Friday Open Thread | Trump fails to force health care vote in his first 100 days

Washington (CNN) House GOP leaders, despite a furious push Thursday, were unable to wrangle the votes necessary to move forward on their latest effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The development short-circuits, yet again, the House effort to repeal the cornerstone domestic achievement of President Barack Obama.

It guarantees President Donald Trump will be without a cornerstone legislative achievement on his 100th day in office — a symbolic moment that the White House has focused on intently in recent days as negotiations on a revised health care proposal accelerated.

“There will be no vote tomorrow,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters as he departed a nearly two-hour closed-door meeting of House leaders as they sought to plot a path forward on the bill. Asked if there was any chance there would be a vote at any point this weekend, McCarthy also said no.

“We’ve been making great progress,” he said. “So when we have the votes we’ll vote on it.”
The failure to collect the 216 votes needed to pass the bill marks yet another setback on the House — and White House — efforts to see the central GOP campaign promise of the last seven years even reach the House floor.

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler

    Folks don’t realize how close the GOP is to repealing the affordable care act right now. 1/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago
    Replying to @benwikler

    Unlike last time, they have the Freedom Caucus—and not only that, the Koch brothers and conservative movement apparatus is on board 2/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler

    Simply because there’s so damn much else going on, and because Trump isn’t talking about it, this isn’t the by-far-#1 story yet—but 3/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago
    Replying to @benwikler

    if the GOP does pull the votes together, they’ll move very quickly. And the Senate could move faster than one would imagine. Moreover, 4/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago

    The GOP has something to pull in moderates: $150 billion. To fund “high risk pools,” which don’t work, but that’s a lot of dough. 5/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago

    House GOP leadership is spending this weekend intensively negotiating to get moderate Rs on board. They’re close. 6/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago

    The only thing that will stop the House moderates from shredding health care is massive pressure from their constituents. Pronto. 7/

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago

    House Republicans need to feel that they’ll lose their jobs if they vote for this bill. Full stop. And by rights, they SHOULD over this.

    Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler 3h3 hours ago

    The new AHCA bill is even worse than the old one. Shreds protections for people with preexisting conditions. Vicious, dangerous, needless.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Authentic ‘Southside with You’ Premieres on Netflix

    April 28th 2017

    “Southside With You” tells the legendary love story between Michelle and Barack Obama before we came to know them as our President and First Lady and, frankly, I cannot handle not knowing even more of it, having now seen the film. I want the wedding and everything leading up to it – their first real fight and the make-up session, the birth of their first child, and then their second, etc. “Southside With You” is a tale of a love that shows how some folks are just meant to be. If The Obamas actual relationship dynamic has anywhere near the amount of chemistry that was sparking off the screen in this satisfying romance drama, there is no question about why, together, they have been able to literally take over the world.

    Writer and director Richard Tanne has created a film with an undeniably saccharine, feel-good vibe, which manages to depict the cute courtship, starting with a trip to the museum in which they bond over their mutual love for poet Gwendolyn Brooks, and have a deep conversation about the artwork of Ernie Barnes. The date draws to a close at Baskin Robbins after an intense and awkward scene involving the pair running into their co-workers at a screening of Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.” This all amounts to authenticity–a necessary component for a biopic, which “Southside With You” is, in part. As President and First Lady, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) were commanding real-life presences and many important film elements converge to a render a pitch perfect recapitulation of the late 1980s through a Black American lens. Most noteworthy, the subtle, yet demonstrably fastidious attention given to the sonic and set design elements necessary to ensconce the viewer in a Chicago summer, in 1989.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Sahil Kapur


    FRED UPTON, the GOP’s point man for dozens of Obamacare repeal votes, says he’s “not comfortable” with the AHCA.

