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In loving memory of Gospel great, Mr. Andrae Crouch.


The Promise


Soon And Very Soon

And “SELMA” Must see movie…


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  1. rikyrah says:

    They called Prince and was like “Look. We want you at the #GoldenGlobes.” Him: “Nah.” Them: “You get to give a #SELMA award.” “I’m there.”

    • rikyrah says:

      Awesomely Luvvie @Luvvie · 53m 53 minutes ago
      Prince be looking like Lisa Bonet and then he speaks and James Earl Jones comes out. It’s so perplexing. #GoldenGlobes

    • Ametia says:

      Vlisco Wax Hollandais is a special wax product with one or two core colours ‘fitted’ into the Wax Hollandais design. The designs are always mirrored on the front and back of the fabric (cotton cloth). The range and combination of colours used is extremely varied and emphasizes the unique styles of Vlisco fabrics. Patterns and prints that inherit the African culture. One of the colours is often used to highlight a natural bubbling effect, which contributes to a unique and lively appearance. This is the true sign of a quality Wax Hollandais block print. The appealing pattern and unique colour

  2. rikyrah says:

    Jon Acuff ✔ @JonAcuff
    “I’m going to carry a diamond studded cane but not use it.” – Prince.
    “Why?” – Everyone at #GoldenGlobes
    “Because I’m Prince.” – Prince

  3. rikyrah says:

    Common Golden Globes Speech. Pays Tribute to Unarmed Black Teens, Murdered Cops at Golden Globes

  4. rikyrah says:

    Jacques Slade @kustoo
    Look at Oprah pumped for COMMON and @johnlegend winning a Golden Globe.
    8:00 PM – 11 Jan 2015

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “GLORY” !!!

  6. Ametia says:

    OMG Prince rockin a FRO on Golden Globes

  7. rikyrah says:

    Selma | full press conference (2015) David Oyelowo Oprah Winfrey

  8. rikyrah says:

    Published on Dec 15, 2014
    “Selma” recounts the story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Oprah Winfrey and David Oyelowo join “CBS This Morning” to discuss the highly anticipated film.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Why Oprah Decided to Take on “Selma”

  10. rikyrah says:

    A signal of distaste for dynasties bodes ill for Bush, Clinton

    By Dan Balz Chief correspondent January 10 at 8:10 PM

    AURORA, Colo. — It’s been a good few weeks for Jeb Bush, who has been setting the pace among prospective 2016 presidential candidates — at least in the view of some in the elite world of political donors, strategists and commentators. But even before the news that Mitt Romney is thinking about a third campaign, a dissenting view on Bush was registered here Thursday night.

    A dozen Denver-area residents spent two hours dissecting the state of the country and its politics. The 12 participants — Democrats, Republicans and independents — are weary of political dynasties. They were dismissive, sometimes harshly, in their assessments of Bush, the former Florida governor. They were also chilly toward former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    When the name of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was introduced into the conversation, however, many of those around the table, regardless of party affiliation, responded positively. To this group, who spoke in stark terms throughout the evening about the economic challenges of working Americans, Warren has struck a chord.

    The two-hour session, moderated by Democratic pollster Peter Hart for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, turned upside down much of the conversation about the coming presidential campaign, where Bush and Clinton occupy so much space.

    It is important to emphasize that this was simply one group of 12 people. They are not necessarily a representative cross section of the entire population, any more than a dozen donors or a dozen strategists would be. But as with all recruited focus groups, the collective impressions and individual observations provide a valuable counterpoint to the conversation that is taking place among political insiders.

  11. rikyrah says:

    they are so simple.
    and obvious


    Does every president need a separate library?
    By Jonathan Zimmerman January 9

    In 1971, two years after leaving the White House, Lyndon Johnson dedicated his sleek, windowless eight-story presidential library at the University of Texas. But in the pages of The Post, editorial cartoonist Herblock depicted Johnson as an Egyptian pharaoh opening “the Great Pyramid of Austin.”

    That’s a perfect metaphor for presidential libraries, which memorialize our leaders — and their often-monumental egos — in brick, concrete and stone. Like the ancients, presidents start planning these shrines before their rule comes to an end. So early this year, President Obama will decree whether his own library will be in Chicago, New York or Hawaii.

    The competition is fierce. It was reported recently that Obama’s library foundation was skeptical about a bid from the University of Chicago because the university does not own the locations where it proposed placing the building. So Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel swung into action, announcing Monday that the city would help the university acquire the land it needs.

    But why should each president get his own library? Multiple libraries are wasteful, costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year. And they’re undemocratic, because they allow our presidents — not the people who elected them — to define their legacies.

    • Ametia says:

      fuck you jonathan zimmerman. PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’s getting a library, so fuck you and your taxpayer millons every year BULLSHIT!

