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Prince   (born Prince Rogers Nelson, June 7, 1958) is a singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He has been known under the unpronounceable symbol Prince logo.svg, which he used between 1993 and 2000. During that period he was frequently referred to in the media as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince“, often abbreviated to “TAFKAP“, or simply “The Artist[1]

According to Robert Larsen in his book, History of Rock and Roll, Prince is “one of the most talented and commercially successful pop musicians of the last 20 years”, producing ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career.[2] Prince founded his own recording studio and label, writing, self-producing and playing most, or all, of the instruments on his recordings.[2] In addition, Prince has been a “talent promoter” for the careers of Sheila E., Carmen Electra, The Time and Vanity 6,[2] and has written songs for these artists and others (including Chaka Khan, The Bangles, and Sinéad O’Connor).

Prince also has several hundred unreleased songs in his “vault”.[3][4] He has won seven Grammy Awards,[5] a Golden Globe,[6] and an Academy Award.[7] He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, the first year he was eligible.

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. opulent2 says:

    **********Breaking News*********

    Keith Olberman suspended from MSNBC indefinitely.

    MSNBC has suspended star anchor Keith Olbermann following the news that he had donated to three Democratic candidates this election cycle.

    “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin said in a statement.

    • Lord Have Mercy! Keith got suspended? Get out?!

    • Ametia says:

      I believe this is all a ploy to get ratings for MSNBC. All the attention on the paper-throwing, swivel-chair twirling millionare. Some folks saying it’s because he donated to Dems, and Scarbourough has donated to Rethugs, and why didn’t they suspend Joey Scar? blah, blah, blah!

      KO will be back to swiveling that chair and throw paper balls once the petition sky-rockets to hundreds of thousands of signatures, and the ratings drop.

      I suspect Fox is getting alot of attention and increased ratings after Tuesday’s election. It’s all about the ratings and the Benjamins for these corporate WHORES.

  2. Ametia says:


    Breaking News Alert: Nancy Pelosi announces she will run for minority leader
    November 5, 2010 1:18:31 PM

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has tweeted that she will run to lead Democrats in the House of Representatives.

    For more information, visit

  3. opulent2 says:

    “analysts will also argue that five other specific issues also profoundly affected the election outcome (1) “structural” factors like the normal, more conservative demographic slant of off-year election voters and the unusual number of Democrats who were running for re-election from basically Republican districts (2) the bad economy (3) the exceptional “inside” view voters had of the “sausage making” for the health Care bill (4) the huge and unprecedented partisan role of Fox and the right-wing media (5) the massive surge of secret campaign contributions .

    Yet, despite the inevitable outpouring of articles and commentaries on all these subjects, few Democrats will really expect any serious shifts in thinking to occur. Realistically, there are always enough ambiguities in election results to provide some support for any of the major points of view within the Democratic coalition and, as a result, the major intra-Democratic strategic perspectives have all been stable and enduring features of the Democratic Party’s ideological landscape for the last half-century. The truth is that all Democrats know perfectly well that in the next three or four months none of the six major viewpoints noted above is going to suddenly and magically disappear as a result of any new data or analysis that emerges from the intra-Democratic debate about this election.

    As a result, there are two basic points of agreement on which Dems from all the major intra-party factions ought to be able to agree:

    1. All of the major perspectives within the Democratic Party have a legitimate place and role in today’s Democratic coalition. While various elements of both the centrist and progressive wings of the party may sincerely believe that in the long run a smaller but more ideologically united party would ultimately be preferable, the present moment categorically demands a basic level of Democratic unity from every element of the coalition.

    2. To successfully defend the Democratic Party and its allied institutions against the very powerful conservative offensive that will come after the election, advocates of all major perspectives must proudly and explicitly assert that there are basic values and core areas of agreement unite them with all other Democrats and that they are prepared to present a solid and united front against the external threat posed by Republican extremism.

    This can be asserted — to the mainstream media and the country as a whole — as follows:

    Disagreements among Democrats are arguments within a coalition and a community. We are all powerfully united by our profound opposition and deep sense of outrage at the socially irresponsible and politically extremist agenda that has been adopted by the Republican Party and we proudly stand together against it. We are united by our deep and profound belief that — As James Carville so eloquently expressed it in 1996 — “We’re right, you’re wrong”.

    Do not mistake our diversity for disunity. Do not mistake our debates for division. Whatever our internal disagreements, they pale beside our common rejection of the extremist world-view that has permeated the Republican Party. We Democrats have a wide range of views within our coalition, but we stand together as one united political party in our dreams for a better future and our readiness to join together as one to confront and withstand conservative attack.

