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The Field Negro teaches ongoing lessons about racism chasing. Last week, it appears a couple of sistas who work in the neo-natal unit of a Flint hospital were ordered not to take care of a white newborn. I really shared the Field’s sentiments, and the following is a money quote:

Forget that little newborn Nazi baby and keep it popping. Life goes on. It would have been quite interesting if this nurse had some specialized skill set that could have saved the little crumb snatcher’s life, but when they reassigned her it proved fatal  to the infant.

Of course, when the victim of racism is a 19-month old baby who got slapped by a fellow white passenger because he was fussy on an airplane….I don’t know about the baby’s mother, but if that cracka lays a hand on my child, the air marshals are going to throw both me and the cracka off the plane, because I would have reached and swung for his ass.

Then our man, the actor Forrest Whitaker got a lesson on walking while BLACK.  Honestly, we can’t walk the streets anymore without being harassed. He also opted NOT to call the police on the color-aroused employee because he didn’t want to get him fired.

In all instances, racism got in the way of two African-American nurses doing their jobs, a mother traveling to a funeral, and one African-American citizen going about his daily business.  What are we law-abiding citizens to do when we have to spend out time chasing racism these days?

Discuss if you want.  I’m too pissed…….

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  1. Racism is racism and it’s clearly not going anywhere. I subscribe to theory treat their ignorance with kindness. I know my feelings are met with groans. My opinion is this. We have been stolen, abused, cheated, raped, disrespected, whip, incarcerated, seperated from our families and murdered. What else can they do. Barrack Obama is the HNIC (head nigger in charge) he and Flotus are exemplary examples of the nature of what kind of people we are. Yet and still the seeds of racism grows. People of color are fast becoming the majority. There are white people who trying to remove themselves from this negative thinking. But look how long it has taken. Hell slavery has just been removed from law in Mississippi. I don’t think we should be shocked by the ignorance they have displayed over the centuries and still do today. They are so mad and know their ideology is fast becoming istint. These are the last of the overseers still trying to feel empowered. I want to ignore them but they misconstrue that for weakness. I want our children to be aware of their actions but at the same I want them to know we are above their stupid asses. All I cando is shake off the disgust and anger. Pity them and pray they look in the mirror and see their own ugliness. I think Whitaker did the right thing. He didn’t fall into his pit of ignorance. I am pissed too.

  2. Ametia says:

    Color arousal my black ass. It’s RACISM.

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