Saturday Open Thread | Trump Transition DID Vet Michael Flynn

ALL you have to be is white and you can commit perjury while being confirmed for the top cop position of US @TheJusticeDept & then make the rounds on TV to lie to the media about Michael Flynn. That’s #Amerikkka, people! Jeff Sessions on Flynn “You don’t catch everything”  What?! He was National Security Advisor.

According to NBC News The Trump transition team and White House did a background check on Michael Flynn & were aware of Flynn’s business ties with Turkey and hired him anyway. But get this, Press Secretary Sean Spicer blamed the Obama Administration for failing to vet Michael Flynn.

Sean Spicer Blamed Obama For Failing To Vet Trump’s Ex-National Security Adviser

Trump @VP @PressSec @JeffSessions ALL LIED about #MichaelFlynn.

And why in the living hell is @JeffSessions LYING RACIST ass still Attorney General?

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Political Woman @HRCNJVolunteers

    Tonight was most negative, deeply disturbing, most divisive speech a sitting president has EVER given, GOP strategist David Gergen says.
    7:59 PM – 29 Apr 2017

    • eliihass says:

      But, but he’s becoming more ‘presidential’….No..?? 😒😜😜🙄….it’s ‘only’ been 100 days in …since Putin engineered his illegal installation…give him time…meanwhile, lets just keep normalizing and legitimizing him and shining up him and his brood…and maybe, just maybe…a despicable 70 year old dishonest, self-aggrandizing, self-involved, racist, megalomaniac buffoon who’s aligned himself with all manner of vile, soulless, shallow, shady, greedy treasonous crooks and racists ….a whiny, immature, treasonous narcissist who’s never met a scam, con and expedient corrupt path to money, fame, power and perceived relevance that he didn’t self-interestedly and callously embrace, exploit and jump on…a hollow, deceptive, childish, self-unaware, 70 year old who never met a lie and tantrum he didn’t fully and unapologetically embody –

      Let’s just keep indulging him …even as he keeps playing the media and so-called ‘leaders’ with his con games…

      Oh, they say…did you notice how his ‘tone’ has changed…how much ‘lowered’ his voice was in that last interview where he wistfully reminisced about his ‘former life’ driving one of his expensive collector cars…and how he missed not being able to drive….reminiscent of how ‘Obama’ too, missed his…

      It’s so obvious he’s now ‘growing’ into the role…he’s beginning to ‘understand’ not just the ‘gravity’ of the office, but the ‘substantive responsibity’ of it…

      And two days later, he’s back at it …and they’re back to ‘can you believe this’…’his tone was deeply disturbing and this was his most divisive speech yet…’

      As if..


    • eliihass says:

      These are impostors and they have no clue…nor does their dubious agenda have anything to do with actual governance or understanding of structure, system, protocol beyond how to exploit and manipulate any of it for personal aggrandizement, attack, vengeance and retaliation for perceived wrongs..

  2. rikyrah says:

    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    10. When Obama becomes a casualty of this internecine battle Sanders is determined to wage, EVERYONE loses. We shouldn’t stand for it.
    73 replies 389 retweets 1,031 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    9. What we’re seeing today is a man desperately clinging to the spotlight, unwilling to let a new generation of progressive leaders shine.
    42 replies 320 retweets 1,008 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    Peter Daou Retweeted Peter Daou

    8. The Bernie Sanders of 2015, the one with a hopeful, positive message, is long gone. Some don’t realize it.
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    7. The reason I vigorously oppose Sanders’s continued attempts to tear down the Democratic Party is because it strengthens Trump & the GOP.
    50 replies 439 retweets 1,135 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    6. Now, Obama is in the crossfire. One of the Dems’ best assets risks being weakened because of the toxic legacy of the Sanders campaign.
    27 replies 359 retweets 923 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    5. The media are salivating at the chance to go after Dems. What better than the issue of speaking fees, which Sanders used to slam Hillary?
    23 replies 250 retweets 701 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    4. Just think of how incredibly counter-productive the attacks on Obama are at this moment in our history. A gift to the GOP. And the media.

    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    3. I’m accused by some people of “rehashing 2016” but my continued focus on Sanders is about the FUTURE and the opposition to Trump.
    26 replies 258 retweets 776 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28
    Replying to @peterdaou @BarackObama

    2. Over the course of two years, Sanders has become a destructive force in American politics — under the guise of progressive purity.
    24 replies 361 retweets 989 likes
    Peter Daou‏Verified account @peterdaou Apr 28

    1. THREAD. If you’re pissed off at the circular firing squad over @BarackObama’s speaking fees, you can thank Bernie Sanders. (1/10)

  3. Ametia says:

    Say this LOUD & CLEAR:

    TRUMP & FAMILY are robbing America BLIND with the help of his PIMP PUTIN, the GOP, white salty so-called Libs & other racists POS.

    President Barack Obama is a UNITED STATES CITIZENS AND FORMER POTUS. He can make a living and earn his money legitimately

  4. rikyrah says:

    Josh Dawsey


    Cops are too busy taking other protesters out to handle new ones. So trump supporters are holding protesters against walls while they wait.
    7:22 PM – 29 Apr 2017

  5. rikyrah says:

    From TOD:

    April 29, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    On the Bering Sea Elders.
    Background: Trump has also revoked executive order 13754, the Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience issued, by PBO Dec 9 2016.

    After years of tireless work by local tribes and non-profits, President Obama made it LAW for the Elders to be included in the conversation.

    Now Trump has CUT them out. This puts the incredibly fragile Bering Sea at risk of drilling. Say bye bye to wild salmon if Death & Destruction Junior and his pals gets their way. All of the wild salmon we eat in the lower 49 states is from the Bering Sea.

    • rikyrah says:

      from the article”

      Economic populism and what are commonly erroneously and dismissively referred to as “social issues” — such as reproductive rights, immigration reform and civil rights for people of color, those who have disabilities, people of all faiths, LGBT people and women — are indivisible. Sanders routinely demonstrates his own lack of progressive values by dividing them.

      There is no economic populism without abortion rights and civil rights. No one can have economic justice if he or she doesn’t have fundamental rights. Yet Sanders has made it plain that abortion rights are negotiable and brushes off “identity politics.” He consistently argues that his values — and his alone — should define what it is to be progressive. (Which can’t help but remind one of Donald Trump’s unilateral defining of terms.)

      Further, Sanders routinely divides matters of race and gender and class — which, again, cannot be untwined — by discussing the “pain” and needs of working-class voters and perpetuating the dangerous myth that the Democrats have ignored them. Sanders has insisted that Democrats have failed to reach these voters, while dismissing the fact that 75 percent of working-class voters of color voted for Clinton, not Trump, last year.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Forever FLOTUS is getting 200k a speech?

    Yeah, baby..should be more…but, it’s a good start.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning,Everyone😄😄😄

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