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  1. Sometimes you have to make a choice and put negativity out of your life especially when you’re trying to bring folks together.

  2. Ametia says:


    This woman needs to be FIRED. This is not church. She has the right to her religious freedom, and folks have the right to come into a place of business and be served under the laws of this country, not be preached to and judged.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Video: Obama at Exit Glacier: ‘Make sure our grandkids can see this’ http://www.ktuu.com/news/news/

  4. rikyrah says:

    snopes.comVerified account‏@snopes

    Mt. McKinley’s former and new name, “Denali,” does not mean “black power” in “Kenyan”: http://bit.ly/1JvJADN

  5. rikyrah says:

    McClatchyDC ‏@McClatchyDC 2h2 hours agoWashington, DC
    Planned Parenthood defunding a no-go this year, @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell says. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/new… …

  6. I remember when this happened. A black truck driver was passing through and died from a beating in a jail cell.

    Hemphill TX has a history of racial violence against black people.

    Loyal Garner Jr., a 34-year-old truck driver was beaten to death in a Hemphill jail…for requesting a phone call.


  7. Ametia says:

    Obama now just one vote shy of securing Iran deal

    President Obama is within one vote of securing the biggest diplomatic victory of his presidency, now that Sens. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) have committed themselves to support the deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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    Coons’s decision came in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, in which he said that the country is “better off trying diplomacy first,” while Casey said the Iran agreement is “the best option available to us at this time,” in a sprawling memo first shared with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    From the Post’s Paul Kane:

    Coons’s decision… delivered a powerful blow to opponents of the plan because the Delaware Democrat had previously voiced some of the deepest skepticism about the controversial deal…

    Coons reached his decision after many weeks of deliberation that included long talks with top administration officials — including his political mentor, Vice President Biden — and an exchange of letters with President Obama that codified the assurances he received about the pact’s implementation.


  8. Ametia says:

    Wow, we are to believe that all of a sudden citizens are running around gunning down cops now?

    I smell tons of fish, and it’s just Tuesday.

  9. rikyrah says:

    50 Years of Days of Our Lives


    50 Years in Salem! Watch a Supercut for the Days of Our Lives Anniversary

    BY MICHELE CORRISTON @mcorriston 08/27/2015 AT 02:50 PM EDT

    In 50 years, the Horton and Brady families have seen countless steamy kisses, dramatic breakups and near-death experiences.

    NBC is paying homage to Days of Our Lives’ fifth decade on the air this fall, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the soap opera’s big anniversary.

    Days premiered Nov. 8, 1965, and is one of the longest-running TV shows in history. The series counts Alison Sweeney, Eileen Davidson and John Aniston (Jennifer’s father!) among its famous alumni, and actors like Suzanne Rogers have called its set home for most of their careers.


  10. rikyrah says:

    I’d begin with garnishing the wages effective immediately. How many principles you have when there’s a $0 DEPOSIT next check time.


    A county clerk in Kentucky who has invoked “God’s authority” and is defying the U.S. Supreme Court by refusing to license same-sex marriage has been summoned along with her entire staff to explain to a federal judge why she should not face stiff fines or jail time.

    U.S. District Judge David Bunning moved swiftly Tuesday after a lesbian couple asked him to find Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt. Davis told several couples and a crowd of supporters and protesters that her religious beliefs prevent her from sanctioning gay marriage, and then retreated again, closing her office door and blinds to the raucous scene outside.

    The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene Monday night, leaving Davis no legal ground for her continued refusal Tuesday morning. Lawyers for the two gay couples who originally sued her asked the judge Tuesday to find her in contempt, but punish her with only financial penalties, not jail time.

    “Since Defendant Davis continues to collect compensation from the Commonwealth for duties she fails to perform,” they asked Bunning to “impose financial penalties sufficiently serious and increasingly onerous” to compel her immediate compliance without delay.


  11. rikyrah says:

    I already love The Flash.


    Tony Todd Will Bring His Sonorous Voice to ‘The Flash’ Season 2 as Arch-Foe Zoom

    By Tambay A. Obenson | Shadow and Act

    August 31, 2015 at 5:00PM

    Tony Todd (likely forever to be otherwise known as Candyman) has been cast as the voice of the villain Zoom in Season 2 of CW’s hit series “The Flash,” based on the DC Comics superhero.

