3Chics Politico Comedy Spotlight: SuperNews! Favs

3Chics gonna lighten things up around here with some SuperNews videos of the Obamas.  ENJOY!

Pre-President Obama: SuperNews! Classics

SuperNews!: The Obamas: Date Night: SuperNews

SuperNews!: The Obamas: Bathroom Talk: SuperNews!

SuperNews!: Obama Says F*ck It: SuperNews!  (My favorite!)

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4 Responses to 3Chics Politico Comedy Spotlight: SuperNews! Favs

  1. Roschelle says:

    omg! i love these!!!

    thanks ladies. i’m sure i’ll get around to adding a few of these to an upcoming post.



    I love them all. Joe Biden/Hillary are hilarious. But the last one is my favorite!
    Poor Bo!

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