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Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr.

(April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984), better known by his stage name Marvin Gaye, was an American singer-songwriter and instrumentalist with a four-octave vocal range.[2] Starting as a member of the doo-wop group The Moonglows in the late fifties, he ventured into a solo career after the group disbanded in 1960 signing with the Tamla Records subsidiary of Motown Records. After starting off as a session drummer, Gaye ranked as the label’s top-selling solo artist during the sixties.

Because of solo hits such as “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)“, “Ain’t That Peculiar“, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and his duet singles with singers such as Mary Wells and Tammi Terrell, he was crowned “The Prince of Motown”[3] and “The Prince of Soul”.[4]

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. Ametia says:


    At PBS’ Pioneers of Television event, Nichelle Nichols talks about how she almost left her iconic role as Uhura in Star Trek, but a chance meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King convinced her to stay.

    “I met him and told him I was leaving the show,” Nichols said.

    He reportedly told her, “The world sees us as we should be seen. As intelligent, beautiful, and qualified just like anybody else. You have the first non-stereotypical role on TV. You cannot leave.”


  2. Rick Santorum Explains Racially-Charged Attack On Obama

    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (R), a potential 2012 presidential contender, is attempting to trudge out of the mess that he waded into Wednesday when he seemed to suggest that it was objectionable for Obama to be pro-choice because he was black.

    Here’s his response to the Christian Broadcasting Network, on which he gave the original comments.

    “For decades certain human beings were wrongly treated as property and denied liberty in America because they were not considered persons under the constitution. Today other human beings, the unborn of all races, are also wrongly treated as property and denied the right to life for the same reason; because they are not considered persons under the constitution. I am disappointed that President Obama, who rightfully fights for civil rights, refuses to recognize the civil rights of the unborn in this country.”

    Phuck you mofo. Shove it deep, all the way to your throat!

    • Ametia says:

      Santorum and his GOP rightwingers can shove that bullshit up their asses. They could give a flying FUNGUS about the unborn, once they are BORN.



  3. Ametia, Lisa, Dannie….Here is some real bitchassness right here…

    Michelle Obama’s State Dinner Dress: Daring or Pandering?

    Michelle Obama’s Alexander McQueen dress that she wore to last night’s state dinner with Chinese President Hu Jintao has received high marks from the fashion cognoscenti. No doubt, the dress was stunning: a brilliant red silk organza ballgown with black swirls and an asymmetrical neckline. Sarah Burton, who took over the Alexander McQueen after the death of its eponymous designer early last year, designed the dress as part of the British label’s pre-fall collection, though it was slightly modified to suit the First Lady’s taste (namely, eliminating the sleeves).

    But was it a politically savvy choice? Here, two of the biggest fashion critics disagree. Robin Givhan, over at the Daily Beast, writes that Obama’s dress “offered rich fodder for examining the complex relationship between the designer fashion industry, the rising prominence of China, and the position that eclectic style can occupy in a world of protocol and tradition.” The Financial Times‘ Vanessa Friedman, in contrast, calls the dress — or more specifically its brilliant red color — “ridiculously obvious.”

    I love Givhan’s argument — that choosing a British label that, above all else, is revered for its craft and daring artistry signifies a “celebration of the global fashion industry … [symbolizing] the ability of a designer’s imagination to cross borders, connect different cultures, and ultimately express itself in a singular moment of beauty.” But Friedman has a point. After all, the First Lady was not the only one sporting red — the color of the Chinese flag — during Hu’s visit. Friedman notes that President Barack Obama greeted Hu upon his arrival in a red tie and that Hillary Clinton wore a (very cute, I must say) red jacket during lunch with the Chinese president. All that red couldn’t have been a coincidence.

    Furthermore, Mrs. Obama, though a fantastic dresser, is not always known for her sartorial subtlety. Take the strapless gold column she wore for the state dinner with former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. That dress was by — surprise — an Indian-American designer, Naeem Khan, and though it was beautiful, the outfit — with its golden color and heavy bangles — did feel a little obvious in its homage to Indian costume.

