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The Caravans is a gospel group that was started by Albertina Walker (queen of gospel). The group reached its peak popularity during the 1950s and 1960s, launching the careers of a number of artists, including: Delores Washington, Albertina Walker, Bessie Griffin, Cassietta George, Dorothy Norwood, Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar, Rev. James Cleveland, and more. The group underwent numerous personnel changes between 1951 and 1961. 1962 to 1966 provided the Caravans with its most stable group member lineup, consisting of Washington, Walker, Caesar, George, James Herndon and Josephine Howard. The group also made frequent TV appearances during this time on shows such as TV’s Gospel Time and Jubilee Showcase.

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  1. Bill White was endorsed by the Houston Chronicle

    The Chronicle wrote, “Texas can’t afford four more years of Perry’s leadership,” noting the “unprecedented budget deficit estimated at $21 billion,” and continued, “As he did in Houston, White can bring innovative financial solutions, a passion for environmental protection, and a strong bipartisan and ethical commitment to a governor’s office tarnished by charges of cronyism, partisanship and catering to contributors at the expense of constituents.”

    The Chronicle concluded, “We’ve watched Bill White run the mayor’s office, appointing both Democrats and Republicans and building bridges across ethnic and ideological divides. We believe he’ll do the same at the state capitol, and we urge Texans to give him that opportunity.”

    Our momentum is growing across the state and we are on track to win in November.

  2. This Week Roundtable: Tea Party Electability George Will, David Sanger, Peter Beinart and Tom Ross

    Delaware Republican Chair Not Very Happy. Too bad. So sad. The republicans had a chance to come out against the racist teabaggers but no, they keep silent and let the monster grow. Now it’s going to eat them.

  3. Colin Powell Comes out Forcefully for Immigrants, Disses Birthers, Gingrich, Dishes on Tea Party, Palin

  4. Vettte, where U @?

    Alright alright! I owe you a quarter. The President & Family went to Church. I’ll mail the money. :)


    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and his family attended an hourlong service Sunday morning at a church just across the street from the White House.

    Accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, Obama strolled across Lafayette Square to attend St. John’s Church. Sasha held her father’s hand as they crossed the park.

    Obama has attended the pale yellow Episcopal church three times previously, as well as other churches in the nation’s capital.

    A pew nine rows back from the altar at St. John’s carries a small brass plaque designating it as “The President’s Pew.” Church history claims that every president since the nation’s fourth chief executive, James Madison, has visited.

  5. Ametia says:

    That Dowd bitch is at it again..

    Op-Ed Columnist
    Myth and MadnessBy MAUREEN DOWD
    Published: September 18, 2010
    Christine O’Donnell is in a fantasy world. Literally.

    The pretty Palin Mini-Me identifies with the women of Middle Earth, comparing herself to the female characters in the “Lord of the Rings” novels by J. R. R. Tolkien.

    “Look at the significance that he gives to Eowyn, the Lady of Rohan,” O’Donnell said on C-Span in 2003. “She was a warrior spirit and, to me, that’s who I love. I mean, I aspire to be soft and gentle like Arwen, but realistically, I’m a fighter, like Eowyn.”

    O’Donnell said she liked Tolkien’s outlook on gender: “On the one hand, there’s the attitude that’s normally on the conservative side — as a conservative woman, I feel I can say this — that stifles women. There’s almost the stereotypical attitude of, to be a true woman, you have to stay at home. And I’ve actually had people say to me, ‘Why do you choose a career over marriage?’ Honestly, I’ve had only a few significant relationships, and they’ve broken up with me. And one of the things I’ve been told is, ‘If you weren’t so strong, you’d be married by now.’ ”

  6. Ametia says:

    Colin Powell is on MTP telling Ameicans go after the President if you disagree with his policy, but going down LOW, stop it. David Gregory is a prick.

  7. Ametia says:

    G.O.P. Insider Fuels Tea Party and Suspicion
    Published: September 18, 2010

    WASHINGTON — In the days leading up to the Delaware primary, Sal Russo hosted a radio fund-raiser, organized a political rally and pressed the case with reporters that Christine O’Donnell was the Tea Party’s choice for the United States Senate. He also set off what he calls a “money bomb,” pouring at least $250,000 into television and other advertisements promoting the little-known candidate.

  8. Good Morning, Roschelle & 3 Chics!

    Happy Sunday everyone! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Roschelle says:

    morning chics! been busy working the past few days. so i haven’t been getting around much in the blogosphere. just wanted to say hello and have a wonderful week :)

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