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Open Thread | Never Forget….The Cruelty IS the Point

When they talk about the GOP ‘moving on from Trump’. I want you to be very clear about what they mean, and what they don’t mean. What they mean, is that they want to move on from the obvious criminality … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Part of AMERICAN HISTORY That Some Want Erased

I read these two tweets and just went UH HUH UH HUH – Black slaves worked for free for 270+ years– Black slaves were worth 2x more than railroads, which was arguably the most valuable asset– Black slaves were agricultural … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Attack on Education in Florida….as They Try To Install Fascism

In case you didn’t know… I don’t know if you know what’s been going on in Florida. Their Governor has chosen to go full-on fascist. There is the full-blown attack on education. The banning of books. The attack on the … Continue reading

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Open Thread | This is EXACTLY What the Republicans Are Up to With Regards to True HISTORY of this Country

This entire thread: 1/ The right wants to erase the legacy of the civil rights movement. It's why they want to replace Raphael Warnock in the Senate — the man who leads MLK's old church — w/ someone like Herschel … Continue reading

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