Monday Open Thread | Kamala Harris: Trump Administration Is Running A “Campaign Of Terror” against minority communities

The thug pretending to be president IS running a campaign of terror. It is no different than the klan’s reign of racial terror against Black people. His hateful words are radicalizing people like #PatrickCrusius to target & kill folks in Walmart based on their ethnicity. He must be impeached and removed from Office. He’s a danger to this country and the world.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., accused the Trump administration of waging a “campaign of terror” against minority communities in America, pointing specifically to the recent Mississippi food processing plant raids that picked up 680 suspected undocumented workers.

Noting that the raids last week arrested predominately Latino workers, the Democratic presidential hopeful said she believes Hispanics feel targeted in America. In an interview with “Meet the Press,” Harris also questioned why the raids occurred so close to last weekend’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, the largest targeted attack on Latinos in modern American history.

“We must point out and never condone anyone who uses their power in a way that fans it. But the reality is that these are forms of hate that are not new to our country, which have in the history of our country taken lethal proportion, and, still today, take on lethal proportion,” she said.

“This administration has directed DHS to conduct these raids as part of what I believe is this administration’s campaign of terror, which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work,” Harris said. “Children are afraid to go to school for fear that when they come home, their parents won’t be there.”

The raids hit several work sites in Mississippi, with immigration officials hailing it as the “largest single-state enforcement action in [the] nation’s history.”

Community leaders and immigration advocates have criticized the administration’s handling of the raid, pointing to the effects it will have on children whose parents were apprehended and to lack of criminal actions against the employers specifically.

When asked about the decision to hold the raid shortly after the El Paso shooting, where the shooter told police he was targeting “Mexicans,” acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan told “Meet the Press” Sunday that the timing was “unfortunate.”

But he defended the raid as the culmination of a lengthy investigation “done with sensitivity” by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents, and said law enforcement released 45 percent of those arrested within the first day for humanitarian reasons, including child care.

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Sunday Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

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Saturday Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

It is so good to see this. This movie started as a fundraiser on the internet…and now, it’s an animation that will be seen all around the country.👏👏👏


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Friday Open Thread | Congressman Castro Took It To Them👏👏👏

Congressman Joaquin Castro had enough. So, he did a tweet telling folks – just in case you didn’t know, here are folks MAXXED OUT IN THEIR DONATIONS TO DOLT45.
Like, maybe, you ought to have this list, next time you decide to go out and purchase something.

The tweets that started it:


Well, wouldn’t you know…..the MAGAites went a little crazy.
HOW DARE the Congressman ‘reveal’ what is already sitting there, in a public database for anyone to see.
They try to muddy up the waters, and say that Castro is ‘ doxxing’ people.

Complete and utter bullshyt.

This is in a public database for everyone to know. Most people don’t bother to look in the database. He did. He put it out there – who donated the MAXIMUM AMOUNT TO DOLT45.

Folks are done. There is no middle of the road. There can’t be. You stand with Dolt45, you stand for all that he does. That’s it. Not that there were any excuses before, but, folks are pretty much done with Dolt45 Supporters. I’ve said from the beginning, that they mean us harm….Black folks were pretty clear with that…we knew what that hate-filled rhetoric that he’s been peddling in would get us….folks finally coming around to where we have been since 2015.

Remember, right wingers are all about ‘freedom of speech’. Can’t have anything limiting their ‘ freedom of speech’. Everything is ‘speech’. They needed Citizens United, because money donations were SPEECH and how dare you try and limit it.



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Thursday Open Thread | Remembering Toni Morrison😢😢

We lost one of the giants this week when Toni Morrison died at the age of 88. There really are no words to describe how brilliant Ms. Morrison was, and what she brought to the world as a FREE Black woman with a mastery of the English language. There are things my soul didn’t know that it needed to wrestle with, until I had read Morrison’s novels. I know that some are chosen to deliver the world the truth.

Toni Morrison was chosen.

Thank you, Ms. Morrison.

