Constitutional Rights for Some.

The Field Negro points out that there are constitutional rights for some of US; not for all.  This Edward Snowden fella has caused a really big stink with his version of wikileaks – but at least he knew to get the hell out of the country before he blew the whistle.  This guy had a high powered job at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the biggest Federal contractors out there – what I’m trying to figure out is how the hell he got that job with no high school diploma or college degree?

Anywhoo, the Field has this take on it:

Honestly, I have no idea if the information Edward Snowden put out there will actually make it easier for terrorist to attack us or not, but there is an aspect of this story that’s troubling.It’s these hipsters, Libertarians, and white liberals  getting into a hissy fit about their privacy rights because of the NSA snooping on their phone conversations and Internet searches. They are crying a river about the Constitutional protections that are being stripped away by “Big Brother”, not to mention the police state infringing into their personal lives, and they want answers from their government.Fair enough. But where was the outrage when government decided that it was cool to “stop and frisk” young minority men in America’s largest city? Doesn’t that policy violate the 4th Amendment of our wonderful Constitution? I guess, in their eyes, it’s cool to racially profile as long as it’s under the guise of fighting crime.Honestly, I am a little confused. So it’s cool to violate the Constitution when we are trying to keep down street crime in New York, but not when we are trying to stop a terrorist attack that could kill thousands of people?

Yepper, no mention of constitutional rights when it comes to US – people of ethnicity or color.  Everyone else is as silent as mice pissing in a cotton pile.

But Field, this is apples and oranges; the NSA eavesdropping intrudes on a potentially large amount of people, and it is a violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution. ‘Stop and frisk’ only affects a small segment of the population of New York City. If they don’t walk around looking like thugs the police won’t be suspicious of them.”

Got it now.

The Constitution when it’s convenient.  Another card against US in an already stacked deck.















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5 Responses to Constitutional Rights for Some.

  1. Gee says:

    NICE POST, and thank you for it. I wish all Americans would look closely at the difference, while I know these stop and frisk laws were only put in place to harass people of any color, I still wonder where is the outrage?

  2. Ametia says:

    I don’t have any patience with any MOFOs who scream and cry about “Founding Fathers, Contitutional rights, blah, blah, blah.. What they’re really referring to is that CONSTITUTION that didn’t include BLACK people as HUMANS. 3/5 human? So those extra amendments like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act is STILL pissing them off. Fuck’em one and all!

  3. rikyrah says:

    all you need to know about libertarians is that their Heroes, the Paul Family, have absolutely no problem with Our Black Asses still drinking from COLORED ONLY water fountains…because, we can’t infringe upon those STATE’S RIGHTS.

    They’ve said, on the record, how they feel about the CRA and VRA….

    and these are their heroes.

    uh huh

  4. rikyrah says:

    eclecticbrotha @eclecticbrotha

    Libertarian increasingly beginning to mean “18-29 year old white men who love weed and compare everything to black civil rights events.”

    10:32 PM – 10 Jun 2013

    • leutisha says:

      Good Lord, but there it IS – libertarian definition – “18-29 year old white men who love weed, Black Women (cough, Bill Maher, cough) and compare everything to black civil rights events.”

      FIFY, ecletic brotha.

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