    I hate to admit it but the first thing I thought when I saw a photo of Obama’s dress from yesterday’s dinner was not “McQueen” or “beautiful” but “RED!” (The second, painful, thought I had was: “Oh boy, conservative commentators are going to have a field day with this.” Fortunately, they seem to be keeping mum on the First Lady’s fashion choice.) Who knows Obama’s real motives for choosing that red McQueen dress. But while it’s certainly beautiful and aesthetically daring, it’s hard not to see it as a bit too obvious.

    I hate to admit it but the first thing I thought when I saw a photo of Obama’s dress from yesterday’s dinner was not “McQueen” or “beautiful” but “RED!” (The second, painful, thought I had was: “Oh boy, conservative commentators are going to have a field day with this.”

    No one is complaining but painfully jealous bitches who will never get a chance to be First Lady. And besides…who the fuck cares what conservatives think? Like that is suppose to mean something. GTFOOH!

    • Ametia says:

      Green is such an ugly color on these HATERS!

      At the end of the day, guess who gets to sleep in the White House with the POTUS….. BWA HA HA HA!!!!

    • dannie22 says:

      Robin Givhan ” Blah blah blah blah blah”

      I think that’s what she said.

      This article was a big fat nothing. FLOTUS looked fabulous and the haters couldn’t stand it lol

  4. Ametia says:

    A very courageous story from Roger Ebert
    Leading with my chin
    By Roger Ebert on January 19, 2011 8:34 PM

    After surgery, I studiously avoided looking at myself in a mirror. In my mind my face was still whole. This was not the case, and one day in the hospital Dr. David J. Reisberg came to visit. He was a professor of craniofacial medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and a specialist in facial reconstruction.

    I suggested a false beard which I would wear suspended from hooks over my ears, like a kid playing Abe Lincoln in the school play. “It’s not like I think I’m fooling anyone,” I said.
    Good doctor Reisberg smiled and took some photographs. Like all of the professionals I was to meet who worked with disfigurement, he had a warm bedside manner and discussed my problems in a matter-of-fact way. He had seen worse. Much could be done. When I was on my feet he had me come to his clinic at the University for some 3D photos that would give him more to work on. Also as a reference was a bust sculpted by a friend as an assignment in art school:

  5. Ametia says:

    This is the full, uncut interview by Rachel Maddow of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

    Thursday, 1-19-11

  6. How insane can it get?

    Michelle Obama Blamed For Slight Uptick In Pedestrian Deaths

    As Ashley Halsey III, in the Washington Post, reports:

    It is the kind risk teenagers take: darting across six lanes of traffic, paying no mind to the flashing sign warning pedestrians to await the green light. Wayne Cuffy and his buddies bolted across Landover Road on their way to the mall Tuesday night, a mistake that cost the 15-year-old his life when he stepped in front of a Ford Expedition at Dodge Park Road.

    A terrible tragedy, to be sure, one that figures into new statistics from the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration, which finds that pedestrian deaths ticked upwards by a teensy 0.4 percent in 2010. And all of those deaths could have been prevented if only Michelle Obama hadn’t been encouraging Wayne Cuffy and his buddies to get out there and start exercising, right?

    Of all the asinine bullsh*t. This takes the cake. They can’t find anything to complain about Michelle, so they make up sh*t. They can’t stand it that Michelle is sitting high on that flotus throne!

    Wonder who was the bird brain that thought of this? Stoopid mofos!

    I’m telling you…the election of Barack Hussein Obama broke their brain.

    • Ametia says:

      The Washington Post needs to be thrashed for printing such GARBAGE. Tha Alexander McQueen dress and FLOTUS’ all around stunning good looks and generous spirit is much too much, for the “BECKIES”

  7. Walmart And Michelle Obama’s Big Announcement

    WASHINGTON — Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest grocer, says it will reformulate thousands of products to make them healthier and push its suppliers to do the same, joining first lady Michelle Obama’s effort to combat childhood obesity.

