Michael Dunn Trial – Day 1 – Part 1 – Opening Statements

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  1. Opening Statements In Michael Dunn Murder Trial


    The trial of Brevard County man Michael Dunn opened with high emotion and choice words as eyes around the country watched.

    “You’re the instant replay,” Dunn’s attorney Corey Strolla told the 12-member jury shortly after noon. “For Michael Dunn, you’re all he has.”

    Dunn, 47, faces first-degree murder in the November 2012 death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Dunn is accused of fatally shooting the teen following a confrontation over loud music.

    Throughout the day which ended shortly after 5 p.m., the jurors listened to the blasts of gun shots on surveillance tape, the 911 calls that followed and the testimony of seven witnesses, as Strolla and the State Attorney’s Office began to weave their cases.

    Painting a picture of an unarmed teen on an innocent night out with friends, Assistant John Guy told jurors Dunn shot Davis because he felt disrespected after an argument over music coming from the teens’ car.

    “They exchanged F-bombs back and forth…The defendant rolled down his window again and said ‘Are you talking to me?’,” he said. “And Jordan Davis looked at him and said ‘Yeah, I’m talking to you.’ And then, the defendant said ‘You’re not going to talk to me like that,’ and in the same motion, he reached in his glove box. He grabbed his pistol.”

    In a dramatic and uncensored monologue, Strolla drew up a different scenario: A teen ready to fight and kill and a man justified in defending himself.

    “You’re dead, b—,” Strolla quoted Davis as saying, among other expletives.

    Dunn had no intention of shooting anyone that night, Strolla said. Strolla also went on to suggest that the investigation into the case was rife with flaws and inconsistencies, including a failure to properly secure the crime scene.

    “Nobody in law enforcement cared what (Dunn) had to say,” he said. “Nobody in law enforcement wanted to here what he wanted to say. They just wanted to give you their own version of what happened.”

    Among the seven called to the stand Thursday were local contractor Steven Smith, who witnessed the incident unfold at the Southside Gate gas station while getting a fountain drink; gas station employees Lillian Chrestensen and Mariah Grimes; and Andrew Williams who arrived after the shooting with his wife and two teens they were chaperoning. Williams attempted to save Davis with CPR.

    During testimony, Williams appeared to choke up while recounting the scene. Davis’ friends looked “shook up,” he said.

    “They were all crying,” he said.

    Smith along with witness Shawn Atkins demonstrated for the jury how they saw Dunn hold the gun during the exchange that November night.

    Atkins, who was homeless at the time living in a car in a Winn-Dixie parking lot nearby, showed up to court in a jump suit and chains. He’d been convicted and sentenced to seven years for stealing and selling gold following the gas station shooting.

    During Thursday’s hearing, questions arose as to whether Atkins agreed to give his testimony in exchange for leniency from the state. While on the stand, he said he had requested leniency but did not receive it. State Attorney Angela Corey, who questioned Atkins, noted that Strolla was informed by her office of the request.

    Davis’ former girlfriend Aaliyah Harris was the first witness to take the stand at the trial. Davis had come to visit her at her job at Urban Outfitters hours before his death, she said.

  2. Defendant tells police he had spat over loud music, opened fire, ordered pizza


    (CNN) — It was the day after Thanksgiving 2012, and Michael Dunn had just left his son’s wedding. He’d had two drinks but wasn’t buzzed, and he and his girlfriend were in a “great mood” — headed to a nice bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida, where they planned to enjoy a bottle of wine, he told police.

    A stop at a Jacksonville gas station would flip the happy day on its head. His car doors and windows shut, he was annoyed by the “heavy bass” coming from a nearby SUV and asked four teens to turn it down.

    He heard what might have been a threat, Dunn told police, then saw what might have been a gun. He pulled a 9mm handgun from his glove compartment and fired four times. Then four more times. He picked up his girlfriend as she came out of the convenience store and fled the scene, not realizing one of his eight bullets had killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis, Dunn told police interrogators.

    The couple continued on to St. Augustine, where they checked into their room and ordered pizza but didn’t call police, Dunn said.

  3. racerrodig says:

    So, to sum up what Stolla said in his opening statement and cross examinations.

    1) Don’t believe the Prosecution.
    2) Mr. Guy wasn’t stating facts nor is his statement evidence, but I am and mine is
    3) Don’t believe what several of their witnesses said….they’re convicts.
    4) If my client saw a stick…..er, a gun barrel…well, that should be good enough.
    5) My client near shit his pants……the victims were playing that always lethal “thug music”
    6) They’ll have a “magic bullet” theory
    7) Even though nobody else can corroborate my clients story….you have to believe him.
    8) He’s to be admired because he didn’t reload his pistol which is his right!!!
    9) Shooting at a retreating vehicle is the best thing because it keeps their heads down
    10) Pizza and a long dog walk are the “Sedatives of the innocent”
    11) My client said in one of his police interviews he didn’t want any trouble, now look at him.
    12) The victims didn’t call 911 because they might be planning their next move.
    13) I can make stuff up on the fly…..don’t worry, it’s cool.
    14) It’s no co-incidence I look like Fogen
    15) Mr. Atkins can’t be trusted because all he did was take my clients tag number.
    16) Mr. Smith can’t really remember if there was a space between the 2 vehicles so this is
    “reasonable doubt”
    17) My client, Mr. Duuhhhnnnn had a “safely loaded weapon” (no gun loaded is actually safe)
    18) I’m playing poor and that’s why I can’t follow the rules of civil procedure and have a copy of
    my evidence for the jury, the prosecution nor you Judge
    19) Even though an unarmed teen was killed…..needless to say, it’s his fault.
    20) CPR !! by an ex – lifeguard !! It must be his fault.
    21) The victim had a huge killer style pocket knife…in his pocket no less……so my client near
    shit his pants.
    22) It doesn’t matter what illogical nonsense I say, he’s a kind and gentle man.
    23) Mr. Guy talked in quit and soft tones so don’t believe him….BUT ME !!! I’M A BIG MOUTH
    SO BUY MY CRAP!!!!!!
    24) My client did what ALL responsible gun owners did……shoot and run.
    25) He’s an admirable man because he could have used that pilots lic. and his plane and
    make good his escape.
    And lots of other Blah, blah, boring nonsensical blah.

    So, I can’t wait to hear how they explain away how anyone heard anyone if the music, by Duuhhnns admission was so loud he couldn’t even hear himself think. Then the music gets cranked back up and he can hear Jordan Davis make threats……what did the victim use…..a bullhorn ??

    How will they explain away the fact that the victims would have opened fire on him the instant he fired at them with their stick…….er single barrel shotgun ??

    The only one who says Jordan opened a car door is the accused Hmmmmm that sounds fishy to me……how about you guys and gals ????

  4. Ametia says:

    Thanks for the post, SG2. John Guy is on this case too? Is this going to be another DEBACLE of huge proportion like the Zimmerman trial?

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