    Sahil Kapur


    Losing Fred Upton on an Obamacare repeal bill would be like losing Paul Ryan on a tax-cut bill.
    3:27 PM – 28 Apr 2017

  4. rikyrah says:

    Stephen Wolf


    NC GOP passed a reverse court-packing law that eliminates the seats of retiring GOP judges so the Dem governor can’t replace them with Dems

    Stephen Wolf


    This GOP power grab is so blatantly undemocratic that 1 of the retiring REPUBLICAN judges resigned a month early so a Dem could replace him
    3:21 PM – 28 Apr 2017

  5. rikyrah says:

    Conservatives Angry That Biased Media Accurately Reports Who Gets Trump Tax Cuts

    By Jonathan Chait

    During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would ultimately support a plan that would raise taxes on high-income earners,including himself. “It’s going to cost me a fortune, which is actually true,” he said at one point, going out of his way to emphasize that this promise was one of his rare, non-false claims (“which is actually true”). His Treasury secretary later promised
    that the Trump tax plan would not provide high-income earners with net tax reduction. So when Trump unveiled his tax plan this week, the most important revelation was that Trump’s promise was not actually true. His plan describes a massive tax cut for the rich.


    Cutting taxes on affluent people has been the Republican Party’s number-one policy objective for more than a quarter century. Republicans are not merely interested in cutting taxes on the whole, they take special exception to the most progressive ones — which is why they ignore regressive taxes, like the payroll tax, while proposing the deepest cuts for taxation of capital income. They have hewed relentlessly to this goal during recessions and booms, in the minority and in the majority, and they believe in this policy for a combination of moral and economic reasons.

    However, since this policy is highly unpopular with the public, Republicans have grown habituated to obscuring this intent. Their messaging is built around lying about, or obscuring, the distributional impact of their tax, policies. In the past, they have had a lot of success bullying the mainstream news media into treating the distributional impact of their policies as a contested question of partisan spin, rather than something that can be measured in fairly straightforward fashion.
    So, now that Republicans have rolled out another massively regressive tax cut, they’re going to spend a lot of time insisting that the news media should not report this fact.

  6. rikyrah says:

    uh huh

    So, after giving millionaires and billionaires tax cuts, they’ll need to come for Social Security to ‘ make things right’.

    Uh huh

    Wall Street Journal‏Verified account @WSJ

    Opinion: Increasing Social Security eligibility age can offset revenue loss from tax cuts, writes Martin Feldstein

  7. rikyrah says:

    Josh Marshall


    Note: Going back to the trough on Trumpcare means Dems can v plausibly argue in 2018 that Trump/GOP won’t ever stop coming after yr care.
    2:49 PM – 27 Apr 2017

  8. rikyrah says:

    Negro Hair: Texture Worship in the Natural Church and the Caucacity of Shea Moisture
    April 25, 2017
    |In Culture, Featured, Liberation, Problack
    |By Sherronda J. Brown

    First and foremost, the Natural Hair Movement was not created for racially ambiguous women with big, looping, clearly defined curls or beachy waves, and it sure as hell was not created for white women. It was created for undeniably black hair — cottony, kinky, unruly, nappy black hair. Full stop.

    You would think that this was an All Hair Matters Movement if you watched Shea Moisture’s latest marketing video, though. It was removed almost immediately due to the rightful anger and disappointment of consumers, but it was initially posted with the tagline: “Break free from hair HATE. See how these women have finally learned to embrace hair LOVE.”


    A few things:

    1) Impact is greater than intention. Always.

    2) The Perception Institute’s Good Hair Study and Implicit Association Test found implicit and explicit bias against Black women’s natural hair. Not women of color. Black women. Women of color is not synonymous with Black women. Do not try it.

    3) The issue here is not merely that they did not include a single unambiguously Black person with kinky natural hair in this particular advertisement, but rather it is the fact that capitalism, anti-Blackness, and white woman fragility and Beckery are all at play in the expansion of their company into an All Hair Matters hair care line and catering to whiteness, instead of centering Black hair as it should. There are already a plethora of hair care lines that cater to non-Black women because their hair is seen as the standard. Our products reside in the “Ethnic Hair Care” aisle for a reason. Shea Moisture became a staple among naturals because it was one of the first hair care lines in recent years incepted specifically for Black hair. Black women rocketed Shea Moisture to its well-known position today. It was our dollars and our buying power. Now they have marginalized us and relegated us to merely a sector of their consumer base, when we should be its totality. Of course, this is not a sudden change. There have been rumblings within the community about the company’s compromising since at least 2015, when they changed their formula and sold a large stake of the company to Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, a company that garnered much scrutiny during the 2012 election.

