Thursday Open Thread: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

To everyone and their families from all of us at 3CHICS:



Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner --- Image by © Larry Williams/CORBIS

Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner — Image by © Larry Williams/CORBIS

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  2. Look who came and had Thanksgiving with me. She’s so adorable. Layla!

    Bookie 25

  3. rikyrah says:

    Just finished my first plate. No meat: only sides….delicious.

  4. vitaminlover says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, ladies! Off to pig out with no guilt, shame or remorse!

  5. Ametia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  6. rikyrah says:

    The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Undoing of the GOP
    By Frank Rich Follow @frankrichny

    Most weeks, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich speaks with contributor Alex Carp about the biggest stories in politics and culture. This week: the GOP debate over Syrian refugees, Trump’s latest surge, and the comparatively low-key Democratic presidential race.

    Republican presidential candidates and governors have called for turning away Syrian refugees, Ben Carson has likened them to “rabid dogs,” and Donald Trump is peddling an urban legend about Muslims cheering the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New Jersey. How can a major American political party do this without incurring some political cost?
    It can’t. The GOP — not just Trump and Carson — offers something to offend almost every minority group in the country: black, gay, Latino, and Muslim people. And one majority group: women. Even its so-called moderate Establishment candidates are culpable: Jeb Bush called for admitting only Christian refugees from Syria; John Kasich has proposed a government agency to promote “core Judeo-Christian Western values,” a plan that strikes me as not just anti-Muslim but anti-Semitic despite the lip service paid to “Judeos”; Marco Rubio opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest. None of this will hurt Republican candidates in safe, gerrymandered House districts or in deep-red states. But it will cripple them in presidential elections, and contested races for the Senate and governorships in purple or even purplish states, let alone blue ones.

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    Is the GOP Cracking Up?
    But it must be said that the call for banning Syrian immigrants, besides being a xenophobic replay of America’s brutal record of turning away European Jews and incarcerating Japanese-Americans during World War II, is most of all a stab at political bait-and-switch: The Republican candidates think that if they rail enough against the lethal potential of 10,000 destitute Syrian refugees subjected to a two-year American vetting process, maybe no one will notice that they have no coherent ideas for combatting actual ISIS terrorists as opposed to imaginary ones.

    No one else in the West has a fail-safe idea, either, but the Republican presidential candidates are particularly clueless. They repeatedly state that Obama’s efforts are insufficient but then, as the president has noted, just repeat his current policy, only louder. Some seem to think the problem will be solved, as Rubio has it, if a president will only say, “We are at war with radical Islam.” Ben Carson has called for “moderate forces” in Iraq and Syria to establish “sanctuary zones” — blissfully unaware that these “moderate forces” he hopes to recruit will be drawn from the same populace he is calling “rabid dogs.” Lindsey Graham has called for 10,000 American troops to help do the job — a proposal that is a nonstarter with the American public largely because of the war in Iraq that he helped champion and prolong. The others offer only bluster and gobbledygook that are merely more polite variations on Trump’s vow to “bomb the shit out of them.” The pugilistic Chris Christie seems to think we can defeat ISIS in part by keeping 5-year-old orphans out of Jersey.

    Last week, Karl Rove welcomed terrorism as a winning issue for Republicans and cited a September poll from Gallup showing that 52 percent of the public believes that Republicans will do a better job of protecting America, while only 36 percent says the same of Democrats. But that poll was taken before the Paris attacks. The latest Washington Post–ABC News poll, conducted since Paris, found that despite a drop in Obama’s numbers, Hillary Clinton was more trusted to “handle the threat of terrorism” in one-on-one matchups with every major GOP presidential candidate. That 3 a.m. phone-call ad that failed in 2008 may easily mow down the gaseous GOP armchair generals of 2016.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :)

  8. I have my Sweet Potato Pies. My friend brought them over for me. She went to another store. The one I went to was out. Yay!

    Sweet Potato Pie

  9. Kathleen says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Lovely Chics, Friends and Family! I’m happy rikyrah’s sister is home. I hope Ametia is warm and well (I’m assuming Minnesota is back to its usual fall chill).

    And, SG2, I’m available to accept downloaded leftovers. I have virtual Tupperware, you know. That feast looks fantastic.

  10. I love Snoopy & Charlie Brown

    Little birdie, why do you fly upside-down?
    It’s amazing at the way you get around.
    Little birdie, why you worry like you do?
    Don’t you worry, you just do what you can do.

    Little birdie, things just fascinate you so.
    And your friend there likes to show you what he knows.
    Little birdie, he don’t mind the way he should.
    He needs watching, that’s when you know that he’ll be good.

    Little birdie, can’t your friend do nothin’ right?
    It seems now all he wants to do is fight.
    Little birdie, look at what he’s trying to do.
    It’s so easy, yet he don’t know what to do.

  11. turkey
    honey-baked ham
    potato salad
    broccoli & cheese casserole
    pasta salad
    mustard greens
    candied yam
    mac & cheese
    green beans
    pecan pie
    marble cream cake
    brownie cake
    banana pudding
    fruit salad
    dr pepper

    What’s on your menu?

  12. Liza says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy family and friends and good food.

  13. Getting ready to put the other Turkey in the oven.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  15. MOTHER TYLER says:


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