Open Thread | The GOP WANTS to Destroy the US Economy

I am going to expand my original.thoughts on this situation. I originally believed that the GOP thought that they would just arrest hords of the Undocumented and throw them in the for-profit prisons, which have seen their population decline. They would benefit the for-profit prison industry. The sticking point was that the construction industry isn’t hapless. They are always one of the most potent lobbying forces in any state, let alone Florida. So, they must have had some assurances by the GOP that they would see their profit margins increase, by having to pay pennies for a qualified workforce.

The farmers are just shyt out of luck, and better get ready to sell to Big Ag.
Oh well,.they got what they voted for.
Truth is,.they will probably put forth some bill in Congress for farmer bailout welfare. There never seems to be any welfare that they can find for farmers.😒🤨

The monkey wrench in all of this was that they didn’t understand that the undocumented have their own agency, and that they weren’t going to sit around waiting to be arrested. Also, the time of.year was the best for them. They could go elsewhere, and find months of work before winter set in up North.

They also didn’t account that truckers have no intentions of catching a felony in Florida.

Make no mistake. This is already beginning to harm the Florida economy. And, the rotting produce will be felt in the rest of the country.

As soon as it spreads to the rest of the country, the GOP, with an assist from the MSM, will attempt to blame President Biden. The GOP is determined to destroy the US Economy, one way or the other. It is their only way to possible victory in 2024.

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Open Thread | More Corruption From Justice Thomas and His Wife😠

Black people told you long ago that he was a sellout.
As usual, we were right.

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Open Thread | There Is A Writer’s Strike Going On In Hollywood

David Simon explains what’s going on and why the writers are on strike.

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Open Thread | 2024’s Election Will Be About Body Autonomy

In 2016, women like myself made the case for Hillary Clinton.

When everything else failed, we asked
“ What about The Supreme Court?”
We were told snidely, that ‘ you can’t scare us with the Court.’

Same folks whining.

Women like me said that Roe v Wade was on the line, and a vote for Hillary was a vote to preserve Roe.

We were called ‘ hysterical’, because the Court would never rule against a 50 year precedent.

Then came Dobbs.

Guess we weren’t exaggerating or hysterical after all.
We then told you that it wouldn’t stop at Dobbs. That the entire States Rights reasoning was bullshyt and the GOP wanted a NATIONAL ABORTION BAN.

It’s obvious. That’s why they went after the abortion drug. To deny women their rights even in states that support abortion rights. They went judge shopping, found a right-wing judge, who never should have ruled on the case, and got that ruling in Texas. The only reason that the Supreme Court slapped it down was because they couldn’t cleave the abortion drug from all the other drugs under the FDA’s Purview. And, to do it, would be to destroy Big Pharma.
They are rewriting things in the Red States to control the opportunity for the voters to decide for themselves about abortion – see Ohio. When abortion has directly been on the ballot – pro choice has won every single time, even in Red States like Kansas.

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends.


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Open Thread | A Star Is Born

Representation Matters.

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Soap Star Jackie Zeman Dead At 70

I am, and will always be, a daytime soap opera fan.
I love them. I loved them so much that I did a research paper and presentation on the history of soaps.

The soap opera is the most intimate of mediums. You literally are committing five hours a week, 52 weeks a year, year after year. And, I have been watching for 40+ years.

I watched soaps on all three networks, but I started on ABC. When I began, the day started with Ryan’s Hope and ended with The Edge of Night.

I always loved General Hospital.

And, as long as I have been watching, Jackie Zeman has played Barbara Jean Spencer.

Bobbie Spencer is one of my Top 5 female characters in soapdom. I have loved her because of the depth and humanity Zeman brought to the character.

General Hospital will not be the same without her.


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Open Thread | Yesterday Was A Good Day


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Open Thread | All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk

Be on the lookout for these people.
These bought and paid for stooges.

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends.

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