    This should be a common ground for all Democrats. Dems from all sectors of the party and points of view should consistently express it, particularly when dealing with the mainstream media. Dems cannot stop the mainstream media from pushing the Dems in disarray” narrative but they can all energetically and forcefully push back against it at every opportunity.”

  4. opulent2 says:

    “Some expected him to be a liberal stalwart, leading the charge for single-payer health insurance and the fight against big corporations; others assumed that his evident desire to transcend the red-blue divide pointed to a post-partisan presidential agenda implemented through bipartisan congressional cooperation. It would have been difficult to satisfy both wings of his coalition, and he didn’t. As he tacked back and forth during the first two years of his presidency, he ended up disappointing both.

    There was a further difficulty. While Obama’s agenda required a significant expansion of the scope, power, and cost of the federal government, public trust in that government stood near a record low throughout his campaign, a reality his election did nothing to alter. A majority of the people chose to place their confidence in Obama the man but not in the institutions through which he would have to enact and implement his agenda. Although he was warned just days after his victory that the public’s mistrust of government would limit its tolerance for bold initiatives, he refused to trim his sails, in effect assuming that his personal credibility would outweigh the public’s doubts about the competence and integrity of the government he led.[iii] As events proved, that was a significant misjudgment.

    Once elected, Obama in fact had not one but two agendas–the agenda of choice on which he had run for president and the agenda of necessity that the economic and financial collapse had forced upon him. The issue he then faced was whether the latter would require him to trim or delay the former, a question he answered in the negative. Denying any conflict between these agendas, he opted to pursue both simultaneously. A major health care initiative was piled on top of the financial rescue plan and the stimulus package, exacerbating the public’s sticker shock. And initiatives such as climate change legislation and comprehensive immigration reform remained in play long after it should have been clear that they stood no serious chance of enactment while pervasive economic distress dominated the political landscape.”

  5. opulent2 says:

    “Why did the Democrats decisively lose this election? It’s not really a mystery. The 2010 midterms were shaped by three fundamental factors: the poor state of the economy, the abnormally conservative composition of the midterm electorate, and the large number of vulnerable seats in conservative-leaning areas.

    Independent voters, white working-class voters, seniors, and men broke heavily against the Democrats due to the economy. Turnout levels were also unusually low among young and minority voters and unusually high among seniors, whites, and conservatives, thus contributing to a massively skewed midterm electorate. The Democrats therefore faced a predictable, and arguably unavoidable, convergence of forces. Incumbent Democrats suffered a genuine backlash of voter discontent due to a weak economy with considerable concerns about job creation, deep skepticism among independents, poor turnout among key base groups, and strong enthusiasm among energized conservatives.

    Years of political science research show fairly conclusively that structural issues explain most of the variance in election results. Context, candidates, and politics matter, of course. But progressives should examine the basics if they want to understand why 2010 happened as it did: the poor condition of the economy; a conservative-leaning midterm electorate; and a Democratic Party with many marginal seats to lose. Strategic and policy decisions certainly made some difference in the magnitude of losses, but in a horrible economy it’s difficult to escape the reality that Democrats were poised to lose a significant number of seats no matter what they did.

    According to the Pew Research Center, conservatives as a share of total Independents rose from 29 percent in 2006 to 36 percent in 2010. Gallup finds exactly the same thing: The conservative share rose from 28 percent to 36 percent while moderates declined from 46 percent to 41 percent.

    This shift is part of a broader trend: Over the past two decades, moderates have trended down as share of the total electorate while conservatives have gone up. … Unless the long-term decline of moderates and rise of conservatives is reversed during the next two years, the ideological balance of the electorate in 2012 could look a lot like it did this year.”

    • Ametia says:

      Please add to this mix the incessant hate-filled teabaggers, and teh fear-mongering media who loved them and pumped up their status thus giving them legitimacy, the corporate owned Republicans and our own deluxe de jour SCOTUS’ Citzens United contribution.

  6. opulent2 says:

    Chicago mayoral hopeful Carol Moseley Braun slammed rival Rahm Emanuel for “abandoning” President Obama after “pushing policies that led to the biggest Democratic Party political loss in 27 years,” the Chicago Sun Times reports.

    Said Braun: “He left the president holding the bag… If Rahm abandoned the president of the United States, what makes anybody think he’ll stick by regular Chicagoans?”

    • Ametia says:

      Rahm’s gone now. Good luck running for Mayor, Rahm. And if he wins, I sure hope he doesn’t run out on his term like Palin did the Alaska Governorship.

  7. opulent2 says:

    “I think that over the course of two years, we were so busy and so focused on getting a bunch of stuff done that we stopped paying attention to the fact that leadership isn’t just legislation.”