  9. rikyrah says:

    She didn’t laugh at racist jokes. Her coach said she didn’t have the right ‘chemistry’ for the team.
    By Rachel Weiner
    April 24

    Jasmine Orsted said the comments began almost immediately after she started practicing with other hopefuls seeking spots on the University of Mary Washington’s women’s basketball team.

    One white player openly mused about “why black people name their kids the way they do,” Orsted recalled. Another white woman responded that she “never had to worry about that,” because her high school “wasn’t in the ghetto,” adding that she was glad there were only one or two black players on her high school team.

    “I was astounded,” Orsted said of her 2014 experience at the Fredericksburg, Va., school. “I couldn’t believe that somebody would actually say that, especially in the presence of somebody that’s black.”

    Orsted was ultimately barred from trying out for the team because of what the coach deemed a lack of “chemistry” with other players, according to her lawsuit. Believing that “chemistry” meant tolerating racism, Orsted sued the university in federal court in Virginia and settled last month for $160,000.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Southside With You is on Netflix!

    • Liza says:

      This is the kind of thing that really ticks me off.

      From the article: “”The American Heart Association was quick to push back. In a statement, the group’s CEO, Nancy Brown, said the current standards are already working and that 99 percent of schools are in compliance.

      “Improving children’s health should be a top priority for the USDA, and serving more nutritious foods in schools is a clear-cut way to accomplish this goal,” she said.””

    • eliihass says:

      Stuffing and killing their own kids with sugar, sodium, and other crappy foods might be spitefully satisfying in the very short term for these small-minded, petty, greedy racists so blinded with hate for my historic FLOTUS…

      But it’s their kids who pay for it in the end..

      The coalition of School lunch contract suppliers, school districts, district supervisors, school kitchen ladies who sabotaged the effort to feed kids healthier meals…by deliberately cutting corners and churning out crap – will get their Karma ..

      • Liza says:

        There is so much here to be concerned about. In addition to the risk of childhood obesity and diabetes and all the associated problems, the children develop poor eating habits that are very difficult to reverse. And then there are the children who depend on the school lunch programs for the most of their nutrition because they aren’t getting it anywhere else.

        • eliihass says:


          This NY Times article from 2011 reminds what it’s really been all about…the fast food industry alliance with food service contractors …their lobbyists …corrupt school superintendents …corrupt/gutless politicians…

          “…An increasingly cozy alliance between companies that manufacture processed foods and companies that serve the meals is making students — a captive market — fat and sick while pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. At a time of fiscal austerity, these companies are seducing school administrators with promises to cut costs through privatization. Parents who want healthier meals, meanwhile, are outgunned.

          Each day, 32 million children in the United States get lunch at schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program, which uses agricultural surplus to feed children. About 21 million of these students eat free or reduced-price meals, a number that has surged since the recession. The program, which also provides breakfast, costs $13.3 billion a year.

          Sadly, it is being mismanaged and exploited. About a quarter of the school nutrition program has been privatized, much of it outsourced to food service management giants like Aramark, based in Philadelphia; Sodexo, based in France; and the Chartwells division of the Compass Group, based in Britain. They work in tandem with food manufacturers like the chicken producers Tyson and Pilgrim’s, all of which profit when good food is turned to bad.

          Here’s one way it works. The Agriculture Department pays about $1 billion a year for commodities like fresh apples and sweet potatoes, chickens and turkeys. Schools get the food free; some cook it on site, but more and more pay processors to turn these healthy ingredients into fried chicken nuggets, fruit pastries, pizza and the like. Some $445 million worth of commodities are sent for processing each year, a nearly 50 percent increase since 2006.

          The Agriculture Department doesn’t track spending to process the food, but school authorities do. The Michigan Department of Education, for example, gets free raw chicken worth $11.40 a case and sends it for processing into nuggets at $33.45 a case. The schools in San Bernardino, Calif., spend $14.75 to make French fries out of $5.95 worth of potatoes.

          The money is ill spent. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has warned that sending food to be processed often means lower nutritional value and noted that “many schools continue to exceed the standards for fat, saturated fat and sodium.” A 2008 study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that by the time many healthier commodities reach students, “they have about the same nutritional value as junk foods.”

