Open Thread | Checking in on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

I have to admit that when this all began, I rooted for Ukraine, because I thought Putin was being heavy handed, and illogical, and just a damn demon for invading Ukraine. He had no reason other than wanting to get back the former Soviet Empire.

I honestly didn’t expect Ukraine to last this long. I didn’t expect their fight and determination to go as far as it did. I didn’t expect for the investment that the United States and NATO in the arms they sent to Ukraine to pay off the way that it has.

I will always believe that Putin invaded Ukraine believing that they would fold the same way that the Afghan Army folded after the United States pulled out. Nothing else makes any sense as to why Russian was so woefully unprepared for what has happened. I mean, so much has been the failure of just basic military logistics.

We we suckered, like everyone else, to believe in Russian’s military might because of Putin’s bluster?

Because, from where I am, the heart of the Ukranian’s fighting him, with strong weaponry supplied by United States and other NATO countries, is going toe-to-toe with Putin’s Army, and standing strong, fighting for the survival of their country.

So, let’s hear from people more knowledgeable than me about the happenings in Ukraine.
Watching the Ukraine people fight to keep their country and their democracy has been nothing short of inspirational.

The stance and the success of the Ukraine fighting forces has made the MSM sad. They thought that Ukraine would be a bludgeon to hit over the head of the Biden-Harris Administration, after Afghanistan. That the investment President Biden has made in Ukraine is paying off. That Ukraine is holding out and now getting successes….the MSM has little to no interest in Ukraine anymore. It’s quite interesting. Also, nothing from the Republicans about Ukraine….I wonder why?

Uh huh
Uh huh

I have kept up with the happenings mostly through the posts by Adam Silverman at Balloon Juice. He has a cold, military trained eye on the happenings, and is able to break it down into understandable language for civilians like me.

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends.

There is a thing as ‘famous’
And then there is ‘Black famous’.

And, one of the things that can put a smile on your face is to see someone of deep talent, that is ‘ Black famous’ be given their roses, while alive, and an acknowledgement by the larger society about the talent that they have overlooked.

The talent is Sheryl Lee Ralph…who has been fabulous..well, for forever and a day.

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Open Thread | Let’s Continue Putting Forth The Case of the MSM vs. President Joe Biden

It has to be obvious after the Main Networks NOT showing President Biden’s speech about the Threat to Democracy last week.

They think that we didn’t notice them covering anything and everything with regards to DOlt45, no matter how many lies he was telling. They always came up with some excuse as to why they had to show his lies.

They were upset about the President telling the truth about the Republicans. They are mad at the President calling them out about the threat that they pose to this country….
Not so much that the Republicans ARE the threat to this country. Because, putting a name to the problem is sooo much worse…than who is actually the problem. ..

Uh huh.

This is on point.

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Open Thread | Queen Elizabeth II, Dead at 96

Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. The monarch met every American President since Ike, with the exception of LBJ. She lived for 30% of the history of United States.

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Open Thread | The Capitol City of Mississippi-Jackson- Is Without Useable Water

The Capitol City of Mississippi- Jackson – is without useable water.

This is not by accident.
This is by deliberate design.

And, I’m going to need the Black Blue Checks, who didn’t open their muthaphuckin’ mouths about Flint, and couldn’t pick Mississippi out on a map of the United States…

To shut their mouths with this absolute coordinated effort of MISINFORMATION as to try to blame the water crisis in Jackson on the Biden Administration.

Seen too many mofos, who hadn’t uttered a word about politics, all of a sudden, step up bold and bright, to try and blame the Biden-Harris Administration for what’s happening in Jackson…
And, if that’s not ridiculous enough, to try and link it to the funding going to Ukraine. Like, we aren’t sending monies to Jackson because we are sending foreign aid to Ukraine.


If this isn’t glaring that this is some sort of deliberate misinformation campaign, I don’t know what is.

But, Black Jesus, let’s be a Civics Lesson.