    — President Obama, in an interview with 60 Minutes, stating the obvious and possibly signaling a new direction for his administration with a Republican-controlled House.

  8. Could Jerry Brown weaken Obama enough for Hillary Clinton to take nomination from him? In a word: no, because of black voters

    In the article above, the author talks about Obama being challenged from the Left, maybe by Jerry Brown, putting enough blood in the water to draw Hillary Clinton towards Obama like a megalodon.

    This is foolishness for two reasons, one of which no one will talk about but us:

    (1) Black voters are racist. Not only will they stick with Obama no matter what he does, but they will punish anyone they think harmed him in any way. Part of why HRC took the Secretary of State job was so she could appear to now be friendly with Obama…that, and so she did not have to be in the Senate when all Hell broke loose and Democrats started voting on crazy things. Notice: you don’t hear many, if any, blacks calling HRC a racist or using the 2008 campaign against her. She nullified all that…because she knows she will need blacks to support her 2016 bid.

    (2) No Democrat is going to win in 2012 provided the GOP does not nominate a soggy Cocktail Party boring white male. Obama has so damaged the Democrat brand that moderate, centrist, Jacksonian, Clintonian Democrats don’t even exist anymore. Most have left the party, in spirit if not on paper. All that is lefy in the Democrat Party is the Left, blacks, some Hispanics, and the academic gentry and those who consider themselves such. All those bitter, clinging, white working class people are gone and won’t magically come back by 2012. Not even for Hillary, which is why she is too smart to get into a 2012 race. Her eye is on 2016.

    We really want to see a Leftist challenge Obama for the nomination because that will make him say all sorts of Leftist things in 2012 to keep his base, but will alienate everyone else.

    Obama and Democrats need to be told nine times a day they are not Leftist enough so Democrats just keep losing more Independents…which will also keep any foolish Republicans from voting for Obama again just to prove they aren’t racist.

    Republicans control the House where all spending originates. They also have enough seats now to filibuster anything nuts Democrats try in the Senate.

    So, ramp up the calls for Obama to be more Leftist so that his base at Daily Kos deserts him. Make these nuts hate him. Then watch them not vote in 2012 and President Palin wins.

    This is how we beat him: by using the Left and his own Leftist nature against him.

    These mofos want bear & they’re after my President. Please let these mofos try to primary him. Ain’t nobody playing with the sobs.

  9. It only took Kasich 12 hours to kill Ohio train project- 8000 jobs gone

    Kasich: Passenger rail is ‘dead’

    “Passenger rail is not in Ohio’s future,” the Republican said at his first news conference after Tuesday’s win over Gov. Ted Strickland. “That train is dead.”

    Guess where this douchebag made the announcement…

    Kasich held his briefing at the headquarters of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, which broke a 117-year tradition by endorsing the former congressman from Westerville.

    Lovely eh?

    Update 1 w/linkyness

    From the way back machine:

    Ohio Governor Ted Strickland joined U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, state and local officials, and rail supporters from across the state to announce today that Ohio has received $400 million in federal stimulus resources to invest in passenger rail.

    Zwoof’s diary :: ::

    UPDATE 2: 8,000 jobs gone

    “With today’s historic announcement by President Obama, Ohio takes a major step toward modernizing our state’s transportation infrastructure,” said Governor Strickland. “The 3C Corridorwill create economic development opportunities and serve as a model of environmental sustainability. Most importantly, it will put thousands of Ohioans to work over the next few years.”

    The $400 million stimulus investment in the 3C “Quick Start” is expected to result in at least 255 immediate construction jobs over a two year period. According to job-creation formulas by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this investment in Ohio will generate at least 8,000 spin-off jobs and could add at least $1.2 billion to Ohio’s economy.

    Kasich is also planning to dismantle the public school system and will punish all unions in Ohio.

    Folks on the Facebook are already trying to decide where they will move their families.

    Republicans voted in this rethug and now he has cut 8000 jobs.
    Voters were so blinded by hate that they’ve cut off their nose to spite their face. It only took a matter of hours before Kasich told voters to go fk themselves.
    Let them weep!

    • opulent2 says:

      The people of Ohio, got what they voted for. I am watching as those folks who want to cut, cut, cut, and not raise taxes…alll have their hands out now…and their is no safety net for them.

      Let the people of Ohio, have the government they voted for by and of the people.

      By 2012 Ohio is going to be starved so much they gonna wake up and realize their own stupidity as they stand on corners homeless, begging for food.

  10. Ametia says:

    — NASA locks down Glenn Research Center in Ohio after unconfirmed reports of “activity involving a gun.”