          Roland Zullo, a researcher at the University of Michigan, found in 2008 that Michigan schools that hired private food-service management firms spent less on labor and food but more on fees and supplies, yielding “no substantive economic savings.” Alarmingly, he even found that privatization was associated with lower test scores, hypothesizing that the high-fat and high-sugar foods served by the companies might be the cause. In a later study, in 2010, Dr. Zullo found that Chartwells was able to trim costs by cutting benefits for workers in Ann Arbor schools, but that the schools didn’t end up realizing any savings.

          Why is this allowed to happen? Part of it is that school authorities don’t want the trouble of overseeing real kitchens. Part of it is that the management companies are saving money by not having to pay skilled kitchen workers.

          In addition, the management companies have a cozy relationship with food processers, which routinely pay the companies rebates (typically around 14 percent) in return for contracts. The rebates have generally been kept secret from schools, which are charged the full price.

          There are economic and nutritional consequences to privatization. School kitchen workers are generally unionized, with benefits; they are also typically local residents who have children in public schools and care about their well-being. Laid-off school workers become an economic drain instead of a positive force. And the rebate deals with national food manufacturers cut out local farmers and small producers like bakers, who could offer fresh, healthy food and help the local economy.

          Children pay the price. Dr. Zullo found that privately managed school cafeterias offered meals that were higher in sugar and fats and made unhealthy snack items — soda, cookies, potato chips — more readily available. The companies were also less likely to use reduced-sugar recipes. Linda Hugle, a retired school principal in Three Rivers, Ore., told me that when her district switched to Sodexo, “the savings were paltry.” She added, “You pay a little less and your kids get strawberry milk, frozen French fries and artificial shortening.”

          Advocates who fight for better food face an uphill battle. Donna D. Walsh, a former school board president in Westchester County, N.Y., told me she worked with a supportive superintendent to get Aramark to stop deep-frying food and to open a salad bar. But after a new superintendent came in, she said, the company went back to profit-driven menus of pizza and bagels.

          The federal government could intervene. The Agriculture Department proposed new rules this year that would set maximum calories for school meals; require more fruits, vegetables and whole grains; and limit trans fats.

          Not surprisingly, the most committed foes of the rules are the same corporations that make money supplying bad food. Aramark, Sodexo and Chartwells, as well as food processing companies like ConAgra, wrote letters arguing, among other things, that children may not want to eat healthier food.

          Any increase in fruit and vegetables might result in “plate waste,” wrote Sodexo. A protein requirement at breakfast, Aramark said, would hamper efforts to offer “popular breakfast items.” Their lobbying persuaded members of Congress to block a once-a-week limit on starchy vegetables and to continue to allow a few tablespoons of tomato sauce on pizza to count as a vegetable serving. Thanks to that cave-in, children will continue to get their vegetables in the form of potatoes for breakfast and pizza for lunch.

          One-third of children from the ages of 6 to 19 are overweight or obese. These children could see their life expectancies shortened because of their vulnerability to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Unfortunately, profit, not health, is the priority of the food service management companies, food processors and even elected officials. Until more parents demand reform of the school lunch system, children will continue to suffer..”

      • Liza says:

        Thanks for this.

  11. Dollar bills, y’all!

    Money money money money, MONEY
    Money money money money, MONEY
    Hey, Hey, Hey – some people really need it…

  12. rikyrah says:

    I, a White, Rode the Train With Blacks 1 Day, and It Was Crazy: An Atlanta-Newspaper Reader Writes on Race
    Monique Judge
    Yesterday 7:18pm

    Melton Bennett is a resident of Cumming, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. As a white man living in the metropolitan Atlanta area, Melton had some thoughts to share on the topic of race—specifically the ones he had as he rode the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA, train from his mostly white neighborhood in the suburbs through the black part of town and down to the airport.

    Bennett wrote “On the Red Line: A Daily Racial Transformation on MARTA” as part of a series the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is doing called “Re: Race, an AJC Conversation,” a “race reporting project which is dedicated to covering both the tensions and the opportunities created by racial and ethnic change in Atlanta and Georgia.” According to AJC, Bennett “responded to a request to readers from the AJC to talk about a time when they felt like an outsider.”

