Ann Romney: Mitt’s Not “Disdainful”

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And where are Mitt’s TAX RETURNS?

Remember this?:

NO, Ann it’s not you & Mitt’s turn NOW. It’s ALL AMERICANS turn NOW.

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9 Responses to Ann Romney: Mitt’s Not “Disdainful”

  1. Ametia says:

    September 21, 2012
    Posted by Andy Borowitz

    Dear Fellow-Republican,

    I’m not a happy camper.

    Over the past few days, some so-called Republicans have taken it upon themselves to lob some pretty harsh words in the direction of my husband. Now, it’s one thing when Mitt gets criticized by the forty-seven per cent of Americans who are parasites sucking at capitalism’s teat. But when former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan calls his campaign “a rolling calamity,” it’s time for Ann Romney to kick some ass.
    Which brings me to you. This is not a fundraising appeal. Lord knows this campaign has all the money it needs, especially since Mitt went to Vegas and promised Sheldon Adelson he’d bomb Tehran on Day One. As Mitt’s wife, I’m asking you to pledge something far more valuable:
    Your silence.

    By signing the pledge form below, you become an official member of Ann Romney’s Circle of Silence, an élite tier of the Romney for President Campaign. As a member of the C.O.S., you will receive priority ticketing to the Inauguration, as well as a collectible “Loose Lips Sink Mitt” ball gag. All you have to do is shut the freak up until Election Day.
    That’s right, for the next forty-six days, I’m asking you to bite your tongue every time Mitt says or does something idiotic. If you think that sounds difficult, welcome to my world.
    And Peggy Noonan, if you’re reading this: you want a piece of Ann Romney? Then get in the ring, girlfriend, and I’ll mess you up good.

    Vote for Mitt,

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  2. Ametia says:

    Ann Romney, to critics in GOP: “You want to try it? Get in the ring.” (AUDIO)
    September 20, 2012 By O. Kay Henderson

    Ann Romney says fellow Republicans who’ve criticized her husband need to “stop it” and realize “how lucky” the party is to have Mitt Romney as its nominee.

    Ann Romney spoke late this afternoon to about 200 people, mostly women, who’d gathered for a rally in the back of a central Iowa business.

    “Wow, back in Iowa. Here we are again,” Romney said, to cheers and applause. “However, I don’t want it to be a 10-vote margin again. I want to have a bigger win, so let’s make sure in Iowa we win big in November.”

    That’s a reference to the photo-finish on the night of the Iowa Caucuses, when Mitt Romney was declared the victor over Rick Santorum by just 10 votes. Later, a certification process recorded Santorum the winner, by 34 votes, but seven precincts did not submit their certified results.


  3. dgillem says:

    Those two people,or as were refered to as” you people”), make me sick to my stomach.The two morans have said (by blondy) start packing,its our turn,well you know what bitch f.u.Who in there right mind would vote for liars,tax cheaters, and the least so called christians put on this planet,oh! I forgot,they belong to a cult,like devil worshipers.Sorry devil worshipers, l’m sure your better than(those people).These two people think there shit don’t stink,well baby your all shit so you do stink,especially as humans D.G.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi DG. I’m not down with the attacks on the Romney’s religion, just their behaviors.

      • dgillem says:

        The reason l am so down on there religion,is because l was taught to give of myself from my heart,which in my personal life is also where my lord lives,l try to be helpful,wheather l have money or just a cup of soup for someone thats hungry,but to put people down because,they are havenots,is wrong.Do not put out a story that we are very chartible,but only to there church.I have basicly nothing,but l still try to give where ever and to who ever l can.Christian or any other relign,teaches truth,and help and careing.l do not see it with either republican canidates,or the republican party.They just voted on a bill for our vets,the republicans struck it down so P.O.T.U.S. will not get any credit for a bill that would help,sorry not christian.D.G.

      • Ametia says:

        I get what you’re saying, DG. For me, it’s not the religion, it’s what how folks practice their religious tenants. I think we can agree that most religions teach love and charity, as do the Mormons.

        Teaching and actually living it are entirely different events. So I agree that some of these folks are not practicing their religious teachings, as illustrated by their behaviors.

  4. Ametia says:

    you asked for it, Miss Ann.

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