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Open Thread | Never Forget: This Is A SMASH & GRAB Administration😠😠

Just so we’re clear: EVERYTHING ever done by the GOP and this Administration is nothing but a SCAM. This is nothing but a SMASH AND GRAB Administration. Everything they do is garbage. There is absolutely, positively nothing that they do … Continue reading

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House releases text of impeachment probe resolution

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Open Thread | Where Are The Teens Taken By ICE??😠😠

Where are the immigrant teens? There’s so much wrong going on with this Administration, it’s hard to pick a story. But, this one stood out because I don’t see it going around MSM. Remember this, they haven’t earned the benefit … Continue reading

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends. She will never forget this moment.😊😊 There’s more to this beautiful moment. Watch and listen to 9 year old Amara talk about what it meant to … Continue reading

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Watch Live: Elijah Cummings Funeral Service

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings will be laid to rest in his hometown of Baltimore Friday morning. Cummings’ family and political dignitaries are scheduled to speak at his funeral, which is being held at the New Psalmist Baptist Church at 10 … Continue reading

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Open Thread |This Administration’s Malice Towards Puerto Rico😠😠

From the beginning, this Administration’s response towards Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria was an abomination. We here have tried to keep focus on the disrespect and disregard towards these American Citizens. We pointed out how the negligence seemed obvious and … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Follow the Money 💰💰💰

This article would NEVER have been written during the Administration of 44. It wouldn’t even have been a consideration. But, this THIS group of crooks. OF COURSE, IT’S A STRONG POSSIBILITY. Folks have been saying for awhile that they suspected … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Back to Immigration and This Administration😠😠😠

This is recurring subject here at 3CHICS. We told you when he was running what he was planning to do with regards to immigration. We told you that the ‘ it’s only about CRIMINAL ILLEGALS’ was absolute and utter bullshyt, … Continue reading

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Remembering Congressman Elijah Cummings😢😢

We lost a true public servant this week with the death of Congressman Elijah Cummings.😢😢 When the history books are written about this tumultuous era, I want them to show that I was among those in the House of Representatives … Continue reading

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Open Thread | I Can’t Believe That This Embarrassing Buffoon Is President

When I saw the first tweet about this letter, I refused to believe that it was real. Never in my life had I seen such foolishness and clownery attached to the Presidency of the United States. EXCLUSIVE: I have obtained … Continue reading

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