Open Thread | Harry and Meghan Say Bye Bye

It was a surprise, but not really a shock when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that wanted to take a step back from the Royal Family, and make their own way.

Really liked this thread:


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Open Thread | So Now, Iran Has Retaliated

Well, here’s the thing. They killed the number two guy in Iran. And, they have no reason for it.

He was always a bad man. He was a bad man back when Clinton was President. But, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama knew enough that killing him wasn’t really an option. They understood that when you attack someone like this, it doesn’t really go your way. Especially, if you have anyone with any kind of knowledge, history and RESPECT of your perspective enemy.

We don’t have a functioning State Department. Dolt45 is surrounded by idiots and Islamaphobic idiots.
I’ve been telling you – sleep on the Persians if you want to. Do it at your own peril.

So now that things haven’t turned out the way they thought it would…they’ve got Pompeo out here lying with no justifications.
Then, there is the craven Nikki Haley, who should just STFU – on General Principle.

Specifically, the former ambassador told the national television audience, “The only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democrat presidential candidates. No one else in the world.”

It wasn’t a throwaway line that Haley made in the heat of the moment. On the contrary, she took pride in smearing Democratic leaders and needlessly questioning their patriotism, promoting the quote via social media.

It matters, of course, that Haley was brazenly lying. It matters that she used deliberately wrong grammar as a way of staying true to a tired tribal game. It matters that the former ambassador talks up the importance of “civility” in politics, even while falsely accusing Americans of “mourning” a terrorist’s death.

Bish, please. If you don’t get the ENTIRE Phuck Outta Here.

Many have said that Dolt45 wanted his Osama Bin Laden moment, and it’s not exactly turning out that way.

Even Netanyahu is running as fast and as far as his slithery self can go. Did you ever think you’d see the moment when Bibi could find something that he wouldn’t praise Dolt45 for? Not that he doesn’t support it, but because Iranian missiles will hit Israel far sooner than they’d hit American soil.

The raging narcissist President, senses that it’s not going well for him, so he’s gonna throw out Race Bannon to do a bullshyt speech on why we attacked Iran. Now, think on this….he didn’t do any National Address…and, it’s been how many days? And, we have to wait how many more for Pence’s lying speech?

And, just to keep count, we’ve had the SIXTH high level person from the Pentagon to resign in short order. At what point will the MSM FINALLY focus on this story, and what these resignations are telling us about what’s happening at the Pentagon?

These are perilous times. The Republican Party is full of cowards, and this should never be forgotten. They all need to be held accountable for their basic fundamental betrayal of this country in the era of Dolt45.

Now that the Iranians have retaliated …what will happen next? We don’t have any rational actors on our side.


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Open Thread | So, War With Iran Because 44 Lives Rent Free In Dolt45’s Head?

Well, we are about to get knee deep in another quagmire in the Middle East, and, of course the lies that they invented as the reason why we need to go to war with Iran are falling apart in real time.

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.


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Open Thread | War With Iran?

Yes, he is stupid enough to do it. There is no doubt about that.
But, Iran IS NOT Iraq.
It is not.
Mess with the Persians if you dare.
They are not playing.
This is going to be a disaster. Period.
We have no allies.
We have no State Department.
We have nobody who actually THINKS in this Administration.

 Nothing but a wag the dog.

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Open Thread | 2020 Is The Year

All hands on deck.
Politically, there can be only one objective:

Defeat every Republican running for office.


From President to dog catcher…If they are running in the Republican Party, they must be defeated.

No such thing as a Good Republican.
No such thing as a Moderate Republican.
No such thing as an Independent Republican.

They are all Dolt45, and he is them. None of them show any type of spine, so they must agree with all the corruption, criminality and cruelty of this Administration.

They ALL must be swept out of office to send the message that allying with a traitor who is nothing but a flunky of a hostile foreign power, betraying American interests in unacceptable.

They ALL gotta go.😠😠

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Happy New Year!!

From everyone at 3CHICS…..
We welcome in 2020.
May this year be wonderful for you and your family.😊🎉🎇🎆🎊



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