Traitor Face.


I know – you thought you were going to see a picture of some ReThug or worse, Harold Ford and Artur Davis, because they define what a TRAITOR is.

Naw, I’m putting Senator Max Baucus on blast, because he’s as much responsible for the IRS scandal going on as Head ReThug and car Thief, Darrell Issa (H/T The Field Negro and Eddie Griffin:

Witch hunts are always ugly. Innocent witnesses are badgered into submission and potential defenders intimidated into silence. The accused is always the unpopular and hated. And, for sure, no one is more hated than tax collectors.
But before a congressional lynch mob gets this fire started, we need to store sanity to the evidence-gathering process. For starters:
A Sept. 28, 2010 letter from Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus to then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman demanded deeper scrutiny by the agency of 501(c) organizations’ political activities.
Specifically, the letter called on Shulman to “survey major 501(c)(4), (c)(5) and (c)(6) organizations involved in political campaign activity to examine whether they are operated for the organization’s intended tax exempt purpose… Baucus specifically referenced a Sept. 16, 2010 Time article, “The New GOP Money Stampede”… Baucus also referenced “a group transforming itself into a non-profit under 501(c)(4) of the tax code,” ensuring, as the Time article put it, that the group would “not have to publicly disclose any information about its donors.” That “group” Baucus referenced was actually Crossroads GPS.
So the alleged targeting of ReThug PACs asking for Tax-exempt status started with Max Baucus, who’s now in the choir whining for action to be taken against anyone willing to fall on their sword.
I swear, the Democrats act like they can’t fight against ReThug tactics, but, boy are they sure good at shooting their own.  With allies like Max Baucus, the POTUS already got more enemies than he can stand, because if it’s not Max Baucus putting the shiv in his back, it’s Weak Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, threatening another “sternly worded letter” that the ReThug leadership uses for toilet paper.
We can always look to the ReThugs for dirty dealings – that’s their M. O., but when we look for traitors, we always have to start within.
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4 Responses to Traitor Face.

  1. rikyrah says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. He SOOOO will not be missed.

  2. Ametia says:

    THIS: “We can always look to the ReThugs for dirty dealings – that’s their M. O., but when we look for traitors, we always have to start within.”

    2014 & 2016 are going to be interesting to witness at the polls.

    • leutisha says:

      That’s why Baucus is retiring – he knows there are more progressives in Montana that he’d care to admit, and he’d have to give an account for his dealings or be punished for being a traitor.

      • Ametia says:

        Baucus is not the only Dem who is a traitor. He’s just more blatant. It never fails that they want PBO to get all chummy and take pics with them doing a tough election season, but when the shit hits the fan, WHERE ARE THEY FOR THIS PRESIDENT. He has very little, if any support from the Democrats in congress.

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