Secret Service director to face Congress over security breaches

white house fence jumper(Reuters) – The head of the U.S. Secret Service is expected to face blistering questions from lawmakers on Tuesday about the latest White House security breach and a string of scandals that have tarnished the image of the agency charged with protecting the president.

Republicans and Democrats alike said they want Secret Service Director Julia Pierson to explain during her appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee how she plans to change the agency’s culture and procedures.

The hearing was prompted by a September 19 incident in which a man carrying a knife scaled the White House fence, raced past security officers and made it inside the executive mansion’s north entrance. The Washington Post reported on Monday that Omar Gonzalez, a 42-year-old Iraq war veteran, overpowered a guard at the front entrance and made it much deeper into the building than previously known before he was subdued.

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49 Responses to Secret Service director to face Congress over security breaches

  1. I got retweeted by @morgfair. *faints*

  2. A Secret Service agent jeopardized Pres Obama’s security by leaking the president’s schedule to Mitt Romney in 2012.

    A Secret Service agent jeopardized President Obama’s security by leaking where the president was going to be ahead of time to the Romney campaign during the 2012 election.

    According to InsideSources:

    As scandal continues to envelop the Secret Service, InsideSources has learned of a security failure leading up to the 2012 election. Multiple sources inside the Romney presidential campaign confirm that a Secret Service agent provided details of President Obama’s schedule several days prior to the President’s campaign stops becoming public.

    While sources involved in other presidential campaigns tell InsideSources that Secret Service detail assigned to each campaign will sometimes disclose private and personal information about those they are assigned to protect to opposing campaign staff, this instance in particular is very revealing of failures inside the Secret Service.

    In the closing weeks of the 2012 campaign, a Secret Service agent was on the ground in a key swing state to coordinate security ahead of several campaign stops by the President. The agent, who was married, made advances towards a Romney campaign staff member.

    A married Secret Service agent leaked the president’s schedule to impress a girl.

    The real world consequence of leaking the president’s campaign schedule is that it put Obama’s life in jeopardy. If someone in the Romney campaign, which could never be described as secure or tight lipped, would have let the schedule get into the wrong hands the results could have been fatal for the president.

    With each day, the Secret Service scandal gets worse. The scandal has moved beyond agency incompetence, and into political corruption. The Secret Service can no longer be considered only unreliable.

    The Secret Service is corrupt. Forcing the head of the Secret Service to resign is not good enough. The agency must be rebuilt and reformed. Congress must go beyond the steps that it took to reform the Veterans Administration. Legislation must pass that will allow for the immediate dismissal of agents and managers. The Secret Service must be gutted. This president and future presidents lives are at stake.

  3. rikyrah says:



    Jordan Ashby ‏@JM_Ashby now
    So the Secret Service didn’t tell the president he was in an elevator with an armed contractor until.. yesterday

    I’m thinking last night FLOTUS said Pierson betta be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow.

  4. Breaking News: Secret Service Director resigns.

    Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is not the only one who has to go. The agents who were on the detail need to go too. No exceptions!

  5. History of The United States SECRET SERVICE Discovery & Documentary

  6. Inside US Secret Service

  7. Wait a minute.Hold the phone! A security contractor with a gun & 3 prior convictions for assault & battery was allowed on an elevator with President Obama in Atlanta. WTFF is this ISH?

  8. She’s really not doing a good job. Her testimony is horrible.

  9. Secret Service director on WH intruder: “I will make sure it does not happen again.”

    BYE Felicia.

  10. Julia Pierson has to GO.

  11. Something Is Even Wrong with the Secret Service Dogs

    The Secret Service is undoubtedly in a rut, with the agency’s director Julia Pierson scheduled to answer questions from Congress Tuesday on a series of White House security breaches. But even the Secret Service Dogs are having problems, according to ABC News.

    A new report showed that 42-year-old White House fence jumper, Omar Gonzalez, knife in hand, made it further into the residence than had previously been thought nearly two weeks ago.

    In light of the revelation, ABC News published “7 Questions for Secret Service Director Julia Pierson After White House Intrusion.” One of them: Why weren’t the Secret Service dogs unleashed on Gonzalez when he was barreling toward the first family’s home?

    Essentially, the dogs couldn’t be trusted to get the right guy. From ABC News:

    The K-9 unit, a team of Belgian Malinois dogs trained to attack intruders, was also not deployed. Sources say officers were afraid the dogs would attack the officers pursuing Gonzalez instead of the intruder himself.

    How’s Pierson going to answer that?

    • Ametia says:

      The officers should prepared to take a bullet for the POTUS. That’s their job. Yet they were whining about a fucking DOG BITE?! GTFOH!

      This is all a set up. The GOOD OLD BOYS don’t want the woman SS director in their club. PERIOD.

  12. Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?

    Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, faces grilling from Congress after a series of high-profile mistakes by her agents

    A knife-wielding intruder allowed to run rampant through the first floor of the White House. Bullets that struck the window of Barack Obama’s private residence but went unnoticed for days. A presidential bodyguard so drunk he passed out in hallway of a hotel.

    These are just some of the recent incidents that have shaken confidence in the Secret Service, the elite agency assigned to protect Mr Obama, his family and the White House.

    On Tuesday, Julia Pierson, the Secret Service’s director, will face a grilling from members of Congress and a battle to convince them that her agents are up to the task of protecting the world’s most powerful man.

    The hearing was called after a September 19 incident, when the Secret Service allowed Omar Gonzales, a troubled Iraq war veteran, to scale the White House fence and go through the unlocked front door of the executive mansion.

  13. Ellie Hass says:

    The entire story is disturbing. There’s no excuse for any of this. None whatsoever!! Whoever gave the stand-down order after the breach, has to go, and he needs to take a whole lot of people with him. Something isn’t right with that order and that story. This is the White House, and everything, particularly security-related, ought to be checked out and checked out again and again!! And to blame the noise on ‘gangs’, not buying it.

    As for the hypocritical media and congress people feigning outrage and demanding a hearing, they are all very much to blame. They incite hate against the President and First Lady, and then wonder how these crazy people they set off with their non-stop hate spewing are charging into the White House.

    • Ametia says:

      Co-signing 100% Personally, I believe the secret service are setting up their female DIRECTOR to be fired. And what a dirty, vicious, disgusting, vile, and criminal game these MOFOs are playing to protect the status quo “good old boys” club.

      • She’s playing right into their hands with defending them by saying they used tremendous restraint. I think it’s more than the good ole boy club. This SS has a history of fails.

  14. An alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards to an intruder had been muted at what officers believed was a request of the usher’s office, said a Secret Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    An alarm box was muted? Come on now? Who the fuck listens to the staff & mutes the alarm box? Every agent who was on duty THAT day needs to be fired.

    • eliihass says:

      The muting story was rather strange!! Since when did the Usher’s office start giving directives to the secret service?? Something isn’t kosher with any of this!!

  15. He has a lot of explaining to do. Hugs, Barbara

  16. Heads need to roll. There is no excuse for this. It’s totally unacceptable.

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