    For Bennett, that time was the day he rode MARTA and took the scenic route from his white neighborhood to the airport.

    Melton Bennett is a resident of Cumming, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. As a white man living in the metropolitan Atlanta area, Melton had some thoughts to share on the topic of race—specifically the ones he had as he rode the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA, train from his mostly white neighborhood in the suburbs through the black part of town and down to the airport.

    Bennett wrote “On the Red Line: A Daily Racial Transformation on MARTA” as part of a series the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is doing called “Re: Race, an AJC Conversation,” a “race reporting project which is dedicated to covering both the tensions and the opportunities created by racial and ethnic change in Atlanta and Georgia.” According to AJC, Bennett “responded to a request to readers from the AJC to talk about a time when they felt like an outsider.”

    For Bennett, that time was the day he rode MARTA and took the scenic route from his white neighborhood to the airport.

    I’m not sure how many editors laid eyes on this piece before it was published, but if the goal of AJC’s project is to show how tone-deaf and insulting white people can be when they make observations about black people, they hit the mark with this one.

    “Taking the MARTA train from the mostly white northern suburbs down to the airport captures a cross section of the racial make up, and divide, that exists in Atlanta,” Bennett begins.

    And then this:

    As my fellow white passengers and I pull out of North Springs station, we add more white passengers at the next few stations as we pull toward Buckhead. As we enter the heart of the city, African-Americans begin entering the train, and at Five Points, the racial makeup of the train has flipped to predominantly African-American.

    Uh-oh. The blacks have entered. Bennett notes that the blacks are kind enough to only look for seats next to other blacks, and the whites do the same by looking for seats next to other whites, but Bennett is quick to note the discomfort of white passengers “who think the black kid dressed like a gang member is going to sit next to them, and then the sigh of relief as he passes by.”

    To Bennett, the difference between the people who got on when he got on and the people getting on in the city is simple: rap minstrel shows on the train, “replete with phrases about violence, sex and race.”

  13. rikyrah says:

    Why you should Never date a man for more than a year

    I feel hypocritical writing this article because I have been guilty of the things I’m about to write. The longest (unmarried) relationship I have ever been in was four years. However, I entered the relationship in my late teens. Now that I am older and wiser, my heart bleeds when I see women wasting their youth and beauty on a man who is just towing them around.

    Over a week ago, I came across a heartbreaking video on facebook. A young lady was sharing her story of how she wasted 9 years of her life with a guy who will not commit. Mind you, they had a child together.(another post on this to come). After giving him an ultimatum to make an “honest ” woman of her and their child, he decided he wasn’t ready, so they broke up. Like most women, she was expecting the guy to ponder on things and realise just how important she has been in his life. After all, they have had a stable 9 years relationship and a child to bind them. As the saying goes, better the devil you know, and quite honestly, there was no reason for him to give up nearly a decade of love and loyalty. The ultimatum was a mere wake up call to get him to “act” up. She was certain he will be back on his knees preferably with a ring in his hands. Let’s just say he never pursued her and to add salt to injury, he met another woman who he married within 5 months.

    The video was hard to watch because I could Identify with her story, and the hurt this lady has to have overcome. As women, it is easy for us to mask such pain by convincing ourselves that, God has put us through such situation for a greater purpose, or that, men like that come into our lives to teach us something. We sooth our heartache by convincing ourselves that, we have dodged a bullet, and because Karma is a female dog, the guy will someday get his a*s chewed up. WRONG

    Let me start by saying, God does not fix stupid. He gave you a brain for a reason. He did not “allow” you to go through this to prove or show anything. You ended up in this situation because you didn’t use your brain or your mother didn’t teach you well (most likely, you didn’t listen to her). If you do not heed to the natural order of things that control the dynamics of the male-female relationship, you will make the same bloody mistake over and over again whilst fasting and praying, and it ain’t gonna be God’s fault. Secondly, Karma might be a b*tch but she ain’t a bad b*tch. Your ex might have wasted your whole life because you let him and left you a single parent. However, there is a high possibility, he will move on, find love (preferably with someone with higher standards) and live life happily ever after. I promise you, I am not trying to be mean or unsympathetic, and as mentioned, I have been in this situation before. Being honest, and taking accountability for the things we allow to happen to us stops us from repeating the same mistakes. Remember, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the perfect example of insanity.

