents that formerly had to pre-clear voting practice changes with Washington, 1,173 polling places disappeared between 2014 and 2018, a study by the Leadership Conference Education Fund, part of the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights coalition, found.

    The closures could disproportionately disenfranchise voters of color, especially when combined with restrictive voter ID laws, gerrymandering and aggressive voter roll purges, the report warned. Last month, a separate study found that US election jurisdictions with histories of egregious voter discrimination have been purging voter rolls at a rate 40% beyond the national average.

    The top three states for polling site closures were Texas (–750), Arizona (–320), and Georgia (–214), which all have Republican leadership.

    The trend has also accelerated with 69% of the recorded closures occurring after the 2014 midterm elections. Thirty-nine per cent of the jurisdictions in the study had seen an overall reduction in the number of polling places between 2012 and 2018.
    Elections officials mostly did not reply to requests for information about polling closures, the report said.

    “Many either did not respond to requests for comment; responded but did not provide meaningful information; or responded with false information,” it said. “By far, the most common justification for closing polling places was no justification at all.”

    Officials have defended polling closures by saying the rise of mail-in voting and other changes means fewer polling sites are needed. But the watchdog group warned mail-in voting was not in wide use and no study had been undertaken to evaluate the impact of voting practice changes on minority groups.

    “Closing polling places has a cascading effect, leading to long lines at other polling places, transportation hurdles, denial of language assistance and other forms of in-person help, and mass confusion about where eligible voters may cast their ballot,” the report said. “For many people, and particularly for voters of color, older voters, rural voters and voters with disabilities, these burdens make it harder – and sometimes impossible – to vote.”
    In some places, officials advanced claims for polling site closures that were highly controversial, blaming laws requiring wheelchair access and citing concerns about school safety in an age of mass shootings, the report said.


  6. rikyrah says:

    Reaching new depths, NC Republicans show ‘contempt for democracy’
    09/12/19 08:00 AM—UPDATED 09/12/19 08:13 AM
    By Steve Benen

    In recent years, Republican state lawmakers in North Carolina haven’t exactly honored basic norms of American governance. We are, after all, talking about a group of GOP officials who’ve imposed sweeping voting restrictions, redrawn district lines in ways that were later deemed racist and illegal, and stripped an incoming Democratic governor of his powers, before he took office, because he had the audacity to win an election.

    At times, it’s seemed as if North Carolina Republicans went out of their way to identify the democratic norms that undergird our political system, so that they’d know specifically which principles to attack.

    Take yesterday, for example. The News & Observer in Raleigh reported:

    In an early-morning move that shocked and angered Democrats in the chamber, the N.C. House of Representatives voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the state budget. Just over half of the 120 members were present to vote.

    Rep. Jason Saine, a Lincolnton Republican, made the motion to reconsider the state budget, and chaos in the chamber quickly ensued. Democrats in the chamber vehemently objected to the bill being brought up, saying they were told there would be no votes during the 8:30 a.m. session and that the session was just a formality so work could begin.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Sick immigrants make case in Congress to protect medical deferral

    Rachel Maddow reports on testimony before a House Oversight subcommittee by immigrants who are in the United States legally under Medical Deferred Action and who would likely die if they are deported by the Trump administration’s elimination of that program.

    Medically fragile immigrant appeals to Congress in fight for life

    Maria Isabel Bueso talks with Rachel Maddow about fighting for her own life and the lives of others who are dependent on medical deferred action for continued life-saving medical treatments in the U.S., and her advocacy in Congress today in the hope that legislators will prevent the Trump administration from deporting sick children to their deaths.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Called out, Trump nominee regrets repeating anti-Muslim myth

    Rachel Maddow shares video of Donald Trump judicial nominee Steven Menashi stammering through an explanation of why he repeated a myth about Americans killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pork products.

  9. rikyrah says:

    This is the right-wing SOB that they want to put in Thurgood Marshall’s old seat:

    Trump’s latest ‘doozie’ judge nominee struggles at confirmation

    Rachel Maddow shares video of Donald Trump judicial nominee Steven Menashi struggling to answer (or avoid answering) questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee at his unusually expedited confirmation hearing.

  10. rikyrah says:


    ‘They’re asking me for the impossible’: Bahamians say feds keep them from flying to U.S.

    Hundreds of Bahamian evacuees trying to fly to the United States have been turned away at the international airport in Nassau.

    In addition to a passport, airline officials confirmed to the Miami Herald that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is now requiring some Bahamians to have U.S. visas instead of clean police records as the agency has required previously.

    Several passengers — some with visas, some without — who made it to Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening told the Herald that they are only allowed to stay in the country for two weeks. Travelers from Abaco and Grand Bahama are being subjected to extra screenings by U.S. immigration agents in Nassau, passengers and airline officials say.