Point 1.
Our funding of Ukraine has absolutely NOTHING related to funds going to Jackson.

Point 2.
The State of Mississippi has been given BILLIONS in infrastructure funds.
I know that Mississippi is consistently in the bottom 5 of everything with regards to this country. But, Mississippi is a leech state – it gets back FAR MORE from the Federal Government than it puts into it. Don’t get it twisted. The Federal Government HAS NOT shortchanged Mississippi when it comes to BEING GIVEN its Federal dollars.

Point 3.
Mississippi is run, at the State Level – by REPUBLICANS.
REPUBLICANS, who have done everything they could to shortchange, underfund, sabotage Jackson for the sin of being majority Black. You want to know what SYSTEMATIC RACISM looks like? Just follow the underfunding of Black Mississippi citizens.

Point 4.
Don’t think that this is the first time that Jackson has pointed out the flaws in the water treatment system. Don’t think that this is the first time that Jackson has requested funding from the State. Read. After being turned down by the State, Jackson even attempted to TAX ITSELF AND PAY FOR THE WATER TREATMENT. IT WAS STRIPPED OF THE FUNDING BY THE STATE – REFUSING TO ACCEPT THE TAXES THAT JACKSON VOTED IN FOR ITSELF.

So, until you grasp Points 1-4, I don’t want to hear anything about blaming the Biden-Harris Administration for the water crisis in Jackson.


And, what you’re NOT going to do, is shift the blame off who is responsible – THE REPUBLICANS THAT RUN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI.


Read about the rest of the scam at the thread.

Which, of course, after decades of systematic racism against Jackson, here’s the ‘solution’ by the current Republican Governor.

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Open Thread | Guess Who Is Coming Back to the White House??


I can’t wait! Been waiting for the unveiling of their portraits🤗🤗

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Open Thread | Dolt45 Flunky Unqualified Judge in Florida Issues Horrible Ruling About Special Master

She was rules Unqualified. Shoved through after Dolt45 had lost.
And, today, she issues this garbage ruling. She needs to be investigated.

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Happy Labor Day!


The marking of the end of Summer.

Come on, Fall.🍁🍂🌾

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Weekend Open Thread – A Tribute to the G.O.A.T. – Serena Williams

I remember reading about the Williams Sisters in Sports Illustrated, when Richard Williams was being vilified for his stance about not letting his daughters play in all those Junior tournaments…

Who did this Negro think he was?

They made such a statement….those pretty Black girls, in their cornrows with unapologetically Black.

THAT is always what reeked from the Williams Sisters…they were unapologetically Black. Black Excellence in a White Sport.

I was watching the year that Serena won her first U.S. Open.

Her in that yellow dress, along with her beads. Was stunned. Like everyone else, I thought Venus would win the first Grand Slam.

But, there she was – the teenager on Center Court.

Now, here she is…23 years later.

Serena Williams – the greatest to play the game. And, she couldn’t just play the game. The criticism she had hurled at her. The racist crucible with which she was surrounded in all throughout her career. Never getting the depth of the respect and honor that should have come to her because of her excellence.

I am so glad to have lived during the Williams Sisters’ Era. To see such wondrous Black Excellence.

Raising the fist in honor of the G.O.A.T.


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President Biden Talks About the Fight for the Soul of our Nation

President Biden made it plain. He spelled it out. What we are fighting for. And who we are fighting against.

If it talks like fascism..
Smells like it….
And you hang around with and invite to your conferences well known fascists….

Then don’t expect to be called a duck. ….

And, the MSM Thinks that they are slick. After showing anything when it came to Dolt45….

They couldn’t find a reason why they refused to show the President. They are so obvious. The false narratives that they have tried to push, with regards to the President, have failed. They are mad about his series of successes over the past month. They have done all they can to undermine this President, and STILL he shines!

Go President Biden!👏🏾
Abd, I love the White House taking names and calling people out!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

We ARE in the fight for the soul of this country.


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