Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Continue Their LYING Tour With Reruns Of China | SEE, SEE, SENSATA!

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb are back on the campaign trail with their trailmix of LIES.

Romney’s Company Forces U.S. Flag to Be Lowered in Illinois

If Mitt Romney is elected president, the American flag itself may actually be restricted from flying in the United States. That word comes from employees losing their jobs in Freeport, Illinois.

The Presidential Candidate holds major stock in a company called Sensata. The company recently made factory officials take down the American flag when they were forced to train their Chinese replacement workers, according to Tom Gaulrapp, with the United Steelworkers Union.

Right now in Freeport, Illinois, some 170 workers at an auto sensor plant are sleeping in tents to protest Bain-owned Sensata Technology’s decision to ship their jobs to China.

Romney claims he knows nothing about this.


But the New York Times explains: “[Mitt Romney] owns about $8 million worth of Bain funds that hold 51 percent of Sensata’s shares. If Sensata saves money by closing the Freeport plant, that could add money to Mr. Romney’s trust accounts, now or after the election.”

We have THIS:

THIS FROM FIRST READ: Ryan hits administration’s China policy in Ohio campaign stop

Ryan told the crowd in the heavily manufacturing Buckeye State that a Mitt Romney administration would not tolerate China stealing American jobs and property rights — a topic the VP nominee frequently talks about on the campaign trail.

“We are going to stop this kind of cheating from occurring, if people are manipulating our currency, we are going to say that ‘they are manipulating our currency.’ If they are stealing our products, we are going to say ‘stop stealing our products or else you have consequences.’ That’s a big deal. That takes our jobs,” he said.

This is RICH: Romney hits Obama on China policies


Paul Ryan criticizes China policy, but in Congress voted against legislation aimed at changing it

WASHINGTON – Paul Ryan on Thursday began to criticize China as a currency manipulator, speaking out against the country’s trade policies with the same sharp rhetoric that his new running mate, Mitt Romney, has used for months.

“Free trade is a powerful tool for peace and prosperity, but our trading partners need to play by the rules,” Ryan said at a campaign rally in Ohio. “This challenge focuses on China. They steal our intellectual property rights, they block access to their markets, they manipulate their currency.”

“President Obama said he would stop these practices,” he added. “He said he’d go to the mat with China. Instead, they are treating him like a doormat. We’re not going to let that happen. Mitt Romney and I are going to crack down on China cheating and we’re going to make sure that trade works for Americans.”

But there’s one glaring problem: Ryan voted against legislation in 2010 that would have helped do just that.

In 2010, when the House voted on the Currency Reform Fair Trade Act, Ryan was among the 79 congressmen who opposed the measure. The bill passed – 348 to 79, with 99 Republicans voting in favor – but was not taken up by the Senate so it never became law.


President Obama launched a trade case at the WTO to challenge ilegal Chinese subsidies of ts automobile and auto parts industries.  In fact, since PBO has taken office, his administration has filed more trade cases against China in one term than his predecessor did in TWO.  WTO List of Disputes Cases-9-15-12. Cleveland Plain Dealer-916-12

President Obama creatd the Interagency Trade enforcement Center to bring experts together to fight unfair trade practices by nations including China. Source- Bloomberg

Mitt Romney is the majority shareholder in Bain Capitol, which owns Sensata. It is true that Romney is no longer the CEO of Bain Capitol – but as the company’s majority shareholder HE CAN FIRE THE CEO. This idea that Mitt “can’t do anything” is a pure right-wing bull. He can, and chooses not to.

Adding insult to injury, the Romney campaign has immaturely and childishly justified their inaction by suggesting that the President shares the blame because his pension as a State Senator holds Sensata stock in it’s portfolio – a portfolio that individual pensioners have little control over.

“It’s OK to send 170 jobs to Red China because this other guy hasn’t divested” is a crap excuse.