  12. rikyrah says:

    Johanna @AVGJOhanna
    The brotherhood and solidarity shown btw MLK, Abernathy, Young, Orange, Williams etc is indeed beautiful. @AVAETC #Selma #nerdland
    10:55 AM – 11 Jan 2015

  13. rikyrah says:

    Nicole Moore @thehotnessgrrrl
    Clearly having a woman direct a film like #Selma allows for new perspectives about women, love & truth 2 be told. Thk you @AVAETC! #nerdland
    Nicole Moore @thehotnessgrrrl
    I should add that having a BLACK woman like @AVAETC direct #SELMA is why we have such a nuanced portrayal of Blk joy & pain. #nerdland
    10:51 AM – 11 Jan 2015

  14. rikyrah says:

    Monday, January 5, 2015
    McConnell’s New Strategy: Paint President Obama as the Obstructionist
    Let’s start with a short walk down memory lane.

    Back in 2008, the Republican Party was in trouble. As a result of the Bush/Cheney administration, the country’s economy was in free-fall and we were entangled in two wars in the Middle East that seemed to be accomplishing nothing more than to kill thousands of people and empty out the coffers of the U.S. treasury.

    Beyond that, there was no real leader of the Party for folks to rally round. Sarah Palin might have been that figure for the truly delusional on the right. But even the McCain campaign that chose her as a running mate was done with her antics.

    Into that vacuum stepped Senator Mitch McConnell. He’ll never be the “face of the Republican Party.” But he is a master political strategist. And as Michael Grunwald told us, he and Rep. Eric Cantor developed a strategy the Republicans in Congress would use in response to a popular in-coming president as well as a Senate and House controlled by Democrats.
    …the Republican plot to obstruct President Obama before he even took office, including secret meetings led by House GOP whip Eric Cantor (in December 2008) and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (in early January 2009) in which they laid out their daring (though cynical and political) no-honeymoon strategy of all-out resistance to a popular President-elect during an economic emergency. “If he was for it,” former Ohio Senator George Voinovich explained, “we had to be against it.”
    Now, here we are six years later with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. The master strategist needs to come up with a new game. Since the party of no government doesn’t have to worry about actually passing any legislation, the plan is to try to make President Obama look like the obstructionist. Here’s how Sen. McConnell talked about that yesterday.
    “We’ll be voting on things I know he’s not going to like,” McConnell said during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    “And I hope we can put them on his desk,” he said.
    McConnell went on to say that, first up will be a vote on approving the Keystone Pipeline. Never mind that the Nebraska Supreme Court is about to rule on whether or not to let that project pass through their state. It’s all about setting President Obama up to use his veto pen. After that – McConnell suggests that they’ll pass legislation gutting Obamacare. They know exactly how the President will respond to that.

    Of course Sen. McConnell mouths all the right platitudes.
    McConnell stated he’s “not opposed” to working in a bipartisan fashion with the Obama administration. Americans want the “dysfunction” to stop, he said. “When the American people elect divided government, they’re not saying they don’t want anything done. What they are saying is they want things in the political center, things that both sides can agree on.”
    But if he really meant that he would do as President Obama has done – talk about starting with things where there is the possibility of finding common ground, like trade deals, tax reform and rebuilding our infrastructure. Instead, Sen. McConnell just put it right out there – they’ll be working to pass “thinks I know he’s not going to like,” counting on the President to veto them, and then claiming that he’s the obstructionist.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Bill de Blasio ✔ @BilldeBlasio
    7th through 9th graders can see Selma for free. A great opportunity to learn about our country’s history:
    10:50 AM – 11 Jan 2015

  16. rikyrah says:

    Sunday, January 11, 2015
    The Heart of the Matter
    When most people talk about globalization and income inequality, the talk about policies to alleviate the problem. That is an important part of the equation. But Pope Francis recently addressed the heart of the matter.
    I recognize that globalization has helped many people to rise from poverty, but it has condemned many others to hunger. It’s true that in absolute terms it grows world wealth, but it also increased the disparity and the new kinds of poverty.

    What I notice is that this system is maintained with the culture of waste, of which I have already spoken several times. There is a politics, sociology, and also an attitude of rejection.

    When at the center of the system there is not anymore man but money, when money becomes an idol, men and women are reduced and simply instruments of a social system and an economy characterized, indeed dominated by deep imbalances.
    That reminded me of something David Simon said a few years ago when he talked about why he created the HBO series The Wire.
    We are in the postindustrial age. We do not need as many of us as we once did. We don’t need us to generate capital, to secure wealth. We are in a transitive period where human beings have lost some of their value. Now, whether or not we can figure out a way to validate the humanity of the individual, I have great doubts…

    The Wire is certainly an angry show. It’s about the idea that we are worth less. And that is an unreasonable thing to contemplate for all of us. It is unacceptable. And none of us wants to be part of a world that is going to do that to human beings. If we don’t exert on behalf of human dignity at the expense of profit and capitalism and greed, which are inevitabilities, and if we can’t modulate them in some way that is a framework for an intelligent society, we are doomed. It is going to happen sooner than we think. I don’t know what form it will take. But I know that every year America is going to be a more brutish and cynical and divided place.

