White Woman Screams “RAPE’ When A Black Man Walks Towards Her

White woman screams rapeThis is pitiful, pitiful. While barbecuing this past Fourth of July, a young African American man noticed that one of his mother’s neighbors kept watching/spying on him from a distance with binoculars. He walked towards her to ask why, almost knowing what her reaction would be, and she became hysterical.

”Oh! Attack! Attack! Oh, I’m being raped! I’m being raped! HELP ME SOMEBODY!”

The man tries to talk to her, keeping a far distance, asking her why she was screaming that he was raping her, when he was nowhere near her. She replies:

“You were coming to rape me. I know it. I saw it on your face!”

After she somewhat calmed, he asked her why she was spying on them while they were cooking out. She said:

”Because I’m paying attention for my own safety!”

He told the woman he had every right to be there and he shouldn’t have to deal with her racist slurs and accusations.

“Every time I come to visit my mother, you harass me.”

They continue the conversation and the woman’s responses are filled with stereotypical hate, racism and xenophobia. During the exchange she points out his “turban type thing” and asks.

“Are you a Muslim, too?

He says,

“You see how you make assumptions, because I have a turban on? So, just because I have a turban on my head, I’m a Muslim?”

He exclaims to the camera, “This is the ignorance that we will continue to live amongst.” Indeed. This and more.

He reminds her how important cell phones have become. It’s clear her false accusation of rape could have led to an arrest and possibly incarceration — had it been her word against his in a court of law. He brings up the fact that in the 1600s, Europeans used to accuse slaves of rapes that never occurred. What he didn’t mention is that false accusations still happen in America and were the causes of horrific lynchings/executions of innocent black boys, girls, men and women during the 20th century — often to cover up the crimes of white men.

Another disturbing aspect about this video is that the tiny minority of women like this who scream rape when there no rape, make it incredibly harder for real rape victims to be taken seriously.

Cell phones have become an amazing tool of education. They give us a view and perspective of the everyday people who are bringing awareness to the good, bad and ugly that exists in this world. And this is one small example.

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9 Responses to White Woman Screams “RAPE’ When A Black Man Walks Towards Her

  1. vitaminlover says:

    Ummmmm….not everyone wants a white woman.

  2. Ametia says:

    They’re longing for the day where Emmet Till was murdered for claims of whistling at a white woman..


    • eliihass says:

      I’d like to attribute this to a mix of dementia and of course, the hate-filled, deep-seated racism that was nurtured in that woman’s heart long before the early days of Jim Crow – and has dwelt comfortably in her soul and every bit of her being ever since…the conscious paranoia and entirely false sense of herself as even marginally desirable as a magnet or target for that stereotypically raging sex maniac black man to want to rape…LOL …just no…

      The guy should have laughed and told shriveled up, certainly stinky old granny – probably not had a good scrub or bath in a long while …not to flatter herself..

      The nerve of black folks…this would never have happened in the ‘good’ old days…when America was America…and black folks knew their place…and that place was first and foremost as far away as possibly possible, from good, upright, superior white folk like them… You know them folks God created like first thing on Monday morning with all the best parts..and while he was still fresh and energized and teeming with his best ideas…unlike them black folks God created on his last work day, with left-over parts he threw together as he exhausted and spent, rounded up work in the waning hours his work week…

      That a black woman would live in the flat above her…and that the black woman’s son would have the nerve to call her out, not only fills her with anger – as it does the other neighbor (and her cowardly husband hovering in the back letting his wife do the talking), who injects herself into the conversation – not as a peacemaker, but equally as pissed and condescending as the old lady is, over the fact they not only have to live in the same building with the blacks, but that the blacks have the nerve to talk back…

      But I hate to say it but will continue to…especially as I know that some of ma’am’s skin-folk are going to be quick to express disgust and shock – and tsk tsk at the old woman’s behavior..