    “Last year, with the Reverse-Flash, we just modulated Tom Cavanagh’s voice, and this year we wanted to do something a little bit different,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Variety. “Part of the mystery of the season is who or what is underneath the Zoom outfit, and so we wanted to do something like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader – this iconic voice coming out of this mask. Last year, we thought of the Reverse-Flash as a speed warrior; this year, Zoom is like a speed demon, and no one does demon-voice better than Tony Todd!”


  12. rikyrah says:



    Laura Ingraham’s Website: ‘McKinley Assassinated Again’ By Obama Decision

    BySara Jerde
    PublishedSeptember 1, 2015, 12:21 PM EDT

    A post published on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s website, Lifezette, this week said that President William McKinley was “assassinated again” when President Obama decided to rename North America’s tallest peak.

    Obama announced Sunday that he would change the name of Mt. McKinley to the Alaska Native name, Denali. A slew of Ohio Republicans, including Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich as well as House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) have expressed their disappointment in Obama’s decision.


  13. rikyrah says:

    Someone Burned The N-Word Into A Black Florida Man’s Front Lawn

    by Allegra Kirkland
    PublishedSeptember 1, 2015, 11:37 AM EDT

    A black resident of Palm Bay, Florida told television station WESH that he discovered the N-word burned into his front lawn with chemicals on Monday morning.

    Courtney Gordon said he reported the vandalism, which was comprised of large three-foot letters, to the police.

    “I feel like this is a threat to me and my family, so I’m not too happy about it,” Gordon told the TV station. “You can see them slowing down when they go by my house, so everybody’s just driving by and reading it.”

    Gordon said police were investigating the incident but they told him that it will be a difficult crime to solve unless someone confesses.

    Gordon said he told officers he believes he knows who is responsible.

    “I have a feeling of who done it. It’s like a group of them, and I leave them to God,” Gordon said. “I’m a big guy, so they’re not gonna come to me and say that. They did it like the way they did it, behind my back and at night.”


  14. rikyrah says:

    Bless these parents.


    Chicago Hunger Strike To Save Dyett High School Reaches Ninth Day, Goes Nationwide
    By Julia Glum @superjulia j.glum@ibtimes.com on August 25 2015 3:41 PM EDT

    The parent hunger strike at Walter H. Dyett High School in Chicago grew nationwide and stretched into its second week Tuesday. Across the country, hundreds of people reportedly consumed nothing but liquids in solidarity with the 11 parents and community members striking in Illinois. The activists were demanding the Chicago Board of Education approve their proposal to turn Dyett into a leadership and green technology academy, Chicago’s WBBM-TV reported. They also criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel, accusing him of ignoring them and mistreating the city’s black residents.

    “The true reason is the color of our skin. We are not valued in the city of Chicago. Low-income and working families are not valued here,” former Dyett mother Jeanette Taylor-Ramann told the Huffington Post.

    Chicago Public Schools announced in 2012 that it would phase out Dyett due to low performance and declining enrollment. After news of the closing plans broke, the community reacted negatively, even filing a civil rights complaint alleging the planned shutdown was racially motivated.

    In response, the board decided to accept proposals with the intent of reopening Dyett as a public or contract school for the 2016-17 school year. The Coalition to Revitalize Dyett put forth the idea of focusing the school’s curriculum on the environment, economy, green technology and community, while the Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy advocated for an arts and culture institute. [Dyett is named for a longtime music educator who died in 1969.]

    The third and final proposal would turn Dyett into the Washington Park Athletic Career Academy, centered around letting students explore sports-related jobs, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    Dyett closed in June after its final class of 13 students graduated, and the meeting to choose a plan was set for mid-September. The group of strikers stopped eating Aug. 17, arguing that the Dyett situation exemplified Emanuel’s indifference toward Chicago’s black population.

    “We have to starve ourselves to have our voices heard,” protester Jitu Brown told DNAinfo. “We’ll be here until we get this school.”