  17. rikyrah says:

    Melissa @ MSNBC ✔ @MHPshow
    “To those who say nothing’s changed, I say, ‘Come and walk in my shoes,'” said @repjohnlewis. “America is a different America b/c of Selma.”
    10:31 AM – 11 Jan 2015 Manhattan, NY, United States

  18. rikyrah says:

    Caught on Tape: What Mitch McConnell Complained About to a Roomful of Billionaires (Exclusive)
    At a secret meeting of elite donors convened by the Koch brothers, McConnell laid out his plan for shrinking the federal government and whined about having to vote on minimum wage bills.

    Lauren Windsor August 26, 2014

    Last week, in an interview with Politico, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) outlined his plan to shut down President Obama’s legislative agenda by placing riders on appropriations bills. Should Republicans take control of the Senate in the 2014 elections, McConnell intends to pass spending bills that “have a lot of restrictions on the activities of the bureaucracy.”

    What McConnell didn’t tell Politico was that two months ago, he made the same promise to a secret strategy conference of conservative millionaire and billionaire donors hosted by the Koch brothers. The Nation and The Undercurrent obtained an audio recording of McConnell’s remarks to the gathering, called “American Courage: Our Commitment to a Free Society.” In the question-and-answer period following his June 15 session titled “Free Speech: Defending First Amendment Rights,” McConnell says:

    “So in the House and Senate, we own the budget. So what does that mean? That means that we can pass the spending bill. And I assure you that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what’s called placing riders in the bill. No money can be spent to do this or to do that. We’re going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board [inaudible]. All across the federal government, we’re going to go after it.”

  19. rikyrah says:

    Back from seeing Selma.

    It was powerful, from beginning to end.

    There are moments where the tears choked up in my throat.

    The film grabs you from pretty much the first five minutes, with the horrific 16th Street Bombing.

    What was not to like?

    I don’t know.

    The casting was on spot.

    David Oyelowo- ceased to exist and became Martin Luther King. I couldn’t see Mr. Oyelowo from about the first quarter of the movie gone, I really tried to see him, but he was gone.

    Carmen Ejogo- captured the grace, elegance, pain and humanity of Coretta Scott King.

    The young man who played John Lewis – He LOOKED like a young John Lewis.

    The man who played Malcolm X – also a dead ringer.

    I absolutely loved that they showed the different layers to the movement. I loved how they showed the different purposes of the different groups. SNCC was on the ground, down with the locals…..where as Dr. King and his group had an entire agenda, but that they had to work together.

    I appreciated the reports from the FBI, and Dr. King and his fellow jailers talking about their jail cell being bugged – so GTFOH with this NSA whining, when THIS was going on in the 1960’s.

    I LOVED the scene where they sat around and strategized about exactly what they wanted. They had to break down to its basic building block of what this voter suppression was about. I knew about Literacy Tests and Poll Taxes, but the whole ‘ you need someone to VOUCH for you when you registered to vote’ – I was like WTF?

    The scene with Oprah’s character trying to register to vote, and had to recite the preamble to the Constitution, and then once she got over that hurdle, then there was another one, and another one. She was never going to pass. When I say that voter suppression is PERSONAL- nothing but personal. Which is why we know it when we see it, a mile away, no matter what kind of bullshyt you try and hide it as. WE KNOW someone who was told to tell how many bubbles in a bar of soap, so you can try and rationalize the modern day poll taxes all you want – we know it when we see it, and you can’t sell that bullshyt as anything other than what it is.

    There are also little things that hit you. Watching the group assemble on the Edmund Pettis Bridge, carrying their suitcases, knapsacks, etc. Of course they did,because they knew that they couldn’t just stop anywhere and get accomodations – not for food, let alone a place to sleep. Things we take for granted.

    The movie was powerful. The acting was top knotch. It grips you from beginning to end.


    • Ametia says:

      “I knew about Literacy Tests and Poll Taxes, but the whole ‘ you need someone to VOUCH for you when you registered to vote’ – I was like WTF?”

      No racist white person was going to vouch for any black people. That was the whole idea, since whites were the only one who could execise that right, before the federal gov. had to write it into law.

      These racist UGLY STAIN are NEVER going to be brushed away, so white critics can bellow all they want.

  20. Ametia says:

    Now this is what I’m talking about.

