Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3

leland-brunson2Jordan Davis’ friends took the stand to testify in the trial of Michael Dunn to describe what happened the night their friend was fatally shot by Michael Dunn.

Dunn is charged with First Degree Murder after firing 8 shots into the SUV the teens were riding in and killing  Jordan Davis over loud music in November 2012.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Looking nervous and wearing a purple shirt and a dark suit, Jordan Davis’ best friend Leland Brunson entered Courtroom 406 shortly after 1 p.m. Friday and took the stand in first degree murder trial of Michael Dunn.

Dunn is accused of killing the 17-year old Davis in a dispute over loud music. Brunson was Davis’ best friend at the time, and was with him in the back seat of the red Dodge Durango in November 2012 when Dunn fired into the vehicle, killing Davis.

Brunson was one of three teens in the car the night Davis was killed, and all three testified today. Defense attorney Cory Strolla challenged Brunson’s memory, and suggested that his recollection was clouded by media reports and conversations

Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3 – Part 5 (Dunn’s fiancée)

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  1. Liza says:

    So I finally got through the whole hour of RR’s testimony. Damn, that was hard, all that weeping. The prosecutor never asks her what Dunn said to her immediately after the shooting, why he did this, and the fact that he never mentioned a gun to her. That is all part of her sworn statement. So, I don’t understand why this hasn’t been brought up yet. All the prosecutor seemed to be trying to get out of her is that they never called 911 and they left Jacksonville knowing that Dunn killed someone. It seems to me, and this would certainly be the case if I were a juror, that Dunn not saying he saw a gun proves he made up the story for the cops.

    These stupid people. They make me sick.

  2. Liza says:

    This is interesting and I wish I had watched it sooner. This is Dunn’s girlfriend’s police interview right after Dunn was arrested. What a difference in demeanor from her testimony at the trial. Her sworn statement begins at 45:50. What is MOST noteworthy is that she was asked multiple times during the interview if Dunn ever mentioned a gun, the answer was always no. Dunn said to her, “I feared for my life” and “they threatened to kill me” and “they were advancing” but provided no specifics. She asked Dunn, “Did you hurt anyone?” Dunn replied, “No, I just shot at the car.”

    They never made it to the bed and breakfast place in St. Augustine, they stayed that night at a Sheraton in Jacksonville. Dunn’s girlfriend is taking full responsibility for leaving Jacksonville knowing that Dunn killed someone. Her excuse is that she expected to be arrested and needed to get home and make arrangements for the Charlie the dog.

    Before the cops took her sworn statement they assured her that she wasn’t in any trouble.

    • Liza says:

      After I listened to RR’s testimony (yeah, I finally got through it). I realized that this interview is the one the cops did several days after the arrest. They did two, this one occurred after a subpoena and includes her sworn statement.

  3. Liza says:

    I missed this, it just happened last month.

    Jordan Davis’ parents settle wrongful death suit with Michael Dunn
    Posted: January 5, 2014 – 12:13am

    JACKSONVILLE — More than a year after their son’s death, Jordan Davis’ parents have settled a lawsuit against the man charged with shooting and killing the 17-year-old Wolfson High School student.

    Ron Davis and Lucia McBath filed five civil complaints against Michael David Dunn. Dunn, 47, is facing murder charges for killing Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music at a Southside Gate gas station Nov. 23, 2012.

    Tanya Booth-Brunson and Carlene Thompson, parents of two of the three others in the car with Davis, also filed a case against Dunn. Brunson and Thompson’s case and Davis and McBath’s case filed dismissals Dec. 30 with settlements, records show.

    Davis and McBath’s case said they suffered when Dunn killed their son and then claimed their son was violent, which they say isn’t true.

    Their attorney, John Phillips, said that throughout the civil case they were asking for the same amount of money, though he didn’t reveal the amount.

    “I wanted to settle it [the case] the day that I got it,” Phillips said. “Whether $10 or $10 million, the amount doesn’t matter. It’s symbolic.”

    Dunn is claiming self-defense, saying he saw a shotgun protruding from the red Dodge Durango where Davis was sitting. Police never found a gun.

    McBath and Ron Davis “wanted closure as soon as possible,” Phillips said. “We were frankly a little surprised [Dunn] accepted our offer.”


  4. Liza says:

    I can’t listen to Girlfriend boo hoo hoo her way through her testimony, I just can’t. So I have a couple of questions. I didn’t know that she was a “fiance,” I thought she was just someone that Dunn was dating. So, did it ever come up whether or not she was living with Dunn at his place in Satellite Beach? The cops called Dunn on the day after the shooting and apparently she answered the phone. She either lived there or Dunn never took her home after the 2.5 hour drive from St. Augustine to SB.

    So, was the Girlfriend with Dunn the whole time from the shooting until the arrest except for when he went to the neighbor’s house? And she told the cops he never mentioned a gun to her. That really should dispel any doubt that anyone might have about Dunn and his imaginary tale of being threatened with a gun or what he thought was a gun.