The answer is NOT to divest from Sensata – the answer is to have Mitt pick up the phone, and stop this move overseas and keep Sensata an American company!

Please visit to learn more about the plight of the 170 employees whose jobs Mitt Romney is sending to Red China, or go to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! interview with the hard working folks Mitt Romney is putting out on the street. @ DEMOCRACY NOW.

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  1. Ametia says:

    Wonder if Candy Crowley or Bob Schieffer will ask Mitt Romney aboout his love for CHINA.

    Romney’s Stake in Chinese Stocks

    The GOP candidate invested in 10 Chinese companies recently—including ones that embezzled, partnered with Iran, and stole US trade secrets.

    —By James West
    | Tue Oct. 9, 2012 3:00 AM PDT
    James West

    On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney rips President Obama’s policy on China and talks tough against the rising global power. “We’re going to crack down on China,” he said at a recent event in Ohio. “They’ve stolen our jobs; that’s gotta stop.” But according to Romney’s recent tax returns, between 2008 and 2011 Romney invested more than a half million dollars in the stocks of 10 Chinese companies—including firms that embezzled, partnered with Iran, and stole US intellectual property.

    Through Romney’s individual and family “blind” trusts—managed by his personal lawyer, R. Bradford Malt—the Romneys traded more than 25,000 shares in Chinese firms, including some based in Hong Kong. Some of these investments have previously been reported in the media and raised by the Obama campaign, but others have gone unnoticed. Overall, the stock investments netted the Romneys a profit of more than $90,000 in 2010 and 2011. (Some of the individual investments were losers.) While that sum is a pittance in light of the candidate’s vast personal wealth, it represents a significant amount for ordinary working Americans. Romney has long invested in China, putting millions into Chinese firms back when he ran Bain Capital, as MoJo’s DC bureau chief David Corn first exposed in several reports this summer.

  2. Amazing information!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    My immediate concern is to make sure Obama performs well in the debates. Romney is an aggressive liar, and a “good” debater-because he co-opts his opponents positions (the ones that poll well) and claims them as his own.

    I hope Obama is aggressive too. Angry Black man stereotype be damned. He is better off being perceived as an Angry Black man who won the debates, than a polite Black man that did not win the debate.


  3. Ametia says:

    TALK ABOUT BETTING AGAINST AMERICA. Romney’s a ruthless vulture capitalist. What makes this SOULESS fool think that we’re going to buy into the premise that these young Chinese women just LUVS working dirt cheap in cramped living quarters?

  4. TruthTeam2012‏@TruthTeam2012

    On “This Week” today, Jake Tapper called out Mitt Romney on his hypocrisy over China: http://OFA.BO/Z9A3X2

  5. Ametia says:

    <b.Freeport, Sensata factory owned by Bain closing moving to China.

    Workers asked Romney to meet them and intervene. He refuses to meet with them.
    this story is happening now.<b.

  6. Daily Kos: UPDATE: Even More on Bain Moving Sensata to China … via @dailykos

  7. Daily Kos: UPDATED 2X: The #Sensata Story Could Destroy Romney …

  8. Jean ‏@leftnotright

    While Vilifying Obama in Ohio over China, the #Sensata Story is Exploding in #MittRomney’s Face

  9. Dang! I’m having a problem getting on Twitter.

  10. Ametia! Good Post!

    Go get’em, Chica!

  11. Ametia says:

    Greetings from Bainport, Illinois

    We’re workers at Bain Capital-owned Sensata, 2520 Walnut St, Freeport, Illinois. We’re fighting to save our jobs from being shipped to China by the end of this year. We are calling on Mitt Romney to come to Freeport, IL and we will camp across the street from our plant for as long as it takes!
    For more information or to get involved email us at
    To send us some pizza love call Logan’s Bar & Grill (815) 232-4592


    Sign our petition<b.

  12. Ametia says:


  13. Ladies, I am reblogging this. Thanks and here is to winning.

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