  15. Ametia says:

    Remind you of anyone?

    • Kathleen says:

      Today’s Rethuglicans and the Tea Party. 1968 was the beginning of the evil we see in the modern Rethuglican party today. The Southern Strategy. I could see this horror show coming and I was only 18 at the time.

  16. Ametia says:

    We will not be FOOLED, MSM. BLACK LIVESMATTER is making an impact, otherwise you wouldn’t be airing all the HATERS who are trying to SILENCE US.

  17. Ametia says:

    “Why Black Lives Matter is Crucial, All Lives Matter is Unnecessary, and White Lives Matter is just Racist
    Justin DaMetz

    Black people make up about 12% of the American population. They make up almost 40% of the prison population. Black men are incarcerated at over 6 times the rate of white men. Studies show that black men receive considerably longer sentences for petty crimes than white men do, as much as 10% longer, even when factoring in past records. This despite the fact that black people do not commit crimes at higher rates than whites. In fact, the number one reason for incarceration among black men, drug use, is actually more of a statistical problem among white men. This is injustice. This is institutionalized racism. We are responsible for this.

    Racism is not the acknowledgment of race. Racism is not being aware of race. Racism is the active or passive discrimination against a group of people based on their ethnicity or skin color, especially by a majority identifier against a minority. It is not racist to say Black Lives Matter. It is racist to say White Lives Matter. You have to be aware of culture, of society, of history. We don’t live in a vacuum. We don’t live free from the past, from those around us, from cultural trends. That is why WLM is such a big, racist problem.


  18. rikyrah says:

    Scott Walker Campaign Says He’s Not Advocating For A Border Wall With Canada
    He just said it was “a legitimate issue” to consider.

    After critics mocked Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for saying a wall between the U.S. and Canada was a “legitimate” idea, his campaign said Monday that he is not pushing for such a policy.

    “Despite the attempts of some to put words in his mouth, Gov. Walker wasn’t advocating for a wall along our northern border,” Walker spokeswoman AshLee Strong said in a statement.

    The controversy followed the typical politician walk-back formula: a quick uproar over his comments to a reporter — in this case, made Sunday during NBC’s “Meet the Press” — followed by parsing of his words and, eventually, a clarification.

    Depending on how you parse those comments — and much of politics depends on this — the Walker campaign is right: He wasn’t advocating for a border wall between the U.S. and Canada. He didn’t bring up the idea at all. “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd pressed Walker on northern border security, asking why it’s discussed so little when candidates like Walker speak so frequently talk about the risk of terrorists crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

    “Do you want to build a wall north of the border, too?” Todd asked.

    “Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire,” Walker replied. “They raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

    In other words, Walker wasn’t out there demanding a wall be built between the U.S. and Canada — he just said the equivalent of “maybe” when asked about it.


  19. rikyrah says:

    Jeb, Trump start to unlace their gloves
    09/01/15 11:00 AM
    By Steve Benen
    Jeb Bush’s campaign operation had a pretty straightforward plan when dealing with the summer’s campaign drama: stay above it. Donald Trump may lead the polls and dominate the conversation, but the former governor and his team have consistently said they intend to stick to their own script.

    It was just two weeks ago that the chief strategist for Bush’s super PAC said, “Trump is, frankly, other people’s problem.”

    About a day later, Team Jeb threw out its gameplan and paid for a plane to fly above a Trump event in Alabama, telling onlookers the GOP frontrunner supports ‘higher taxes.’” Bush’s campaign manager soon after turned his attention to Trump’s sister.

    This week, the showdown appears to be intensifying. Trump hit Jeb yesterday morning with an online video, attacking the Florida Republican on immigration. Bush hit back soon after with a memo, blasting Trump as being insufficiently conservative on crime and immigration.

    Last night, Team Jeb took another swing.
    On the same day that Donald Trump released a video blasting Jeb Bush on immigration, the former Florida governor published a web video highlighting Trump’s past statements supporting liberal policy ideas.

    The video titled “The Real Donald Trump” strings together clips of Trump saying he is pro-choice, noting that single-payer health care has worked in other countries, and praising Hillary Clinton.
    The video is available on YouTube here.

