Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend virtually with family and friends.


Cuteness overload 😍😍🤗🤗

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Open Thread | So, This Happened 😡😡😡

Yesterday .


Well. Well. Well.


I mean…is anything that happened yesterday a surprise?


No. It’s not.

It’s disgusting.

It’s enraging.

It’s infuriating.

But, a surprise, it’s not.

We knew this was coming. Well, I knew it was coming. And all those White folks who poo-pooed people like me who told you that it was coming – calling us hysterical. And how we are just ‘ exaggerating’.

Well, I want an apology. And, I want it today.


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Open Thread | Today Is The Day For Open Sedition On Capitol Hill

The peaceful transition of power is what has set America apart. Beginning with Washington at the end of his eight years.

What is about to happen today is a betrayal of democracy (little d).

The Republican Party is full of traitors to this country.



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Open Thread | Getting Rid of Dolt45 Is Only Part Of The Problem

Say what you want, but Steve Schmidt is excellent at being on message. And, he is right on point.

They truly think that Black votes count only 3/5 as much as White votes.

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Happy New Year!

From everyone at 3CHICS…..
We welcome in 2021.
I know that things will probably be rough for the beginning of the year. But, mask 😷😷 up, hang in there. Be safe. We can turn the corner on this and begin to rebuild.
May you and your family stay safe.😊🎉🎇🎆🎊

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Open Thread | Want A Treat? Watch Sylvie’s Love


If you have some time, and want to watch a good movie, I will suggest Sylvie’s Love on Amazon Prime. It stars Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha.

I loved this movie. It was a relief. It was a joy. It was a revelation.

The plot wasn’t complex. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Life and choices get in the way. But, life and choices bring them back to one another.

What made it different was that it was a period piece- set in the late 1950’s – early 1960’s. And, it was about two Black people. But, it wasn’t about the overarching events of the time – the Civil Rights Movement, lording over their lives. These were people living their lives during this time. Living them, and trying to be the best possible parts of themselves.

I loved it for the costumes. I loved it for the music. The soundtrack. That they showed Black people living and loving during these times. That they had ambitions. Tessa Thompson’s character wanted to be a TV Producer back when a) TV was young, b) there were few women producers, and c) there were even less than that Black women producers. She had to make a way out of no way, so, we see this college educated Black woman working at the switchboard of a tv network. That was as close as she could to a job, and one day, she heard about an open position. She applied and got the job. But, even though she was a working woman, she was still expected to keep her home, and make sure that her husband’s needs were attended to. When there was an important dinner for HIS job, she had to make sure that there was a good dinner on the table. Both she and her husband were ‘ firsts’ at their firms, but, she was just expected to prioritize his career over hers.



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Open Thread | Where Are We Now?

It’s December 28th.

We have a con-man grifting deranged narcissist as President. Even though he did everything that he could to cheat himself back to the Presidency a second time, 80 million Americans said – YOU GOTTA GO.
Since November 3rd, we have watched, time and time again, his attempts at a coup. And,he has failed everytime. Not that he hasn’t tried.
Once again, our worthless MSM, who spent the better part of four years trying to normalize him, refuse to call out what he has been trying to do – which is an ILLEGAL COUP.

The peaceful transition of power, from one President to another, has been the bedrock of what is called the American Experiment. It was so important than Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a song about it in Hamilton – One Last Time.

We may disagree. We may philosophically be on opposite sides, but when it comes time to go from one Administration to the next, it happens.

Until this bunch of clowns. From that twit who refused to sign the papers acknowledging Biden’s win, thus denying 46 of transition funds AND SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION, to clowns up and down this Administration who have refused to do what each other previous Administration has done.

We are going to have to go back to these laws and make them laws. We have too much shyt that has been done because of ‘tradition’. Now that we know it was just ‘tradition’ and not laws, we need to make them laws. We see, with clear eyes, that all the bullshyt that the GOP has been talking all these years is just that – bullshyt.

They went along with every norm buster and busing of tradition that Dolt45 wanted to do. And, they did it willingly. They should be paid no mind, and not be allowed to say SHYT, after what they’ve done these past 4 years.

So, where are we?


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Merry Christmas!

3ChicsPolitico wishes all of our commenters, readers, followers, friends and guests a very Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with love, joy, good food and good cheer. Enjoy and stay safe.

Christmas candles 90
Some classics:

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Open Thread | Say It With Me- It Was DELIBERATE MALICE

When the history of this time is written, the complete DELIBERATE MALICE of this Administration will have to be noted.
Even though we knew that it was true, because we were living through it in REAL TIME, so much of the MSM continued to give this Administration the benefit of the doubt, when they didn’t deserve any. Even after they brought on that clown from the Hoover Institute, and you had Dolt45 talking about ‘ Herd Immunity’, even though he called it something else.

The push to ‘open the economy’ – all a push to infect as many people as possible.

The push to ‘ open the schools’ – all a push to infect as many people as possible.

So, while folks on our side were screaming to NOT open the economy or the schools because we knew that it would infect more, that is EXACTLY what they wanted to happen.


I believe to the bottom of my soul that 90% of the people who have died in this pandemic did so needlessly. They didn’t have to die. IF we had an Administration that was interested in saving as many lives as possible, as they have had in so much of the rest of the world, instead of not caring how many people were infected and died, which is what WE HAVE…..the numbers would be far lower.

The Hunger Games with regards to PPE in Spring 2020 – deliberate.
The present stories about the ‘ mishandling’ of vaccine distribution. I appreciate the General stepping up and taking responsibility, but, I don’t believe him. It was a deliberate plan to use the vaccine in Winter 2021 to punish the Blue States the same way that PPE was used in Spring 2020. We have more cases of COVID-19 than anywhere else in the WORLD, and it’s not in the forefront of this government to nail down as many doses as possible? How can that make any kind of sense? Except, for it being DELIBERATE.


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Open Thread | Lord, Grant Me the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man😒

I mean it.
I have been reading a COVID-19 daily post over at Balloon Juice since March. That doesn’t mean that I can step to the people who have been studying and preparing for A COVID-19 like disease their professional lives. But, that is what’s happening with some folks in the MSM and on Twitter.😒😒


A great response:

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