Senate Judiciary Hearings | Russian Interference in the 2016 United States Election

A top Obama administration Justice Department official will testify to Congress for the first time Monday about the most explosive contacts to emerge so far between President Trump’s former top aides and senior Russian officials, the focus of several investigations on Capitol Hill.

Sally Yates, deputy attorney general under President Obama, is expected to disclose details to a Senate Judiciary Committee panel about her warnings to White House officials in January that Trump’s national security advisor, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Flynn was fired 18 days after Yates went to the White House, and only after news stories revealed the existence of a transcript of Flynn’s telephone conversation with Kislyak, which was recorded as part of routine U.S. intelligence monitoring of foreign officials’ communications.

Yates, a former U.S. attorney who became deputy attorney general in 2015, took over the Justice Department as acting attorney general after Trump was inaugurated Jan. 20 while he prepared his own team.

She was fired 10 days later after she announced that under her leadership, the Justice Department would not defend Trump’s executive order seeking to bar travel to the U.S. from select Muslim-majority nations.

Yates’ attorney did not return messages Friday seeking comment about her upcoming testimony. James R. Clapper, the director of national intelligence during the Obama administration, is also scheduled to testify at the same hearing.

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Lawmakers from both parties are likely to press Yates for details about her warnings to the White House that Flynn’s misrepresentations to Pence, and to the public, about his conversations with Kislyak left him vulnerable to blackmail by Moscow.

The FBI director, James B. Comey, recently told a judiciary subcommittee that Yates had spoken to him about her “concerns that Gen. Flynn had been compromised.”

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  3. BREAKING NEWS: FBI Director James Comey has been fired and removed from office.


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  9. David Corn said @PressSec is part of the cover up with Michael Flynn.


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  13. Just pitiful. Sally Yates and Clapper schooled these fools all day long…


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  15. We can’t just roll over and let them interfere with our elections. Something MUST be done.


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  19. rikyrah says:

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  20. rikyrah says:


  21. rikyrah says:


  22. rikyrah says:


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  38. When you come for #SallyYates, you better come prepared or you’ll get rolled. #Amirite @tedcruz


  39. Ametia says:

    Sally Yates is as cool as a cucumber.


  40. @tedcruz got SMACKED into oblivion. That’s gonna leave a mark.#Blistering

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  41. rikyrah says:


  42. rikyrah says:

    Ken Dilanian‏
    When Don McGahn asked how Flynn did in his FBI interview, Sally Yates declined to answer. That cannot be good news for Gen. Flynn.- —


    • roderick2012 says:

      That’s why Flynn wanted immunity from either the House or Senate Intelligence committee.

      He knows he’s going to do some hard time after those two grand juries issue indictments and the feds piles charges as high as possible hoping the defendant will cop a plea.

      I bet Trump is wearing Depends these days.

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  43. The clown @JohnCornyn is upset at #SallyYates b/c she didn’t go along w/ that unlawful #MuslimBan. The courts decided @JohnCornyn.
    KEEP UP!


  44. rikyrah says:

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  45. rikyrah says:

    From POU:



    Black man warns White man not to hire another White man because he’s trouble.

    Arrogant, mediocre White man dismisses the Black man’s warnings and hires the White dude anyway.

    Shit storm ensues and arrogant, mediocre White man has to shit can the White dude he was warned not to hire in the first place.

    Moral of the story….

    Fuck You Mayo Nation.

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  50. #SallyYates not playing with y’all. She’s not giving up classified information, mofos!


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  52. rikyrah says:


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  54. rikyrah says:

    I KNEW IT.
    I KNEW IT.



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  64. Congressman Elijah Cummings sent a letter to Mike Pence’s office on November 18th abt #MikeFlynn. Paper trail! Paper trail!


  65. Such utter bullshit coming out of this WH. President Obama was trying to protect the country & his warning to the incoming fraud was ignored.


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  67. bwa ha ha ha OK THEN!

    We all know this is a damn lie. President Obama is about protecting the country from foreign and domestic enemies.


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  71. Breaking News:

    Exclusive: President Obama warned Trump on November 10th, 2016 against hiring Michael Flynn. #RussiaGate


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  76. There was a time when this was against the law but the rich white privileged tho. America is lawless.


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  80. Ametia says:

    BRING.IT, Sally Yates.


  81. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh.tell that truth.

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  83. Y’all ready for this? Ride, Sally Ride!

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