  21. When your humor is causing pain to someone it’s NOT funny. It’s sadistic. Know the difference.

  22. German newspaper that reprinted Muhammad cartoons firebombed

    A German newspaper that reprinted the Muhammad cartoons from the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo has been the target of an arson attack.

    Several stones and an incendiary device were thrown through the window of the archive of the regional tabloid daily, the Hamburger Morgenpost, early on Sunday morning. The paper had splashed three Charlie Hebdo cartoons on its front page after the Paris massacre, running the headline “This much freedom must be possible!”

    “Rocks and then a burning object were thrown through the window,” a police spokesman told AFP. “Two rooms on lower floors were damaged but the fire was put out quickly.”

    No one was hurt in the attack in the northern port city. Two people were detained and an investigation has begun, police said.

  23. Loving Andrae Crouch. My favorite is Jesus Is Lord. I can remember getting ready for church on Sunday mornings and my mother would be playing ‘Jesus Is Lord ‘. It sounded so good.

    RIP Andrae Crouch. Thank you for the music.

  24. rikyrah says:

    we already knew this, but some folks need it to be studied


    White Americans who don’t finish high school have better job prospects than black Americans who go to college

    The Great Recession might be over (in the US, at least) but it has left behind widened racial inequality in unemployment and wealth.

    The unemployment rate for white Americans over 25 who had not finished high school was 9.7% in 2013. The unemployment rate for black Americans who went to college but didn’t graduate, meanwhile, was 10.5%. That’s an increase from 2007, before the recession:

    This same trend can be seen among recent college graduates. Unemployment for black graduates between the ages of 22 and 27 was at 12.4% in 2013, compared to 5.6% for all college grads in that age range, according to a May report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (pdf). The number was even lower for white college graduates in the age range—4.9%, the study’s co-author told the New York Times.

    That’s a gap of 7.5 percentage points. Compare that to 2007, before the recession, when the gap still existed but was much smaller—1.4 percentage points. Black Americans with college degrees then had a 4.6% unemployment rate, while white Americans with undergraduate degrees were at 3.2%, the Times notes.


    Why are white Americans recovering from the recession so much better than black Americans?

    The CEPR study points out that the recession made it difficult for all young people to get jobs, and racial prejudices have always skewed the labor market against black applicants in the US—employers are less likely to call back applicants with names that sound African American.

    Additionally, black US graduates who do work are more likely to be overqualified than other Americans. Of the recent black college graduates (age 22-27) working in 2013, 55.9% did not require a four-year degree for their jobs, up from 45% in 2007. For all recent college grads, that number has hovered around 44% for the last decade, and was at 45% in 2013, according to the report.

  25. rikyrah says:

  26. rikyrah says:

    CCTVNEWS ✔ @cctvnews
    #BREAKING Indonesian authorities confirm the #blackbox of #AirAsia Flight #QZ8501 has been found.
    6:56 AM – 11 Jan 2015

  27. rikyrah says:

    from lamh

    Ok, mini rant, and it’s not directs to you guys who don’t really go to the movies. It’s more to people who do.

    it’s a damn shame if more people don’t go see Selma. It’s a story that’s told beautifully and artfully and with great depth. I get that certain audiences see it as a Black film, but it’s an American film. If folk can get up and pay money to see the latest Kevin Hart comedy, or Madea’s latest reunion then dang why not Selma.

    Anyway, I’ve see Taken, and let me tell you, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! I was sorry I spent my money the first 15min of the film. I only went because of my nephew. Ask my cousin Dede JohnDoe Miner, I’d have done better giving my money to Selma 2x over rather than Taken3!

    Basically from what I am reading the entertainment press are taking the weak box office as a sort of “victory” for the Selma backlashers. AnD while weak vox office shouldn’t mean anything, when it comes to Black films and award season, sadly money talks and big box office can give a film positive buzz.

    Oh and I know word of mouth helps grow a film and give it legs, but it’s the first weekend box office is what gives a movie and it’s crew and cast and producers and film studios that green buzz they use to determine the worth of some films. Don’t think that if Best Man Holiday or Ride Along hadn’t gotten big box office that they would have ever made sequels.

    Anyway, mini-rant over.

    ‘Selma’ Soft as Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken 3′ Wins Friday Box Office …

  28. rikyrah says:

    Thank you for the tribute to Mr. Crouch

  29. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  30. yahtzeebutterfly says:


    I hope to see “SELMA” this week and look forward to watching Lorraine Touissaint in her role as Amelia Boynton Johnson whom many have described as the “matriarch of the movement.”
    Actress Lorraine Toussaint met with Amelia Boynton Robinson this past summer to research her role in “Selma.”
    Photo: courtesy of Carver Ann Boynton

  31. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone. :-)

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