What Ms. Morrison saw as her purpose:

“What I’m interested in is writing without the gaze, without the white gaze,” Morrison told the New York Times Magazine in 2015. “In so many earlier books by African-American writers, particularly the men, I felt that they were not writing to me. But what interested me was the African-American experience throughout whichever time I spoke of. It was always about African-American culture and people—good, bad, indifferent, whatever—but that was, for me, the universe.”

We are fortunate enough that a documentary on Morrison was completed before her passing:


The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing.

“If you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And white people have a very very serious problem”

“I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.”

A LOT of power in these Morrison ‘Truths’.

Posted on Facebook:
Barack Obama

“Time is no match for Toni Morrison. In her writing, she sometimes toyed with it, warping and creasing it, bending it to her masterful will. In her life’s story, too, she treated time nontraditionally. A child of the Great Migration who’d lifted up new, more diverse voices in American literature as an editor, Toni didn’t publish her first novel until she was 39 years old. From there followed an ascendant career—a Pulitzer, a Nobel, and so much more—and with it, a fusion of the African American story within the American story. Toni Morrison was a national treasure. Her writing was not just beautiful but meaningful—a challenge to our conscience and a call to greater empathy. She was as good a storyteller, as captivating, in person as she was on the page. And so even as Michelle and I mourn her loss and send our warmest sympathies to her family and friends, we know that her stories—that our stories—will always be with us, and with those who come after, and on and on, for all time.”



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Wednesday Open Thread | Don’t Give Them The Benefit of the Doubt. The Hate is Plain to See.

There are those like myself,who knew what Dolt45 was about. We were told that we were hysterical.

Tim Wise knew too, so.let him break it down for you:

Tim Wise (@timjacobwise) Tweeted:
1/ The fact that people buy The Charlottesville Lie BS — which claims Trump wasn’t talking about Nazis when he said there were good people on both sides — is evidence that the right is nothing but liars & apologists now…Unite the Right was ENTIRELY white nationalist…

Tim Wise (@timjacobwise) Tweeted:
2/ It was announced and promoted by white nationalist and Nazi websites; its organizers were ALL known white nationalists and Nazis…and here’s the thing: if you really WERE a good person who showed up and SAW those folks running the show why would you stay?…

Tim Wise (@timjacobwise) Tweeted:
3/ Why wouldn’t you publicly denounce what you saw (not ONE participant on that side ever did that)? If you were just there to “defend the Lee statue,” (putting aside the politics of that), and saw people with swastikas chanting racist chants, why wouldn’t you say, “whoah!”…

Tim Wise (@timjacobwise) Tweeted:
4/ And then make a point, publicly, about how you’d been duped? Note: NO ONE on that side did that, because they all knew what they came for. No one on that side was a “good person” unless you believe Nazis and white supremacists can be good people…

You were only duped if you wanted to be.😒😒

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Tuesday Open Thread | Domestic Terrorists

I spent most of the weekend trying to stay away from the news once El Palso had broken. Nobody needed to tell me what it was about.
A White Supremacist Domestic Terrorist, got in his car, and drove HUNDREDS OF MILES away from his home, to a place where he would have the maximum possibility for his given targets – LATINOS.

Now, Texas has a sizeable Latino population throughout the state, but, the 40% Latino in Dallas just wasn’t good enough for him. He had to go to a place where he thought that Latinos were just overrunning the place- El Paso, Texas.

The people killed in El Paso, by a gunman with protective eye and head gear, were targeted for their EXISTENCE.
I have to keep on repeating this, to make it clear what the objective for a WHITE SUPREMACIST DOMESTIC TERRORIST IS.

Their goal is to kill as many of THE OTHER as possible.
The people died in El Paso BECAUSE OF THEIR EXISTENCE. There is nothing that they did. No actions that they took. THEY.WERE.BORN and thus, in the eyes of this Domestic Terrorist- DESERVED TO DIE.

This mentally ill lone wolf.

Nothing mentally ill about him. He’s just full of racist hate. Not a lone wolf- cause he’s out here conversing all over the internet with his fellow haters.

They are a National Security concern. They are a danger to the United States of America.


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