Video | Donny “Douchebag” Deutsch Calls First Lady’s Oscar Appearance An “Intrusion”

First Lady Michelle Obama announces the Best Picture Oscar to Argo live from the Diplomatic Room of the White House, Feb. 24—-Photo by Pete Souza

The hits just keep on coming. So now First Lady Michelle Obama is an INTRUDER, an UNINVITED GUEST?

But Former President Bill Clinton was a welcomed guest at the Golden Globes, huh? Get used to it, folks, because the First Lady’s here to stay, at least for four more years, and don’t forget the HISTORY BOOKS. Loving it!

And who the fuck are you, Donny boy?

A “Monarch quality?” This is it, right here. Michelle Obama has taken away their throne, their crown, and it’s eating them alive. BWA HA HA HA Piers should have asked an interviewee who loved seeing the First Lady clip at the Oscars, but that would have been too much like RIGHT.

Speak for yourself, Donny. WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF FLOTUS!

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6 Responses to Video | Donny “Douchebag” Deutsch Calls First Lady’s Oscar Appearance An “Intrusion”

  1. Ametia says:


    Harvey Weinstein Arranged Michelle Obama’s Best Picture Oscars Surprise
    10:33 PM PST 2/24/2013 by Gregg Kilday

    The mogul and his daughter connected the Academy and the show’s producers, who flew in secret to Washington, D.C., two weeks ago.

  2. Donny “Douchebag” Deutsch = bitter bitch! bitter bitch!

    The Flotus was invited to to present, you fking prick! Get some therapy, mofo. The Obamas are going to be in the White House for 4 more delicious years.

    • Ametia says:

      An uninvited guest, can you believe it? Bet that mofo didn’t vote for PBO either, yet touting he’s a Democrat. The disrepect and racism shown to both FLOTUS & POTUS is MIND-NUMBING. It’s all coming out in the light, though.

  3. rikyrah says:


    Obama Derangement Syndrome

    • Ametia says:

      All the way. And Deutsch’s .”and I’m a Democrat” means what? I’m liberal, and therefore, I can say the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is AN “INTRUDER.”

      White liberal racists are the worse kind of LIBERAL.

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