    We don’t know what Dunn and his fiance talked about all that time, of course, but I am guessing that the cops scared the living sh!t out of her. She had to be concerned about being arrested herself and that is probably why she told the truth. She was scared, and rightfully so.

    • Liza says:

      So, I listened to the first part of this RR’s testimony. RR was in fact living with Dunn, has dated him since 2008. I want to hear her testimony, but I am having a hell of time trying to watch her. I find it very, very disturbing. I have no empathy for her, just the opposite, and then I start wondering why, like it’s me who must have a problem. We are so conditioned to show sympathy to a woman who is crying, that is why juries fall for these stunts. I get the feeling that this woman has no problem playing the victim, it has probably worked for her in the past. Someone should have told her that she isn’t the victim here.

  5. If Shameka didn’t contact police after Ray Ray fired nine shots into a car filled with white teens and one was killed, she’d be charged in 3-2-1.

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      Okay, I’m late joining y’all. SouthernGirl, I am just now reading your response to my comment. Me and my brother were watching the trial videos. Anyway, I discovered I was on the wrong page and wrong day just a few minutes ago after my computer started freezing up. Now, I am on the right page, but I’m still trying to catch up on everything I missed.

      I really had to prepare myself mentally to go through this again, especially being that it happened in Florida…the one-sided lawless land. *sigh*

      Why is Angela Cory trying this case? With her fake ass. I do not trust her. Please tell me I heard wrong and that it is not another all white jury again.

  6. Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3 – Part 5 (Dunn’s fiancée)

  7. Court is in recess until Monday.

  8. Why isn’t Rhonda Rouer not charged with aiding a murder suspect? This is some real bullshit here. She knew Dunn had killed a child. She wants sympathy.

    • Liza says:

      That is one callous bitch. But look at who she’s dating. I actually feel sorry for the dog.

      But here’s the thing. She already told the cops that Dunn never mentioned a gun. She can’t unsay it. She can’t come back now and say under oath that Dunn told her that one of the kids pointed a gun at him. She can’t even say that Dunn thought he saw a gun but might have been mistaken. Dunn’s done.

  9. Both Dunn and Rouer had no regard for the life of Jordan Davis. They only thought of themselves and their dog. How is she not charged?

  10. Oh, he’s ever so gentle with Rhonda Rouer. Isn’t that something?

    • Liza says:

      Because Dunn wanted to get back to Satellite Beach and consult with someone who knew the SYG law and could help him cook up a self-defense story. Dunn didn’t want to be inconsistent. I have to believe that Dunn knew that the law would catch up with him, but I doubt he thought it would be so soon.

  11. Oh, so Michael Dunn was trying to take care of Rouer while a child is dead?/ Muther…

  12. The defense is trying to plant the bullshit in the minds of jurors that young black teens are the bad guys. Dunn is the “good guy” with a gun. SOB!!!

  13. Sidebar after State objects to defense question.

  14. Here we go with this “good guy” with a gun bullshit! Michael Dunn is the fucking thug here. The teens weren’t doing anything to him.

  15. Dunn didn’t fear because he is a bully. Good guy with a gun my ass!

    • Dunn made rum and cokes. They ordered pizza and walked the dog.

      • Liza says:

        “They ordered pizza and walked the dog.” After Dunn sprayed an occupied vehicle with bullets.

        Okay, I’m going to say it. This woman is stupid beyond comprehension. She gets in the car with a man who has just sprayed an occupied vehicle with bullets. Who the f*ck are these people? Bonnie and Clyde?

        Then they go to St. Augustine, have drinks, order pizza, and walk Girlfriend’s puppy.

      • racerrodig says:

        Yep…Pizza and dog walks “The Sedative of Killers”

      • Ametia says:

        Lawdy, The sedative of killers.” They get a carbo fix and cling to a dog for some semblance of humaness.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        Dunn is a cold-blooded killer. I watched the police interview video for Dunn. My brother said that he was lying his ass off, and he could tell by the way he kept fidgeting.

  16. Rouer heard gunfire inside store. She looked outside and saw Michael Dunn’s door open. She left wine on counter and walked out side. Rouer walked toward gate front door. Dunn yelled at her to get in the car. She hesitated at first but he yelled urgently for her to get inside.

  17. So Dunn hates rap?

  18. Michael Dunn drank 3 to 4 rum & cokes at the wedding.

  19. Rouer had red wine at the wedding.

  20. Rouer went to breakfast the next morning. Had to care for puppy.

    • racerrodig says:

      Shit !! I hate to even be known as the puppy of the killer. I’m thinking Charlie wants to change his dog tags about now.

  21. Next witness up Rhonda Rouer. She is shaking and has tears. Rouer is Michael Dunn’s girlfriend.

  22. I had to reboot computer. Ugh!

  23. Dumpsters! Dumpsters! Those negroes had a gun and hid it in the Dumpsters.

    Wah Wah Wah.

  24. Detective: “I was looking for items not space!” / SMACK

  25. Defense still trying to push that magical weapon.

  26. Here we go with the nonsense again from the defense questioning the detective’s qualifications.

  27. Court is back in session..

  28. Jordan Davis case: Police say 9 bullet holes found in loud music SUV


    JACKSONVILLE, Florida (AP) — Nine bullet holes were found in an SUV in which a teen was killed after an argument with a man on trial for murder over loud music outside a Florida convenience store, a veteran crime scene investigator testified Saturday.