    Other documents CBP agents are requesting include proof of income, property ownership, utility bills, employer contact information and proof of pre-purchased return flights.

    DA PHUQ???

  11. rikyrah says:

    LarryO has video from North Carolina state house today, when they pulled that bullshyt😠😠😠

  12. rikyrah says:


    Christopher Donato (@chrisdonato04) Tweeted:
    New: authorities in the Bahamas announced there are 2,500 people registered as missing on the government list #Dorian

  13. rikyrah says:

    Hope that he has successful treatment.
    I’ll always know him from All My Children.

    The Hallmark Channel’s Cameron Mathison reveals he has cancer:

    Home & Family host asks for thoughts and prayers after telling fans he was having surgery, in emotional TV statement
    Cameron Mathison, 50, announced he has kidney cancer and will have surgery
    Mathison said that thankfully the cancer hasn’t spread to any other organs
    Said doctors think his healthy lifestyle has prevented the cancer from spreading
    Surgeons plan to cut out the tumor at 1pm PT Thursday, Mathison revealed

    PUBLISHED: 22:38 EDT, 10 September 2019 | UPDATED: 11:18 EDT, 11 September 2019

    • rikyrah says:

      Been telling you about it. There are A LOT of migrant children who have relatives in the United States that would take them .


  14. rikyrah says:

    Reading on another blog a discussion about the California decision for athletes to be compensated for their likeness, I hadn’t thought about the depth of the impact.

    They didn’t think that CA was likely to back down. And, considering that the PAC 10 is the home of Nike, and Skechers…

    The rest of the PAC 10 might not want to go along with the CA/WA/OR schools, but, they’re not going to give up the West Coast TV money.

    And, so, if you’re a potential star athlete, why wouldn’t you sign with the PAC10, if you can earn money NOW…instead of later?

    Those folks gave me a lot to think about reading their discussion.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Cheating, Inc.: How Writing Papers for American College Students Has Become a Lucrative Profession Overseas

    By Farah Stockman and Carlos Mureithi
    Sept. 7, 2019

    Tuition was due. The rent was, too. So Mary Mbugua, a university student in Nyeri, Kenya, went out in search of a job. At first, she tried selling insurance policies, but that only paid on commission and she never sold one. Then she sat behind the reception desk at a hotel, but it ran into financial trouble.

    Finally, a friend offered to help her break into “academic writing,” a lucrative industry in Kenya that involves doing school assignments online for college students in the United States, Britain and Australia. Ms. Mbugua felt conflicted.

    “This is cheating,” she said. “But do you have a choice? We have to make money. We have to make a living.”

    Since federal prosecutors charged a group of rich parents and coaches this year in a sprawling fraud and bribery scheme, the advantages that wealthy American students enjoy in college admissions have been scrutinized. Less attention has been paid to the tricks some well-off students use to skate by once they are enrolled.

    Cheating in college is nothing new, but the internet now makes it possible on a global, industrial scale. Sleek websites — with names like Ace-MyHomework and EssayShark — have sprung up that allow people in developing countries to bid on and complete American homework assignments.

    Although such businesses have existed for more than a decade, experts say demand has grown in recent years as the sites have become more sophisticated, with customer service hotlines and money-back guarantees. The result? Millions of essays ordered annually in a vast, worldwide industry that provides enough income for some writers to make it a full-time job.


    The essay-for-hire industry has expanded significantly in developing countries with many English speakers, fast internet connections and more college graduates than jobs, especially Kenya, India and Ukraine. A Facebook group for academic writers in Kenya has over 50,000 members.


    In Kenya, a country with a per capita annual income of about $1,700, successful writers can earn as much as $2,000 a month, according to Roynorris Ndiritu, who said he has thrived while writing academic essays for others.

    Roynorris Ndiritu, 28, who asked that only part of his name be used because he feared retribution from others in the industry in Kenya, graduated with a degree in civil engineering and still calls that his “passion.” But after years of applying unsuccessfully for jobs, he said, he began writing for others full time. He has earned enough to buy a car and a piece of land, he said, but it has left him jaded about the promises he heard when he was young about the opportunities that would come from studying hard in college.

    “You can even get the highest level of education, and still, you might not get that job,” he said.

    In interviews with people in Kenya who said they had worked in contract cheating, many said they did not view the practice as unethical.

    As more foreign writers have joined the industry, some sites have begun to advertise their American ties, in a strange twist on globalization and outsourcing. One site lists “bringing jobs back to America” as a key goal. American writers, who sometimes charge as much as $30 per page, say that they offer higher-quality service, without British spellings or idioms that might raise suspicion about an essay’s authorship.

  16. rikyrah says:

    Biden camp thinks the media just doesn’t get it
    The vice president’s allies say neither detractors in the media, nor his rivals on the stump, understand the root of his appeal.