      But they too are just as guilty as sad granny in this video…

      There’s an insidious racism that very much still manifests in a variety of ways in our society today…even among those we believe know better – and those who often appear alongside us to sing Kumbayah…the many versions of this sort of racism – even when not always quite as obvious or blatant, persists…

      We see it and hear it in various degrees from seemingly ‘evolved’ and ‘conscious’ friends, colleagues, neighbors…We see it and hear it in entitled politicians and public figures who hijack top spots, and think it their birthright and humor black folks into rallying for them…and damning and threatening and destroying them if they even for a second demure..or even worse, have the nerve to put themselves up to vie for the same position…That unspoken..and sometimes spoken, but quickly apologized for condescending, entitled mindset that’s miffed and sniffs and pouts when a black person exceeds them in their supposed field of expertise…it is that mindset that humors and cheers you on – until of course you become a threat to them professionally or by merely ascending in society, threaten their sense of security as the top dog permanently perched at the top of the rung…the superior ones as far as society has always told them and us…

      Until supposedly ‘evolved’ ‘allies’ and the supposedly ‘good ones among them’ like the Gloria Steinems, folks at NOW, the Nancy Pelosis, etc. actually sincerely and honestly do better and are better….instead of masquerading and faking…

      Until they stop humoring and patronizing black women…and then get all snippy when a black woman thrives outside of them…a black woman who they’ve never supported or defended…and one who they haven’t benevolently ‘groomed, endorsed or brought along’ – and only to remain obediently beholden to them, and kept down and assuredly behind them – and never daring to exceed them…until of course at such a time as they’ve all had their ‘turn’ and then choose which black woman they want to bestow their left-overs, been there, done that already, upon…A black woman who will be eternally grateful and never stop paying them homage and attributing her success to their benevolence…

      Until these supposed non-racist, ‘evolved’, ‘allies’ stop trying to undermine and sideline and thwart a black woman who has the nerve to do it her own way – and in spite of them not supporting her or coming to her defense… acquire her own power and influence outside of them…

      Until that happens, these so-called ‘evolved’, often self-righteous, I’m not racist – some of my best friends are black, tsk-tsking at their brethren who they declare racists alongside us…so-called open-minded folks who tell us how they’ve always fought alongside us …and just how much they care and how even their mama baked cakes and marched to help the cause…

      Until they stop with their insidious variation of not so sophisticated but they believe they is slick, form of racism ..

      They are no better and certainly no different from deliberately paranoid racist ma’am in the video above…(Then again, we must not forget those black women who are so indoctrinated and very much part of the problem…a problem they help perpetuate and set in the fabric of our society…these black women enablers are a huge part of the problem and are no better and are just as dangerous and destructive to us as human beings, as are the racists they kiss up to, rally for and turn a blind eye to their shenanigans in exchange for a pat on the head – and crumbs from the table..)

      As folks the world over despair and tire of being peed on and stomped on and discounted ….and throw caution to the wind and begin to perpetrate evil and death on innocents, we must really rethink how we treat each other…

      And even when we think we are so much better than ma’am in the video above…we must search our hearts and make sure that we do not harbor vestiges of ma’am’s mindset – that we truly see each other’s humanity at all times ..that we truly see every last one person as not just human beings worthy of respect and dignity…but that we reaffirm in word and deed, that we are all equal…that some are not more equal and better than others merely because of the color of their skin…

      I too must search my heart and try to work at letting go of the anger and rage that causes me to completely give up on folks…to never forget their misdeeds, and to despise them so…I concede that I too must do better..

  3. rikyrah says:

    This much hate is disheartening.

  4. Women like this woman is a problem to society. She will get you killed. It’s been programed into her head to yell “rape” when she sees a black man. She grew up with that. She’s yelling “I’m being raped”. What neighbor wouldn’t respond to that and call police?

  5. Y’all know it’s perilous times when an old white woman sees a black man walking towards her and she screams ‘RAPE’.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Horrific deaths of Blacks and the fiery destruction of their communities were caused by Whites lying:

      A rape lie caused death and destruction of the Black community Rosewood, Florida

      Similar lie caused the 1921 death and destruction of the Black community in Tulsa, Ok

      A rape lie caused the execution of the Scottsboro young men.

      A lie caused the death of Johnny Crawford.

      Today, false labeling of protestors as “terrorists” is endangering those who take to the streets in the name of justice.

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