    Brad Dayspring, a member of Scott Walker’s campaign team, is mocking team Jeb, reminding Bush aides of the “other people’s problem” quote from two weeks ago.

    Bush aide Elliott Schwartz, in a not-so-subtle shot at the Walker campaign, said Jeb’s operation has decided to do the work of challenging Trump directly “as the rest of the Unintimidated field cowers.”


  20. Ametia says:

    Miley Cyrus, That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
    Stereo Williams

    With the Black Lives Matter movement sparking a national conversation on racism, there’s no patience for privileged white pop stars who caricature and ornamentalize black culture.

    The MTV Video Music Awards has always courted controversy—whether spontaneous or staged. Years ago, the night would be dominated by cheap shocks, like a Madonna-Britney-Christina lip-lock, and an atmosphere of forced “anarchy.” The stakes seem decidedly higher these days. In 2015, it feels like too much is happening in American culture, and art—even art as empty as the VMAs—is reflective of the tenuous times in which we live. So maybe that’s why Nicki Minaj going straight Queens on Miley Cyrus on national television felt like exactly the sort of cool, odd, WTF moment the most vacuous of youth-oriented awards shows needed.

    After winning the award for Best Hip-Hop Video and graciously thanking her “beautiful fans” and her pastor, Nicki unloaded. “Back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press—Miley, what’s good?!”


    • Ametia says:

      It’s easy to overpraise Yauch—who is Jewish—for speaking out against bigotry during an awards show acceptance speech and it’s dishonest to pretend that each and every award recipient at the VMAs of yesteryear was concerned with the larger ills of the world, but it’s obvious that right now, there is an entire generation of white pop stars and fans who are unwilling or unable to connect with what’s happening with young black people. They speak the same slang.

      They know the same songs. But they have disconnected that art from the people who created it and they resent any acknowledgement of their appropriation. You don’t have to obscure another culture or reduce it to an ornament. There is genuine cross-cultural appreciation and participation all over the world. But what’s happening in mainstream pop culture right now is not in any way benevolent, and fans should hold their favorite stars accountable. And artists should start coming up with better answers to the tough questions regarding their behavior.

      So, really, Miley, Justin, Katy, Taylor, and Iggy—what’s good?

      • TyrenM says:

        Good morning Ametia and 3Chics,
        I’m not on WordPress but LIKE X1000! Taylor sings all the songs on awards night but couldn’t see Nicki’s point. Also, though I stay for your voices, I came this morning for Aaliyah. I thought she had a week coming here? Y’all faked me out lol.
        Have a good day all.

  21. rikyrah says:

    7 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar

    News flash: We’re all dipped in honey and rolled in sprinkles. The average person shovels in 300 calories from added sugar every day, according to a recent report from the University of North Carolina. Roughly 20% of Americans exceed 700 calories of added sugar on a daily basis. That’s an entire cup of sugar. Whoa. (See how easy that is to do with these 10 surprising foods that list sugar as the first ingredient.)

    “Not only are we getting added sugar from obvious places like cakes, candy, and soda, but it’s also coming from healthier-sounding packaged products like salad dressing, pasta sauce, and yogurt,” says Elyse Powell, one of the report’s coauthors and a doctoral researcher at UNC. (To be clear, by “added sugar” we’re talking about the super-processed sweet stuff you’d add to a batch of cookies, not the natural sugars found in whole fruit, veggies, and plain milk.)

    The big takeaway from that UNC report: Most of us could stand to cut back on sugar. The American Heart Association suggests women stick to 6 teaspoons or less of added sugar daily. That’s roughly 25 grams, or 100-calories worth, if you’re checking food labels.

    Exactly what you’ll experience when you ditch the sweet stuff will depend on the size of your sugar habit; people on the high end of the sugar-consumption spectrum show “addict”-like withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, restlessness, and even depression, research has shown.


