Saturday Open Thread | Could Bernie Sanders Pick Up More Delegates in New York?

Bernie New YorkTwo lawsuits are brewing in New York state, seeking to stop the New York primary election results from being certified. The suits, one filed by attorney Mark Moody and one filed by attorneys for Election Justice USA, are approaching the same problem from two different angles. (Read more about Mark Moody here.) If either lawsuit is approved, what could this mean for the delegate count in New York? Could Bernie Sanders pick up any additional delegates from the primary? His motion argues on grounds that a closed primary is unconstitutional according to New York state law.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Mark Moody’s Motion To Have the New York Primary Declared Unconstitutional Will Get a Ruling on Monday

2. Election Justice USA Wants All Provisional Votes Counted in the Primary

3. Hundreds of Thousands of New York Voters Couldn’t Cast a Ballot in the Primary

4. The Election Results Will Likely Be Certified in Early May

5. Delegate Counts Could Change, Allowing Sanders to Pick Up More, Depending on the Results of These Lawsuits

To read more about the case, you will want to view the following files.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Baltimore’s Next Mayor Doesn’t Want to Talk About Racism

    Too bad almost every issue in Baltimore, from segregation to transportation, is a race issue.

    By Rachel M. Cohen

    Following Tuesday night’s primary, Catherine Pugh is now the presumptive next mayor of Baltimore, having captured 37 percent of Democrats’ votes. Hers is a city that remains deeply impoverished and racially segregated, and in the wake of the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray it has become central to the growing national focus on police violence. Yet race is the one topic Pugh has shown herself strangely hesitant to talk about.

    Last month, Pugh’s campaign released an ad featuring a supporter—Francis X. Kelly, a former Maryland state senator—discussing why Pugh would be the best candidate to lead the city. Kelly enthused about Pugh’s ability to bring people together. “There’s too much talk of racism going on now,” he told voters. “The word racism has got to be erased from our vocabulary.”

    Pugh’s campaign was criticized for the ad—including by upstart mayoral candidate and Black Lives Matter figure DeRay Mckesson, who asked Pugh on Twitter if this meant she was afraid to talk about racism. Whether or not she fears it, over the course of her campaign, Pugh, who is black, demonstrated clearly that she has little desire to directly confront the racism afflicting the city. While other candidates spoke about the need to reduce racial bias among Baltimore’s police force, Pugh’s policy platform was filled with platitudes like “recognize the uniqueness of each community and provide strategies for reducing crime that offers results.”

    Aside from being a Maryland state senator, Pugh leads a public relations consulting firm and has said one of her top mayoral priorities is to improve Baltimore’s image. She’s advocated for a marketing campaign to “Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate the greatness that is Baltimore.” She wants to “help us understand” that every neighborhood and person matters. She wants us to champion the city’s “diversity.”

    There’s a lot that’s wonderful about Baltimore, but the fact is that almost every major issue facing the city today is a racial one. Not even a PR professional like Pugh can expect to avoid that. When she likely becomes mayor of this heavily Democratic city—where being born black correlates with significantly worse life outcomes—she’ll have to contend with the growing anger and frustration that’s been percolating across the city.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Because, this is Mississippi – Goddamn!


    Mississippi advocates fear abuse ‘epidemic’ after senate kills divorce bill
    A bill that would have made domestic abuse grounds for divorce died in the state senate last week, a decision that will affect thousands of spouses

    In Mississippi an abused spouse must remain in a violent marriage, according to the state legislature.

    A bill that would have made domestic abuse grounds for divorce died in the state senate last week. And the decision shocked victims’ rights advocates around the state.

    “We have an epidemic here,” said Lorine Cady, founder of the House of Grace, a center for victims in Southaven. “I think domestic abuse should be at the very top of the list of reasons for divorce.”

    It’s a decision that will affect thousands of spouses across the state, both men and women. One in three women, and one in four men, have been abused by partners in the state, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Those figures are for physical abuse alone, and do not include mental and emotional abuse.

  3. rikyrah says:

    I Hope “Becky” Becomes a Slur
    Written by Phoenix Calida & originally published by Social Dissonance

    White women are saying “Becky is a slur.”

    Y’all wrong. It’s not a slur, but trust–I’m in your corner on this one, white women.

    I hope and pray Becky does become a slur.

    I hope it becomes so offensive we have to write it like B*cky.
    And we can’t say it on TV, or in public, but we still whisper it when you walk past, hoping you hear it.

    Fox News will host a debate about whether or not Becky is the worst slur ever, but no Beckys will be present during the segment.

    You’ll wonder how you failed as a parent when your child gets caught calling another student *gasp* a Becky.

    You’ll wear hats and wigs to cover your shameful Becky hair.

    You’ll dye your hair black till you die so you’re never called a blonde Becky again.

    You’ll spend hundreds of dollars on hair products to try and rid yourself of that Becky hair.
    You’ll spend thousands on plastic surgery to get rid of that Becky face.
    Folks will be smug and say you’re cute–for a Becky.

    In 30 years feminist discourse will discuss their merits of reclaiming the word Becky.
    But When you try to have a Becky only safe space, it will be interrupted constantly by non-Becky feminists who call you divisive for bringing your Becky bull**** to the table.
    You’ll be called names because you’re ignoring Brad.
    Entire movements will spring up in opposition to you.
    But neither Brad nor non Becky feminists will truly have time to deal with your unique situation. You will, of course, still be required to consistently divide *your* time between non Beckys and brads tho! ‪#‎solidarity‬

    You’ll argue with your daughters when they listen to edgy pop music and call themselves Beckys.

    You’ll walk down the street and men will scream Becky at you from car windows.

    People will touch your hair without permission because they’ve never felt genuine Becky hair before.

    People search you out on dating websites because they want a genuine mayo Becky sexual experience, and you should be flattered they considered you for their Becky experience.

    People will ghost you after sex, because nobody wants to bring a Becky home to meet mom.

  4. Ametia says:


  5. So sad, y’all. The house filled with water and they left only to be swept away. It was bad at our house too. A big tree was blown down in my back yard and knocked out the transformer, siding ripped away on one side of the house. We were without power for hours.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Some pics of Peanut from today:

    Peanut First Communion-1

  7. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone! Heading up north for the day. Check in when I return this evening.

    Have a Blessed DAY!!!!

  8. Chicas, Liza, Eliihass

    Please read this and give us your thoughts. It’s a long read. The guy put in an incredible amount of work. It’s going to take awhile. It’s some scary ass ISH about Saudi Arabia.

    Do I Really Need to Worry About Hillary’s Emails? Yes. She Will Be Indicted.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😊, Everyone 😎.
    Today is a big day:
    It’s Peanut’s First Communion.
    So, we will be going to the event, then lunch, then a First Communion party.
    She is asleep with rollers in hair; I have NO idea how this hairstyle will turn out.
    I’ll report back later on tonight.😄

  10. Liza, Eliihass take a look at this. What are your thoughts?

  11. Ron Cordry says:

    You all, ROCK!!! Thanks for this info.

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