  11. Ametia says:

    Retired Justice Stevens Supports Mosque, Warns of ‘Stereotypical Conclusions’
    Posted Nov 5, 2010 7:25 AM CDT
    By Debra Cassens Weiss

    Retired Justice John Paul Stevens on Thursday lent his support to Muslims who want to build a mosque two blocks from ground zero.

    Speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the National Japanese American Memorial Foundation, Stevens said it’s wrong to infer that all Muslims share the views of al-Qaida, according to stories by the Associated Press and CNN. Those debating the mosque “should beware of stereotypical conclusions about groups of people that we don’t know very well,” he said.

    Stevens said he understands the emotions of New Yorkers who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 attacks. A World War II veteran, he recalled a 1994 visit to Pearl Harbor where he saw Japanese tourists. His initial thought was, “These people don’t really belong here” because they were celebrating the attack. Later, he realized he was making assumptions about the tourists that didn’t necessarily apply.

    “We should never pass judgment on barrels and barrels of apples just because one of them may be rotten,” he said. “Our Constitution protects every one of us from being found guilty of wrongdoing based on the conduct of our associates. Guilt by association is unfair.”

    In a speech last month, Stevens defended his dissent in a Supreme Court decision finding First Amendment protection for flag burning. Stevens said burning a flag was just as dangerous and offensive as burning a Christian cross or desecrating a Koran.

  12. Ametia says:

    Jobs Increase in October, but Unemployment Rate Stuck at 9.6 Percent
    1 hour ago
    The unemployment rate stayed stuck for a third straight month at 9.6 percent in October, but President Obama highlighted a glimmer of good news on Friday: Employers added 151,000 jobs, the most since May.

    In a statement at the White House before leaving for a 10-day Asian trip, the president hailed the job growth report as “some encouraging news,” but said joblessness “is still unacceptably high and we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

    Private companies hired 159,000 new people last month, the Labor Department announced, enough to show a gain in non-farm jobs even after subtracting the 8,000 government positions lost. It marked the first net growth in employment in five months. The federal agency also revised upward payroll figures for August and September, the AP said, reporting that 103,000 more jobs were on the books than previously estimated.

    The economy got a potential shot in the arm Wednesday when the Federal Reserve said it would buy $600 billion in Treasury bonds in a bid to lower interest rates on mortgages and other loans.

    Obama highlighted the improving job creation numbers, and he vowed to “keep fighting for every job, for every new business, for every opportunity to get this economy moving.” Since January, he said the private sector has added 1.1 million jobs.

  13. Ametia says:


  14. John Boehner: Obama Is In ‘Denial (VIDEO)

    House Republican leader John Boehner criticized President Obama on Thursday, saying that the president and other Democrats are in “denial” about Tuesday’s midterm elections, in which scores of Democrats were ousted from Congress as Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives.

    In an interview with ABC’s “World News,” the Speaker-in-waiting said he believes “there seems to be some denial on the part of the president and other Democratic leaders of the message that was sent by the American people.” Boehner told Diane Sawyer that “when you have the most historic election in over 60, 70 years, you would think the other party would understand that the American people have clearly repudiated the policies they’ve put forward in the last few years.”

    Boehner insisted that he holds no “personal animosity” towards President Obama, but took direct aim at the president’s signature legislative accomplishment. Asked about health care reform, Boehner said, “I’m pretty confident that come next year that we will have the votes to repeal that [health care] bill and replace it with common sense reforms to bring down the cost of health insurance and expand access.”

    Ain’t this something? A drunk accusing someone of being in denial?

    • Ametia says:


      And know that the white American folks who voted overwhelmingly for the Rethugs to take control of the House are looking for you all for leadership, since the black guy supposedly isn’t doing it for them. Or was it all the negative CITIZEN’S UNITED money, coroprate run media, fear-mongering, race-baiting, corporate string-pulling that spoke to the “American” people?

  15. Ametia says:

    Here’s a link for folks who want to write and thank Speaker Pelosi.

  16. 3 Chics Action Alert:

    Heads Up: 3 Chics, lurkers and friends

    Please join 3 Chics Politico in calling John Boehner’s office to ask where the jobs are:

    (513) 779-5400, (202) 225-6205, (937) 339-1524, (202) 225-4000.

    This Chic is asking folks to please be persistent…Call every single day until we see change. It’s time to fight back.


  17. Ametia says:

    PBO & FLOTUS leave for Asia today. God bless them. Get the hell out of this crazy, hateful country.

  18. Ametia says:


    Mark Penn advocates an Oklahoma white militia bombing, ala Timothy McVeigh to help President Obama “reconnect” with Americans.

  19. Ametia says:

    Happy FRY-day, Everybody! :-)

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