    One of the bullets fired into the rear door killed Jordan Davis, 17, in November 2012. Michael Dunn, 47, is on trial in Jacksonville, charged with first-degree murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

    The case echoes a trial that received wide attention over another notorious shooting around the same time in Florida. George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen, in Sanford in 2012. Zimmerman, a Hispanic, was acquitted of second-degree murder in July 2013.
    On Saturday, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Detective Andrew Kipple’s testimony about the location of the bullet holes also showed that the SUV’s driver and his front-seat passenger barely escaped being shot.

    Authorities say Davis was parked in the Durango SUV with three friends outside the store. Dunn and his fiancée had just left a wedding reception and were heading back home when they stopped at the store and pulled up next to the SUV.

    An argument began after Dunn told them to turn the music down, police said. One of Davis’ friends lowered the volume, but Davis then told him to turn it back up.

    According to authorities, Dunn became enraged and he and Davis began arguing. One person walking out of the convenience store said he heard Dunn say, “You are not going to talk to me like that.”

    Dunn, who had a concealed weapons permit, pulled a 9 mm handgun from the glove compartment, according to an affidavit, and fired multiple shots, striking Davis in the back and groin. No gun was found in the SUV.

  29. Court is in recess for 15 minutes.

  30. Just wondering. Can Dunn’s girlfriend be charged? They both heard on the news the next morning that Jordan Davis was killed and no one called police.

    • Liza says:

      I would think it’s a long shot, SG2. There is always that story about Dunn not wanting to turn himself in until he got home. So he called his “neighbor” with “ties to law enforcement.” Also, her testimony is valuable to the prosecution because she told the cops that Dunn never mentioned a gun. Sounds like she was honest with the cops. It also sounds like Dunn didn’t ask her to corroborate his self-defense story after he cooked it up with his buddy.

      • A woman here was hiding her boyfriend in the closet who was a suspect in a murder case & she went straight to jail.

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, it would be interesting to know what Dunn’s girlfriend did after he dropped her off. The cop who took the pictures arrived at Dunn’s place around 4:30 PM if I’m not mistaken, so she had the entire afternoon to think about this. I wonder if she talked to Dunn at all or if he was just pre-occupied with his other friend, getting the ducks in a row. Who knows?
        I also wonder about their relationship, if it was long term or recent, how close they really were. Either way, there is no evidence that she failed to report this intentionally because Dunn may have told her that he was going to turn himself in and then the cops came and did it for him.

      • Liza says:

        I don’t know, but I would imagine so. She’s been cooperative and honest so far.

  31. The lead detective said the teenagers were never suspects. Their interviews weren’t videotaped.

  32. The lead detective said they intentionally kept fact that Jordan Davis had died from his friends in order to interview them first. **so sad**

  33. Liza says:

    I found a news4jax article from November 23, 2012, after the shooting and before Dunn was in custody. This article doesn’t say anything about the cops having the license plate number of the shooter, but asks for tips from the public. They do have a description of the vehicle, but the cops might be withholding the information about the plate number.

    So, when Dunn hears the news in St. Augustine, he knows that he killed someone but doesn’t know the cops have his plate number. So, he thinks he’s safe enough driving two hours back to Satellite Beach to get rid of the girlfriend and get together with his “neighbor” with “ties to law enforcement” who can advise him. He’s not going to turn himself in until he’s certain they’re coming for him and he has his self-defense story laid out. But it doesn’t take long for the cops to come calling because, of course, they had the plate number.


  34. Next witness up Marc Musser. The lead homicide detective in the case.

  35. Court is back in session.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, folks, this is VERY, VERY important. Solid proof that the imaginary gun didn’t exist until Dunn spoke with his buddy in Satellite Beach. Like I said, it takes two hours to drive from St. Augustine to Satellite Beach. Girlfriend and Dunn were sitting next to each other for two hours plus they had been together the whole night. It never comes up that Dunn was threatened with a gun, a shotgun no less.

  36. Court is in recess until 1:05pm.

  37. I see Angela Corey in the courtroom.

  38. Well well ..so Michael Dunn was hiding out at his neighbor’s house?

  39. Next witness up Deputy Siniscal. He works for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

  40. Next witness up Detective William Whittlesey, crime scene technician.

  41. Here we go with the dumpsters & trash cans meme. There is no there there, mofo!

  42. Ametia says:

    I suspect of Angela Corey showing up at this trial.

  43. Just wrap it up. Michael Dunn is guilty as hell. Mean old arrogant bastard.

  44. I loathe this sob defense attorney. He’s trying to say the investigation was flawed. /SMACK

  45. Court is back in session

  46. Morning, everyone!

    • Ametia says:

      Good Morning, SG2. You’ve been holding it down here. Thank you.

      If the jury lets Dunn walk, like they did with Zimmerman, we are fucked. That.is.ALL.

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