    The first lady accompanied Wal-Mart executives Thursday as they announced the effort in Washington. The company plans to reduce sodium and added sugars in some items, build stores in poor areas that don’t already have grocery stores, reduce prices on produce and develop a logo for healthier items.

    “No family should have to choose between food that is healthier for them and food they can afford,” said Bill Simon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart’s U.S. division.

    As the largest grocer in the United States, Wal-Mart’s size gives it unique power to shape what people eat. The grocery business is nearly twice the size of No. 2 competitor Kroger. The company also has massive influence on products made by other manufacturers and sold at the store.

    Mrs. Obama said the announcement has “the potential to transform the marketplace and help Americans put healthier foods on their tables every single day.”

  8. Ametia says:

    Breaking News Alert: Warren Buffett to step down from Washington Post Co. board
    January 20, 2011 1:08:14 PM

    Warren E. Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, said Thursday he would step down from the board of The Washington Post Co. this May.

    Berkshire Hathaway is the largest common shareholder in The Post. Buffett, 80, is chairman of the finance committee of the board and has long advised Post Co. Chairman Donald Graham on the financial stewardship of the company.

  9. Ametia says:

    That Pastor Who Wanted To Burn The Koran Just Got Banned From England
    by Jon Bershad | 12:33 pm, January 20th, 2011

    Hey, remember Terry Jones? I’m talking about the Florida pastor who took the news cycle hostage last summer by threatening to burn some holy books, an event which could have seriously hurt relations with the Muslim world as well as caused giant wild fires if the sparks managed to spread to Jones’ moustache. Anyway, Jones had plans to take a trip to England to go to a rally decrying the expansion of Muslim mosques. Unfortunately for him, the British government ran up, snatched away his tickets, and said, “Dude, you have no trip to England!”
    From The Guardian:

    “A Home Office spokesman said: ‘The government opposes extremism in all its forms which is why we have excluded pastor Terry Jones from the UK.

    ‘Numerous comments made by Pastor Jones are evidence of his unacceptable behaviour. Coming to the UK is a privilege, not a right, and we are not willing to allow entry to those whose presence is not conducive to the public good.’

    ‘The use of exclusion powers is very serious and no decision is taken lightly or as a method of stopping open debate.’”

    Perhaps England just realized they already had a Terry Jones and theirs was much better.

  10. President Obama Speaks at the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration

    7:00 PM EST

    Audio Only

  11. Ametia says:

  12. Joe Lieberman Insists Iraq Was Developing WMDs Despite No Evidence

    During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) continued to insist that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction even though none were ever found after the invasion of Iraq.
    The Senator, retiring his seat in 2012, also said that despite the enormous cost to the U.S. in blood, prestige and treasure he does not regret his vote for war and would do it all over again.

    My answer is, yes. My answer is yes because Saddam was threatening the stability of the entire region. He’d shown that by his actions. I believe that the evidence is very clear that he was developing weapons of mass destruction.

    Obviously we don’t have evidence that he had a big program. But the most official and comprehensive report show that’s true. He was also, the evidence shows, beginning really tactically to support the terrorist movements that had attack us on 9/11 and today, to make a long story short, instead of a brutally repressive dictator in Iraq, we’ve got a government that was elected, that’s self-governing and the country is self-defending. By the end of this year, we’re going to have most of our troops out of there. I think that’s had a major effect on the entire region. Iraq is now the most democratic country in the Arab world. so, yes, I think it was the right thing to do. Terrible cost we paid in life and treasure, but ultimately i think the right decision.

    What an *ss clown! Just go away, Joe! ….And I don’t care if the door hit you, where the good Lord split you!

  13. Ametia says:

  14. dannie22 says:

    Morning all!!

  15. January 20,2009…Inauguration Day of Barack Hussein Obama


  16. Lisa MB says:

    Good morning, Angels. :)

    Here’s to a great day!

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