    With the title of this article, many of you may argue that you can’t fully know someone enough within a year to lead to marriage. Let me put this out there, you will NEVER fully know a person “enough” until you have entered into a legally committed relationship and living together. I say “legally” because, within cohabitating relationships, people can still be tip-toeing around each other with the hopes of putting out the best version of themselves. Additionally, courting for 3-4 years when you are 16 is not the same as doing so when you are 20+. long term dating is not something I will encourage women to get into because it serves them no advantage. I believe it goes against what nature intended for women, and all the signs are there to caution us against such relationships. The most cautionary of these signs involves the nature in which men and women invest differently in relationships.

  14. rikyrah says:

    SheaMoisture Is Cancelled: 35 Black-Owned Hair Care Brands

    You Can Support Instead

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 48 hours, you’ve probably seen SheaMoisture trending from Facebook to Twitter – unfortunately not for good reasons. Black consumers everywhere were up in arms after a commercial ad from Shea Moisture made its way to social media for their new “Hair Hate” campaign. The ad featured a light skin woman with long wavy hair, a blonde white woman, and 2 red-head white women discussing why they’ve suffered from “hair hate.” Oddly enough, Shea Moisture’s long-time core consumer base, Black women with kinky hair, were missing from the conversation and video. While some see this as the brand simply “diversifying” their line in order to expand out of the “ethnic” section and into the mainstream beauty aisle for more coins, many Black women feel betrayed that a brand they supported and built with their dollars would erase them to appeal to the masses. Not to mention, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to address the bias and discrimination Black men and women still face for simply wearing our natural hair.


    The good news is, there are still a plethora of Black owned brands that cater to Black women and have found a way to diversify their brand without leaving their core consumers behind. Here are a few other Black hair care lines to try once you’ve finished the last drop of your SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

    • Ametia says:

      Idiot thug. So desperate and clueless. CAMERAS!

      Cashier dude said, here take it ALL. I would have done the same.

      Although in my younger years, I would have taken that cash drawer and knocked the living fuck out of that THUG.

    • eliihass says:

      It’s been especially instructive observing any number of these folks …especially their various responses to stuff and their posturing in general, since November 8, 2016…and even more so since January 20, 2017..

      It’s not just been disappointing all around …the lackluster follow-up agenda…the unimpressive lack of a big picture strategy for moving things positively and progressively forward for the longterm…the dizzying cowardice and mealy-mouthedness …the selective focus and even more unbelievable, the party circular firing squad that’s also been mind bogglingly selective in who to blame and who to chide …the self-interested, self-aggrandizing, self-promoting quality of people still sitting in elected office as representatives of their electorate…even as they’re all quick to normalize and legitimize an illegitimate, bumbling, buffoonish, 5 prong-tongued, integrity-deficient, dishonest, debtor puppet of a hostile foreign entity – who now sits comfortably, arrogantly presiding over the decimation of our hard-won democracy and the various basic protections that separate advanced democracies like the U.S from 3rd world countries…and worse, playing finger in the wind Russian roulette with America’s foreign policy …and wild, nuclear powered despots…and even though he’s got a much lower % of support ..a minority of a large country …they as is he, are now for some impossible to understand reason, being dutifully catered to as if they were actually the majority…with their clearly warped and incorrect views televised daily as somehow validation and proof of legitimacy …an insistence that the buffoon has a strong following…and must be allowed to continue to unravel this democracy ..

      It’s all just so ridiculous…

      I’m at the point where it’s all become just so mockingly in your face ridiculous, I’m starting to tune out …staying in just long enough at this point mostly just to keep an eye out for my historic FLOTUS …proudly, unabashedly and unyieldingly so…and staying with and on top of all things concerning her…because she remains for me still, prime metaphor for black women…in a country and world that doesn’t really give a damn about…and is especially hostile to black women..

  15. rikyrah says:

    44 is trolling Dolt45.

    LOVE IT!!!!


