Open Thread | COVID Update

I honestly don’t care that the MSM is continuing to try and both sides the COVID Response.
But, folks like myself, the fully vaccinated, are DONE with the unvaccinated. Periodt.


You will not blame 46 for their lack of vaccination.
You will not blame 46 for the unvaccinated clogging up our hospital systems.
You will not blame 46 for the unvaccinated destroying the morale of our healthcare workers.

No, not going to happen.

When vaccines are available on every other corner.
And, when it’s been proven that masks help and social distancing.

All the problems in this country are cause by the UNVACCINATED.

And, you see all the Republican Politicians, along with FOX News, doing all that they can to extend this pandemic. How many people have FOX killed with their deliberate misinformation?

You saw that Abbott of Texas was begging 46 and his Administration for hospital staffing help, because they don’t have it.

Then, the vanishing Governor of Florida, pursing his lips to criticize 46, all the while he let

At the end of Republican policies are dead people from COVID. Period.

Sending tests to every American home?
Why? Why waste those on the unvaccinated.
Give everyone a phone number to call if they don’t have access or ability to sign up for online.
I’d rather not waste tests on those who don’t believe in science. Let those of us who do believe in science, get those tests.
And, send the KN-95 Masks too.

But, what you’re not going to do is try and blame 46 and his Administration for what’s happening with regards to COVID.

What she said.

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Open Thread | Dear Mayor Lightfoot..

Dear Mayor Lightfoot:

As the granddaughter, daughter, niece and sister of School Teachers, I am perplexed by your recent hostility towards the Chicago Teachers Union.

Teachers are part of public service, but, they are also people. They are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, husbands, fathers, uncles, sons.
They have families. Some of them have family members who are immunocompromised, and whose lives should not be risked by exposure to COVID.

I have been confused by the actions of the Chicago Public Schools.

Why were only 35,000 COVID tests sent home with students at the beginning of Christmas Break?
That’s less than 10% of your student population.
Teachers were supposed to be assured by the results from testing less than 10% of the student population?
And, then, that didn’t go right.
24,000 – over half of those tests were ‘ inconclusive’?

You didn’t open up the schools with testing being the first thing to do?

I don’t blame the teachers at all for balking.

How much money did you receive from the federal government in order to shore up schools?

Did every school get up to date air filters for the class?
When you realized that Cousin Omicron had come to America, you didn’t sit down with your staff and draw up a plan to make teachers and students feel safer about being in school?

Why, when vaccines are available on practically every other corner, is there NOT a vaccine mandate – not, the bullshyt you can take a ‘weekly test’ – because that’s garbage

But a vaccine mandate for:
Every adult in the school
Every student, ages 5-17

My niece, a Chicago Public School Student, had a COVID scare in her classroom. After having to take a test, the only ones allowed to return to in-person learning, after having a negative test, were those students who had been fully vaccinated.

In a classroom of THIRTY (THIRTY STUDENTS IN CLASS? That’s a conversation for another day)

How many do you think were able to go back to in-person learning.
A class of Thirty?



WHY is there no vaccine mandate for ALL adults and students, ages 5-17.

WHY was there no announcement from CPS, that everyone in a CPS building, staff and students, would be required to mask up, using KN-95 MASKS PROVIDED BY CPS FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT MONTH.

For all that teachers have to go through, risking their actual LIVES to go to work?

No, I don’t think so.

You need to be a leader, and step up and provide these teachers with facilities where they feel safe going to work. Where they feel that as many procedures are in place as possible, to make them feel more comfortable going to work. As it is now, you are asking them to go back to buildings that are unsafe, and where they feel that they are risking their very lives. Going to work shouldn’t be possible death sentence.


A Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer

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Weekend Open Thread

Good morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends.

Bless this young man.🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Trailblazer and Legend Sidney Poitier Has Died At 94

I cannot feel too sad for someone who lived a long life,and made a difference.
The man was trailblazer.

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Open Thread | So, We Remembered the Unsuccessful Coup Attempt

What I remember most about 1/6 is that the domestic terrorists were just allowed to go home. There were no paddy wagons waiting to take them directly to jail. I have no doubt that they intended to kill Pence and Speaker Pelosi, if they had found them.
No doubt whatsoever. And that plenty of GOP Congressmen and Senators are waist deep in all of it.

My President, 46, told it plain today.


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Open Thread | I Am These People

I am them. They are me.

The thought that anyone would try to blame 46 for what is happening with COVID…no, I don’t think so. Not at all.
Not when his Administration has made the vaccine available on practically every other corner in this country. All you have to do is go get one.

People played with Ms. Delta Rona, so, she brought forth Cousin Omicron.

And, for those trying to gaslight those of us who still respect this disease, by saying that you just catch a ‘ mild case’ with Omicron.

‘Mild Case’?

Muthaphucka, the goal is to not catch COVID AT ALL.


I will continue to tell you to protect yourself from the lying unvaccinated in this country. Because these sociopaths do not care about you and yours.

Why are you blaming the CDC for giving you what you want? All your ‘ freedom’.

The only news that I’m looking for this week from the FDA and CDC is that they will approve boosters for 12-16 year olds, then I will be online booking Peanut’s booster ASAP. Get those baies their booster shots, because the unvaccinated don’t give a shyt about infecting your child.

I haven’t heard of anyone in real life, who is vaccinated, going, ‘ You know, I shouldn’t have gotten that COVID vaccine’.

So, 2022 will become the year of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. I predict that the rage of the vaccinated will grow, and all patience with the unvaccinated will completely evaporate.

Mine is already done.

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Happy New Year!

Everyone at 3CHICS wishes you a Happy New Year!🤗🤗

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Showbiz Legend Betty White Dead At 99

I can’t even feel bad about this one. Or sad. She lived a long life, was vibrant until the end. And, her talent will be with us forever.

Think on that:

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Open Thread | Trying to Blame President Biden for the Latest COVID Surge? I Think The Phuck Not😒😒

No way.

Saw that people were trying to come for 46 with regards to COVID.

KennyM speaks for me:

Kennymack1971 •

I’m just going to say it. I don’t care anymore.

People are mad at President Joe about Covid not being gone and I am simply annoyed.

When there were stay at home orders and mask mandates people (and not just the MAGAs either) cried and howled. They wanted to go to restaurants, movies and concerts. They whined about their social lives being ruined.

When kids were kept home from school parents howled and screamed because having Mopsy and Flopsy at home was driving them nuts.

They wanted their freedom back. And a willing media played along.

They wanted things reopened and they were accommodated. They stopped wearing masks.

They poo poo vaccines and even a lot of vaccinated people coddle the willfully unvaccinated.

So I’m sorry but I don’t care that these people are panicking now over Omicron and a Covid resurgence. And care even less that they’re crying for 46 to DOOOOOO SOMETHING.

You asked for this. A virus shouldn’t stop you from living your life. Remember that?

Shut up and suck it up.


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We Lost Two Giants Today. From Sports, John Madden. From Politics, former Senator Harry Reid.

🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 for both.
Rest In Power.😪😪

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