Photos: President Obama & First Lady Michelle Visits India

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5 Responses to Photos: President Obama & First Lady Michelle Visits India

  1. Vettte says:

    Is Michelle’s hairstyle a new trend OR did the Hairstylist-in-Chief miss the flight? Just asking, just asking…what can I say, I’m a woman!!

  2. Vettte says:

    The timing of this trip was sheer perfection. Only AA who understand HOW to deal with stress and trials knew what to do. FIND FRIENDLY FACES and the POTUS has done that in India. Michelle’s just so valuable to her man on so many fronts. To get her husband out of the U.S. BS “fray” is so healthy for him (10 days). The MSM is mad about it because the POTUS didn’t stay here so they could continue to pick at him. And I know a lot of the dancing “folly” on her part is to help him handle the stress. She is definitely worth her weight in gold. Taking care of her man; handling her business while the pundits at home spin themselves crazy. Maybe when he gets back they will all be in straight jacks in the looney bin.

    • The timing couldn’t be any better. The President & First Lady captured the hearts of India. The people love them. Look at the faces of the children. It’s pure joy. Our POTUS & FLOTUS are so awesome. I’m so proud of them.

      God bless them in every way. Protect them night & day!

    • Ametia says:

      THIS: “FIND FRIENDLY FACES, and the POTUS has done that in India.

  3. Ametia says:

    Love these photos… especially the one with PBO and Ghandi’s photo.

    There is a lot of spiritaul light in the room with the Indian dignitaries

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