Sunday Open Thread

Happy Sunday, Everyone. Have a Blessed day.

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  1. eliihass says:

    It does pay to be white …no matter how immoral, character-deficient, trashy, corrupt, blatantly dishonest, ridiculous…just be white and you’re alright…and there’ll be lots of folks – including the previously camera-shy and mute….and folks you didn’t even know existed…willingly and enthusiastically falling all over themselves to rally for and defend you…

    I’m sick and tired of folks who were all crickets for 8+ years, as my historic FLOTUS was viciously attacked, demeaned, maligned and dehumanized…and in some instances were active participants ….I’m tired of these folks – including some who worked in the Obama White House and were extremely hostile to and resentful of the historic black FLOTUS and acted as if she were some undeserving interloper…all now showing up to defend and play save Ms Ann for the buffoon’s 3rd wife…

    And even more infuriating is their never ending need to now falsely and diminishedly invoke my historic FLOTUS – who they pretty much treated contemptuously and with condescension – or pretended didn’t exist, over the years – even as some of them worked in her husband’s White House…and in some cases, actually in positions that are traditionally part of the First Lady’s purview….as they now play interference for pathological liar birther buffoon and his lying birther nude ‘model’ 3rd wife…

    Juliana Smoot is a former Obama campaign fundraiser turned White House Social Secretary for a minute …another one who forgot that Social Secretary reports to the First Lady…and who while participating on a panel of former White House Social secretaries who all showed up in their stead as proud representatives of the First Ladies they each worked for, looked on somewhat confused as Juliana Smoot acted as if the job was beneath her, and as if she strictly worked for the President …only condescendingly and dismissively mentioning the historic First Lady only when asked a direct question about her…

    Fast forward to 3 days ago, and there’s Juliana Smoot who couldn’t ever bring herself to mention the historic FLOTUS she was working for …even as she sat in on a C-SPAN overview during a State Dinner the Obamas threw – until an exasperated former White House chef who worked for previous administrations and was part of the C-SPAN discussion, bluntly asserted and essentially reminded her that Social Secretaries work for the First Lady… and State dinners were primarily organized at the direction of the First Lady…and that the First Lady was the singularly most important person and chief hostess not just at State Dinners but the White House…(I’ll find and share the C-SPAn video.)

    But there’s Juliana Smoot on Inside Edition 3 days ago defending and giving cover to the lying Birther 3rd wife by invoking, and falsely asserting that our historic FLOTUS ‘also took her time’…

    Not true.

    Within 3 weeks of the 2009 inauguration, our historic FLOTUS – all while still being a fiercely devoted, dedicated and fully hands-on mom-in-chief, had already visited several Federal Agencies to meet and thank the civil servants who worked there…she’d also visited schools and relevant non-profit facilities servicing vulnerable demographics …groups and target demographics who would be at the center of and who were the important beneficiaries of many of the important policies and executive actions her husband the President would be championing…

    Inauguration Day was January 20, 2009…and as recorded by these various credibly-sourced reports from early February 2009, our historic FLOTUS was already enthusiastically and very actively doing her part – and costing taxpayers nothing extra…

    Everything she’s achieved – even without support or defense or protection, she did in an upstanding manner…honestly, honorably, respectably, high-mindedly, morally, ethically, righteously, virtuously, principled, nobly, fully-clothed, legally, in learned company and standing up…

    • eliihass says:

      Here’s the Inside Edition video from 3 days ago..

      Here’s the New York Times and other sample archives from February 2009…

      February 2, 2009 NY Times:

      “…With her husband making the rounds on Capitol Hill to promote his stimulus package, First Lady Michelle Obama stepped out Tuesday to rally educators around the plan.

      Accompanied by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Mrs. Obama spoke to about 350 people at the Education Department on Tuesday afternoon, saying she planned to spend “the next several weeks or months, however long it takes, going from agency to agency just to say hello, to learn, to listen, to take information back where possible.”

      February 4, 2009 NY Times:

      “…First Lady Michelle Obama promoted President Obama’s economic stimulus plan on Wednesday as she rallied hundreds of government employees at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

      The government workers clapped, cheered and snapped photos in a packed auditorium as Mrs. Obama told the crowd that the stimulus plan would expand the availability of affordable housing, weatherize homes and help families hurt by the foreclosure crisis, among other things.

      “We know times are hard right now,’’ said Mrs. Obama, who thanked the HUD employees for their hard work. “There are so many families who have lost their homes.’’

    • eliihass says:

      February 15, 2009

      “…WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama said it: Washington is her home now and she wants to get to know it.
      She is making the rounds, meeting federal workers at Cabinet departments, reading to children, chatting with teens, touring a neighborhood health center, dropping in at Howard University and enjoying family night at the Kennedy Center. She’s even splashed across the cover of the March issue of Vogue, with a headline that proclaims her “The First Lady the World’s Been Waiting For.”
      That was just the first two weeks of February.
      The first lady, who had seemed to suggest she’d take her time settling in to her new role, is off to a fast start — like a cannonball, in the words of Letitia Baldrige, who served as social secretary to Jacqueline Kennedy.
      “We were taught that you have to get to know the community that you’re in, and you have to be a part of that community, you have to get to know it in order to, you know, actively engage in it,” Mrs. Obama told a teenager at Mary’s Center, a community health center in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, who asked why she was visiting.
      “And D.C. is our community now. It’s our home,” she said…”

    • Liza says:

      I knew this was coming, Eliihass.

