President Obama Speaks On The American Jobs ACT (AJA) In Columbus, Ohio

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 For your informationPresident Obama Slips his National Wireless Initiative into His American Jobs Act

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 – by Julie Bart

President Obama presented Congress with the official draft of his jobs bill on Monday, dubbed the American Jobs Act of 2011. Within it’s 155 pages is a nearly 29-page section called the National Wireless Initiative (Full text, PDF). Hmm. You may remember the NWI when the President first introduced the idea in his State of the Union address and then presented it in detail in February.

So, here it is again. The President projects that the Federal government can raise $27.8 billion over the next decade by auctioning off wireless spectrum, something wireless carriers eagerly want the government to do. Under Obama’s plan, $10 billion of this money will pay for an expansion of the Public Safety Broadband Network and to build out wireless broadband to cover 98% of the nation. (Where do you think that other 2% is located? The Alaskan tundra?). The remaining $17.8 billion will go toward paying down the nation’s deficit.

These post-deficit-battle numbers are flip flopped from the plan he detailed a mere seven months ago in February, which spent $18 billion of the earnings and applied $9.8 billion toward paying down debt. Items like the President’s proposed Wireless Innovation Fund (cutely nicknamed “WIN”) took big cuts. In February, Obama suggested WIN be a $3 billion fund to support the R&D of cutting-edge wireless technologies. This time, the fund was sliced down to $300 million.  Source

We’ll post the video when available.

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  1. Ametia says:

    The Last Word is breaking down how PBO is painting the GOP in a corner with the AJA bill.

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