Hillary Clinton Interview with Chris Wallace: Fox News Sunday

Interesting Hillary went on FOX. Does she think we don’t watch Fox and know how much they peddle PROPAGANDA & LIES?  Lookie here, just because Hillary has clinched the nomination, it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to continue holding her to the same standards President Obama was and still is held to.

Neither Hillary or Donald can help themselves. They show time and again who they are. When folks show their ASS, believe it, it’s their ASS.

Hillary would be chewed up and spit out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if she would do a live press conference with a room full of journos. Donald sits down one-one or via phone, because he TOO is a COWARD, ALSO too!

Fact Checker

Clinton’s claims about receiving or sending ‘classified material’ on her private e-mail    system



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15 Responses to Hillary Clinton Interview with Chris Wallace: Fox News Sunday

  1. Yall remember how Hillary spoke out against Rev Wright? “Given what we have all heard and seen, he would not be my pastor”. And what about Trump? They were friends, right?

  2. Hillary says she doesn’t know where the bottom is with Trump? The Clintons spent a lot of time with him. They’re just finding him out? Come on..

  3. Ametia says:

    She lies with EASE.

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