    Obama says Obamacare is more popular than Trump
    Updated 1:41 PM ET, Fri April 28, 2017

    New York (CNN) Former President Barack Obama hailed the political resilience of his signature health care law at a private event Thursday, pointing out that Obamacare is now more popular than his successor trying to repeal it: President Donald Trump.

    As Republicans in Washington sputtered again this week in their efforts to undo the law, Obama noted to an audience in midtown Manhattan that “the Affordable Care Act has never been more popular — and it’s more popular than the current president,” according to a person in the room who paraphrased the comments.

    Trump has recorded historically low approval ratings for a new president, while public opinion on the health care law has improved gradually amid Republican efforts to get rid of it.

    Obama also predicted Thursday that it will be challenging for Trump and fellow Republicans to make any sweeping changes to a law that now provides health insurance for so many people, as he remarked how difficult it was for him to get Obamacare enacted into law in 2009.

  16. rikyrah says:

    They’re Still Laughing at Trump
    April 28, 2017

    McKay Coppins: “Trump is a Queens-born billionaire who has spent his life chasing validation from elites who hold him in disdain. With each new benchmark he reaches, he holds out hope that it will finally quiet his chorus of haters. And when he realizes they’re still laughing at him, he acts out.”

    “Consider, now, what Trump is likely seeing these days when he turns on his TV: presidential historians discussing the unparalleled failures of his first hundred days; polls showing an historically low approval rating; pundits depicting a presidency gripped by impotence. Given his recent history, an eruption was inevitable.”

  17. Liza says:

    This just kills me. Here’s what Rep. Martha McSally (Republican – AZ 2) posted on Facebook yesterday:

    “In America, lawmakers are not above the law. Members of Congress should be treated no differently than other Americans struggling to afford health care. Today I introduced a measure that would prevent Members of Congress from exempting themselves from the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Representatives should have to abide by the very same options for coverage as their constituents, and anything short of that is simply hypocrisy. Congress must live by the rules it creates.”

    Martha, of course, “represents” a district that went for Clinton in 2016. She seems to be concerned about her job. This is the second time that she’s applauded herself for “fixing” Trumpcare. And, to be clear, she has voted with Trump 100% to date.

    It concerns me there are people who will fall for this kind of DISHONESTY, pretending to represent the people while kicking them off the platform into a moving train. “Members of Congress are not above the law…” blah blah blah. Martha just can’t get enough of herself.

    Such hypocrisy.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Allan Brauer‏ @allanbrauer

    People who have watched Obama most closely through the years absolutely trust that he views money as a tool for social improvement.

    When you attack him for earning money, the Obama coalition hears that you don’t know who the fuck he is, and don’t understand us at all.

    We’ve spent years watching you react to breaking Obama news by freaking out & attacking him 1st w/o waiting for the rest of the story.

    Oh, eventually you calm down once more facts are known, but the damage to your credibility with the Obama coalition never ends.

    We have memories. We save receipts. We make you radioactive. You’ve lost us.

    Obama got the most votes in US history, yet you chase after the clicks & votes of people who disapprove of him? You’re stupid.

    That’s why Bernie Sanders lost the primaries so decisively, and why we hate him more each time he puts Obama’s name in his mouth.

    You will never lead the Democratic Party. We’ll beat you every time. We are the future, better get used to us. We’re not going away.

    • rikyrah says:

      I felt the person who said

      ” his impeachment can’t come soon enough”

    • rikyrah says:

      I also appreciated that the clowns at CNN, even though they went and got the Sista on the Street, they also went and got the Sista in the Suburbs..and, guess what – they said the same thing….

      but, economic anxiety though.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Sessions recuses himself from any Michael Flynn investigation
    By LOUIS NELSON 04/28/17 08:20 AM EDT

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that his recusal from Justice Department investigations into the 2016 campaign for president will extend into inquiries into the activities of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, under fire for his ties to foreign governments.

    “My recusal deals with the campaign issues,” Sessions told NBC’s “Today” show. “But I would expect not to be involved in this one.”

    “You would recuse yourself from any decision dealing with general Flynn?” asked Today anchor Matt Lauer. “Yeah,” Sessions replied.

