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Photos | Vigil for Trayvon Martin

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Video | Donny “Douchebag” Deutsch Calls First Lady’s Oscar Appearance An “Intrusion”

First Lady Michelle Obama announces the Best Picture Oscar to Argo live from the Diplomatic Room of the White House, Feb. 24—-Photo by Pete Souza The hits just keep on coming. So now First Lady Michelle Obama is an INTRUDER, … Continue reading

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Video | First Lady Michelle Obama Interview With Robin Roberts

Welcome back Robin! Love our FIRST LADY & ROBIN ROBERTS!

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Tuesday Open Thread | Native American Music & Chants

Native American music  plays a vital role in history and education, with ceremonies and stories orally passing on ancestral customs to new generations. Native American ceremonial music is traditionally said to originate from deities or spirits, or from particularly respected … Continue reading

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In Memory of Trayvon Martin

Who would think we’d be having to say these words; an anniversary of a teenager, who was starked and shot like an animal by racist vigilante, George Zimmerman. But here we are one year later bearing witness to a justice … Continue reading

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