    09/11/2019 05:01 AM EDT

    The first thing you notice at a Joe Biden event is the age: Many of the reporters covering him are really young. Biden is not. The press corps, or so the Biden campaign sees it, is culturally liberal and highly attuned to modern issues around race and gender and social justice. Biden is not. The reporters are Extremely Online. Biden couldn’t tell you what TikTok is.

    Inside the Biden campaign, it is the collision between these two worlds that advisers believe explain why his White House run often looks like a months-long series of gaffes. For a team in command of the Democratic primary, at least for now, they’re awfully resentful of how their man is being covered. And yet supremely confident that they, not the woke press that pounces on Biden’s every seeming error and blight in his record, has a vastly superior understanding of the Democratic electorate. This is the central paradox of Biden’s run: He’s been amazingly durable. But he gets no respect from the people who make conventional wisdom on the left.

    “I don’t know of anybody who has taken as sustained and vitriolic a negative pounding as Biden and who has come through it with the strength he has,” said a top Biden adviser. “So why isn’t the argument not that he’s a ‘fragile front runner,’ but instead why is this guy so strong? How is he able to withstand this? Because it is unrelenting. Every story that has been written about Biden for a month has been negative! I would ask Warren and Sanders and these folks: He’s been pummeled for months. For months! So why is he going to fall apart now?”

  17. rikyrah says:


    Robert Maguire (@RobertMaguire_) Tweeted:
    When Trump found out Parscale’s firm was making millions off his campaign, he apparently confronted Parscale, screaming, “Where the fuck is my money?”

    The whole situation was diffused by Kellyanne Conway… sneezing on Trump

  18. rikyrah says:

    Joshua Potash 🆘 (@JoshuaPotash) Tweeted:
    Trump. Minutes ago in North Carolina.

    “Under the normal rules, I’ll be out by 2024, so we may have to go for an extra term.”

    This man is not your typical U.S. politician. He is a fascist. He must be removed from office now.

  19. rikyrah says:

    CrystalStansForKamala (@crystal4obama) Tweeted:
    If you are not a fan of Kamala Harris like I am, be honest and use facts in your reasoning. A lot of the rumors have been debunked. The other candidates written/supported/ran on the crime bill, Harris worked methodologically to mitigate the damage cause by it.

  20. rikyrah says:

    These racist muthaphuckas 😠 😠

    Tulsi Didn’t Qualify 🌈 (@skepticalbrotha) Tweeted:
    Trump Administration won’t grant temporary protected status to Bahamians. #HurricaneDorian2019

  21. rikyrah says:

    Daniel Dale (@ddale8) Tweeted:
    Trump manages to get his false claim about the “$500 billion” trade deficit with China into this speech to HBCUs. He’s arguing that both parties let China “shatter the dreams of our citizens” and hurt the lives of African Americans.

  22. rikyrah says:


    Ryan Struyk (@ryanstruyk) Tweeted:
    Trump’s approval rating among black women in today’s new @CNN poll is 3% (!)

  23. rikyrah says:

    Roll Call (@rollcall) Tweeted:
    Ex-Rep. Darrell Issa intends to run for Hunter’s seat to prevent Democrats from picking up another longtime GOP stronghold in California

  24. rikyrah says:


    Jared Yates Sexton (@JYSexton) Tweeted:
    Trump is a prism that reveals the awful truth in Republicans. He exposes the sycophants, shows Fox as baseless propaganda, paints the Romney’s as status quo coasters, the Cruz’s as sniveling cowards, and tough guys like John Bolton as disposable non-entities.

  25. rikyrah says:

    Yes 👏 👏

    Eugene Scott (@Eugene_Scott) Tweeted:
    “Biden’s notion that Republicans will have an “epiphany” and work with him, despite obstructing President Obama, is an egotistical fantasy … Republicans will obstruct the next Democratic president regardless of who he or she is,” @AJentleson

  26. rikyrah says:

    Watchdog accuses County Clerk Karen Yarbrough of running ‘illegal patronage’ operation, wants court oversight
    Ray Long
    SEP 11, 2019 | 6:55 AM

    Less than a year into office, Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough faces potential federal court oversight of hiring amid a watchdog’s accusations that she’s “running an illegal patronage employment system.”

    Veteran anti-patronage attorney Michael Shakman said in a new legal filing that Yarbrough has put the politically connected into jobs that are supposed to be free from such influence, asked her employees for campaign contributions on their private cellphones and transferred certain supervisors to far-flung offices in hopes they’ll quit.

    Yarbrough, who was under federal court oversight in her previous job as recorder of deeds, called Shakman’s latest allegations “outrageous” and “preposterous.”

    “Everything that I’m being accused of is just simply not true,” said Yarbrough, who also is vice chair of the Illinois Democratic Party led by House Speaker Michael Madigan. “We’ll have our day in court.”

  27. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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