    Flynn, a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who served briefly as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has been the subject of scrutiny in recent weeks amid reports surrounding lobbying work he did for the Turkish government and a paid speech he delivered at an event for RT, a propaganda arm of the Russian government.

  20. rikyrah says:

    Sarah Kendzior‏Verified account @sarahkendzior

    You know what would give you the biggest ratings, headlines, and praise of all time, @realDonaldTrump?


  21. rikyrah says:

    All ten episodes of “Dear White People” have dropped on Netflix.

  22. rikyrah says:

    ‘Fine me later’:
    Takkarist McKinley wins hearts with draft speech to late grandma

    Takkarist McKinley promised the grandmother who raised him that he would become a top college football player. When he was picked by the Atlanta Falcons in the first-round of Thursday’s NFL draft he remembered her again, giving an emotional speech as he clutched her photograph.

    “I made a promise to her and I stuck to it. I made that promise, man,” a fired up Takkaris McKinley told the NFL Network after he was picked. “I told her. Before she passed away, I was going to live my dream. I was gonna go [to a Division I college]. I was gonna get out of Richmond, I was gonna get out of Oakland. I was gonna go to the NFL. I made that promise to her, man. Thirty seconds later she passed away. And this is who I do it for. This is who I do it for, man … C’mon, man! Get to the damn quarterback! We gonna get to the quarterback!”

    McKinley then challenged the NFL’s policy on expletives as he spoke to the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders. “It means every fucking thing to me … Excuse my language, fine me later.”

    McKinley’s grandmother, Myrtle Collins, raised him on her own in the tough neighborhood of Richmond in the San Francisco Bay Area. She kept him out of the way of the gang violence that plagued the area, and they would sit in and watch wrestling together. “She would be into it more than me,” McKinley told the LA Times last year. “She would be, ‘Oh, this ref, they’re cheating!’ and all this. It was just crazy, man.”
    Myrtle Collins died in 2011.

  23. rikyrah says:

    TBogg‏ @tbogg

    Obama: ” $400k for a speech. What do you think Michelle?”
    M: “I worry what the Intercept will think.”
    Both: “HAHAHAHAHA”


    • Ametia says:

      LOL The folks who are yammering about POTUS & FLOTUS MAKING THOSE DOLLA BILLS, are the same folks who ain’t saying SHIT ABOUT TRUMP & HIS TAXES & AND GRIFTING. FUCK’EM!

  24. rikyrah says:

    Trump names anti-abortion leader Yoest to top HHS post
    04/28/17 10:32 AM EDT

    President Donald Trump Friday said he would name one of the most prominent anti-abortion activists in the country to a top communications post at Health and Human Services.

    Charmaine Yoest, tapped to be to be assistant secretary of public affairs, is a senior fellow at American Values. She is the former president of Americans United for Life, one of the most prominent anti-abortion groups in the country, which has been instrumental in advancing anti-abortion legislation at the state level to restrict access to the procedure.

    AUL’s website — which states that the group offers state lawmakers 32 different pieces of model legislation to restrict access to abortion — characterizes Yoest as “public enemy #1” for abortion rights organizations. The assistant secretary of public affairs shapes communications efforts for the entire agency.

    Yoest isn’t the only Trump administration appointee who has expressed critical views about abortion and other social issues. Katy Talento, a health aide for the White House Domestic Policy Council , has taken the controversial view that contraception poses major dangers to women and causes abortion and miscarriages.

  25. Deshaun Watson says he’s gonna spoil his mom. Awe…sounds like my Josh!

  26. Ametia says:

    Ta-Nehisi Coates’s ‘Between The World And Me’ To Be Adapted Into Stage Show At The Apollo

    If you enjoyed ‘Between The World And Me,’ you’re in luck.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates’ best selling novel is now being adapted into a multimedia show which is set to debut at Harlem’s classic Apollo Theatre.

    The performance will feature a score from jazz musician Jason Moran, as well as videos and letters from the book. Kamiliah Forbes, executive producer at the Apollo and Aunt Kamiliah in the book, will be the director of the presentation; she previously served as the associate director for Raisin in the Sun on Broadway.

  27. rikyrah says:

    Never forget….this is a tax cut bill masquerading as a Healthcare plan

  28. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone😄😄😄

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