      All I see is an empty void where we used to have a First Lady.

      It makes me angry about how much her security is costing along with how much it is costing for Trump’s vacations in Florida.

      Other than that, she appears to be a very mediocre former model (was it soft porn or art?) turned trophy wife. Her having the title of First Lady is as ludicrous as Trump being President but it’s a package deal.

      • eliihass says:

        Sorry I only just got here and just saw your post Liza…thank you..

        What’s especially irritating is not only the attempt at downplaying and even outrightly dismissing the enormity of dysfunction, corruption, errancy, destruction being wrought…or the in your face revisionism and deliberate muddying up of facts and events – to provide cover and to somehow justify the ongoing crazy…it’s also who’s doing it…who’s going along with it…and who’s invested/complicit …

        The realization that for all the years of ‘movements’ and supposed ‘progress’…deep down, nothing’s really changed…folks just learnt better how to manipulate and exploit…take-away, always agenda specific…

        Double standards so glaring…so in your face…so insulting, so ridiculous …brazenly manifest in a deeply held sense of superiority and entitlement …even when so obviously warped and so embarrassingly inferior….And no matter how dangerous and devastating to the greater good, is still fiercely protected and defended…elevated and marketed not just as acceptable and normal, but as superior and even aspirational…

  2. Oh dear God! Make it stop! What does he know about Iraq? He’s a real estate investor.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Imani Gandy


    While Glenn Geeenwald goes all “Russian Lives Matter,” I can’t say I’ve ever seen him be this concerned about anti-Blackness.

    • eliihass says:

      Mitch McConnell is pure evil scum..

      This awful, soulless sadist is poison…he is a major part of why our country is in the sewer and fast imploding…

      And I can’t understand those who praise him and try to cast him as somehow a ‘mature’ and ‘measured’ voice and presence in this era of mad men and white supremacists invading and desecrating our democracy, congress and White House…

      McConnell is even worse…a slimy, evil, racist, sadistic, green-eyed white supremacist who’s not only been unabashedly complicit, but actively participates – and together with his wife, have shamelessly, brazenly, greedily and gleefully exploited and benefited from the chaos they’ve caused…polluting, corrupting, bastardizing and decimating our democracy and our fragile union, entirely for personal profit and for their own aggrandizement…

      Contrary to the media’s warped take on our politics, McConnell is not a ‘savvy’ or ‘smart’ or ‘seasoned’ politician…he’s a common, self-serving, racist, hate-filled, sadistic, slimy crook who’s somehow managed to grift his way into one of the most important branches of our government… and somehow, even with the personality of a smelly cockroach has even finagled his way into its ‘leadership’ ….a soulless, evil, greedy, sadistic, freeloading, corrupt racist who’s never given a hoot about this country …

      An entitled and shameless grifter who’s gotten rich sucking at the teat of government, but who still has the nerve to pontificate and condescendly decry and attempt to kill legitimate programs and protections for the vulnerable …Protections that form the basic foundation for any civilized society …just so he can greedily fill his and the pockets of the oligarchs and their businesses and ‘think-tanks’ that elevated and keep him undeservedly in position in one of the 3 branches of our government..

      If McConnell is what passes as the ‘best’ America can find to fill and power its legislature for all these many years, little wonder we’ve devolved into a banana republic with hollow, ignorant, corrupt, Putin-owned sociopathic white supremacists invading our White House and taken America and the world hostage…all while a self-interested and desperately shallow and self-preserving media – and other so-called prominent figures in our country, complicity partake in or turn a blind eye …or remain straddling, mealy-mouthed cowards …offering contradicting soft takes from one day to the next from the sidelines…

  4. Ametia says:

    Robert Redford: 45 years after Watergate, the truth is again in danger


    This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Watergate scandal. Because of my role in the film, some have asked me about the similarities between our situations in 1972 and 2017.
    There are many. The biggest one is the importance of a free and independent media in defending our democracy.
    When President Trump speaks of being in a “running war” with the media, calls them “among the most dishonest human beings on Earth” and tweets that they’re the “enemy of the American people,” his language takes the Nixon administration’s false accusations of “shoddy” and “shabby” journalism to new and dangerous heights.

    Sound and accurate journalism defends our democracy. It’s one of the most effective weapons we have to restrain the power-hungry. I always said that “All the President’s Men” was a violent movie. No shots were fired, but words were used as weapons.

  5. rikyrah says:


    — Pretty Foot (@PrettyFootWoman) April 2, 2017

  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  7. For the sick and shut ins. Prayers for your healing.

    House Of Prayer

  8. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone.

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