  22. rikyrah says:

    Black Employees at a Trump Casino Were Reportedly Removed Whenever the Donald Arrived

    —Inae Oh on Mon. August 31, 2015 11:03 AM PDT

    It was only recently that Republican presidential candidate and front-runner Donald Trump said he’d be willing to physically fight Black Lives Matter activists if they interrupted him on stage. Now, a new report from the New Yorker relays an alarming account of how black employees at one of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City properties were routinely kept from view when the real estate magnate came to town. From writer Nick Paumgarten:

    I met a bus driver named Kip Brown, who worked the Port Authority
    route, up and back each morning, for Academy Bus Lines. He had been at Academy for fifteen years and was No. 3 in seniority, out of seventy drivers in the region. As ridership has fallen, Academy has been cutting back on its schedule. The number of visitors arriving by bus is an eighth of what it was a quarter century ago. In the spring, Brown, just forty-seven, retired.

    Now he was looking for work as a livery driver. Brown also used to
    work in the casinos, at the Showboat, bussing tables, and at Trump’s
    Castle, stripping and waxing floors. “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” he said. “It was the eighties, I was a teen-ager, but I remember it: they
    put us all in the back.”


  23. rikyrah says:

    Idris Elba is ‘too street’ to play 007, says James Bond author
    Tuesday 01 September 2015

    Author Anthony Horowitz has waded in on the casting of James Bond
    after Daniel Craig exits the franchise, saying he does not think
    bookies’ favourite Idris Elba is right for the part, though he insists
    “it’s not a colour issue”.

    “For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It’s not a
    colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too “street” for Bond. Is it a
    question of being suave? Yeah,” he told The Daily Mail.


    • Ametia says:

      IDRIS IS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      What if someone told Anthony Horowitz he was way too JEWISH to write about James Bond, hmmm?

  24. Y’all know I’m messing with Ametia & Rikyrah with the dancing gif. LOL! I’m just playing with my sis. But Buddy Guy and Tracy Chapman straight JAMMIN on the guitar. Feel good music!

  25. rikyrah says:

    Is Ted Cruz prepared to give his father the spotlight?
    08/31/15 04:30 PM—UPDATED 08/31/15 05:03 PM
    By Steve Benen
    It’s nearly always unfair to judge political candidates by the actions of their relatives. When politicians enter the fray, they necessarily invite scrutiny, but it’s best to consider members of their family – private citizens, uninvolved in the process – off-limits.

    But the rules change when a candidate welcomes immediate family members into the arena. Take Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), for example, whose father, right-wing activist Rafael Cruz, spoke at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies over the weekend.
    In a 45-minute talk, the 76-year-old criticized his son’s leading rivals for inconsistencies on immigration, abortion and education. He decried the Supreme Court for “calling homosexuality a civil right,” accused the Republican Party of “relegating God to the basement” for the sake of “inclusion,” and defended Ted against questions from conservative birthers.

    “The battle is not November of 2016. The battle is the primary,” Cruz said during a prayer breakfast, conveying apologies from his son that he was not able to make it. “Stop listening to their rhetoric and start looking at their record. Jesus put it this way: You shall know them by their fruit. It’s about time we do some fruit checking.”
    The Republican presidential candidate’s father appears to have gone on quite a tear, blasting his son’s rivals on “amnesty,” Common Core, and being insufficiently opposed to reproductive rights.

    According to the Washington Post’s report, Rafael Cruz also lashed out at the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. “I think the Devil overplayed his hand this time,” he said. “They’re calling homosexuality a civil right. The next obvious step is that they’re going to come to your church and demand to be hired!”


  26. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  27. CareyCarey says:

    Stop it SouthernGirl!!! When I saw that gif and thought of the words “Ain’t no sunshine when “she’s” gone”, I instantly thought of the song “Use Me” by Bill Withers. You know the words… short version… “My friends keep tell me [….] but if they only knew they’d wish that they were in my shoes… so just keep on using me… UNTIL YOU USE ME UP!!!

    And see, y’all gonna force me to pull out “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo. Now If that don’t put you in the mood (even on a Tuesday with no drinks on the table), I’d have to break out my choice as one of the top 10 love songs…. “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo.

    Now y’all have a nice day and keep smilin’.

  28. Good morning, Chicas!

    I think I should leave the young thing alone, cause ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone

    Ain’t no sunshine…

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