Former First Lady Michelle Obama Exploring in Italy

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  1. eliihass says:

    Thanks for finding and sharing these beautiful photos SG..

    I love, love, love seeing her out and about, relaxed and happy…and having fun even if while fending off jet lag, adjusting to the local time, and most importantly, getting to spend important adults-only couple-time with her guy..

    Completely oblivious to those who are still from afar, remotely perusing their wallets and bank statements…and outraged when they’re out and about on their own dime, and just as outraged when they stay out of sight…coming up with any number of ridiculous assignments they furiously demand and command them to immediately return to and get to doing…In part, because they erroneously believe that their popularity even post-presidency, is somehow the cause of the unpopularity of the Putin-owned impostors…and in part because they can’t stand that they are so in demand …and folks the world over are ready and willing to shell out for their memoirs and to see them and hear them speak..

    It’s no secret that I’m her number one fan and remain fiercely, fiercely protective of her…

    I have to admit to feeling some guilt knowing that our voyeuristic ‘stalking’ of sorts, has only severely compounded the loss of anonymity she cherishes and so misses, and has often spoken wistfully and longingly about…I saw a video yesterday that someone took of her at the same place these pictures were taken…They even zoomed in as she chatted with her friends and ate her teeny scoop of chocolate gelato…and even as she sat with her back to the crowds separated by a high wall …but somehow they still captured that…chocolate gelato…The crowds were torn between saying hello and letting her be …letting her enjoy her freedom in as normal a way as possible..

    Chocolate gelato …LOL..

    Reminds of her husband sharing about how she ordered chocolate ice cream on their first date at Baskin Robbins…and the plaque that now sits in the spot…

    But even those sweet memories are now threatened by bitter, spiteful folks who insist on distorting events 31 years later…and not only forcibly inserting themselves in what is now all this time later, an appealing and successful life…disrespecting and attempting to dismiss my historic FLOTUS as only ‘selected’ because ‘racially and politically expedient’ to the cooked-up plot of an ambitious 25 year old young man…

    Because an already licensed and practicing Harvard-educated attorney somehow decided that the first year law student intern’s ‘potential’, was somehow infinitely more certain than the many already-made professional men…or the many sugar-daddy’s that now seem perfectly acceptable in the eyes of right-wing ‘christians’…

    A hard-won journey that essentially derailed her own plans and dreams and for which she sacrificed for again and again…a hard-won journey that has her forever walking around with a target on her back…A hard-won journey that has all manner of malicious folks doing their darnedest to hurt her, hurt her husband and their young daughters…A hard-won journey that will always bring out at any point in the future, any number of persons who might be close to them today, but turn against them in the future – and seek revenge by devising any number of tales to tell to hurt and damage them..

    She’ll never ever be ‘former’ to me…Never..

    And especially knowing that until she left the White House just a few months ago on January 20th of this year, none of her predecessors were so quickly referred to as ‘former’…and for 8 years while she lived in the White House, she was addressed mostly by her first name more often than not, and didn’t get to be addressed by her honorific nearly as often as those who came before her…and now..

    They all got to be referred to, and pretty much held on to the First Lady title as if it were theirs for life…until they moved on to some other title they deemed more important…and even then, they still made sure to cling to and not cede the ‘FLOTUS’ title …keeping it as a major part of their bio…and without the ‘former’ qualifier ..

    And in a time when folks are quickly trying to revise stuff right before our eyes…eagerly and dishonestly trying to erase the extensive and impressive legacy of the historic President…by casting a treasonous, Russian-sponsored, bigoted, compulsive liar, unscrupulous buffoon as the peace-making, savvy, patriotic, savior maverick, and tearing down the historic President who actually turned things around, saved America from itself…saved the collapsing auto industry, revived the devastated economy he inherited, instituted health care as a right and covered millions of previously uninsured for the first time in our history…etc..

    And trying to drastically revise and shine-up as virginal, ‘classy’, ‘mysterious’ and delicate, a 3rd rate, gold-digging, tacky nude ‘model’, turned 3rd wife of the Birther buffoon…a heartless immigrant who callously insisted the gates should be closed on other immigrants …a proud Birther conspiracist along with her old ‘deep’-pocket who until a few months ago, never saw a red carpet she could resist…pouting, squinting, posing and nearly always baring her silicone-filled, surgically-enhanced bits… a woman of dubious character who just like the old man she married, has a lose relationship with the truth…brazenly lying about everything from having a college degree, until it was found to be untrue and she reluctantly scrubbed it, insisted she wrote a plagiarized speech herself until a speech-writer took the fall for it, lying about her age, and on and on…’mysterious’, along with letting go the non-political usher in charge of the residence and the curator with invaluable institutional knowledge of the people’s house spanning many years…would be the way to go for anyone especially a hollow phony who’s told and has been caught in way too many lies already, has a checkered past, and a whole lot to hide..

    And all while they’re determined to denigrate, dismiss, and if possible, completely erase the first and only double Ivy League educated FLOTUS who could never get away with even the tiniest uncomfortable truth…they’re still dangling the taken out of context sentence about being proud of a country that’s never been kind to her…and the very same folk who viciously and endlessly maligned her for wearing a sleeveless dress, now declare ‘classy’ and ‘christian’, an imported woman who married a 2x divorced man old enough to be her father, and with all manner of naked photos floating about the internet…and in their warped minds and alternate universe, somehow more deserving of respect and place than my American-born historic FLOTUS who from the time she was young, did everything right..

    My historic first black FLOTUS who never wanted or asked for a life in politics or in the public eye, but put aside her own successful, honest, professional career, took on the position, authentically inhabited it and delivered magnificently and so successfully …even in the face of unprecedented abuse, vicious, dehumanizing attacks on her person, and for the first time in history, death threats on a First Lady equal to that targeting her husband the the very same folks who propelled – and today, still viciously attack our historic first black First Family, on behalf of the treasonous buffoon and his grifting family..

    Our historic FLOTUS very successfully juggled her unpaid position as First Lady – a position all her modern predecessors already had practice at in their various hometown State houses…and came to with their own tried and tested loyal staff in tow…and along with being a very hands-on mother to her 2 minor daughters – the younger one just 7+ when they first arrived at the White House…She made being First Lady look so fun, cool and exciting… A job her predecessors all inhabited stiffly and either believed not important enough, or did just enough to meet their obligation, she took and ran with, and very effectively, creatively and passionately reinvented as uniquely hers, but also as a way not just to pass time or to step-up politically, but to make important, tangible and lasting impact and improvements especially for the next generation…she turned a position without any policy-power or a budget, into a creative powerhouse that positively impacted so many…created and implemented initiatives that will leave lasting, generational cultural shifts in the most important ways, and pertinently, on various aspects of young people’s lives…all while using her daily spotlight to also make a difference in the lives of as many as possible…even strategically boosting the fledgling and struggling businesses of young, undiscovered and previously obscure artisans…And just by being authentically and genuinely herself, and completely comfortable in her own skin, and not creating an affected or contrived image, won the admiration of so many the world over..

    So forgive me if I’m in no rush to use ‘former’ when it comes to our historic First Lady and President…

    They’ve more than earned the right to keep those titles forever…They are the real deal, unlike the Putin-counterfeits superficially mimicking their every archived move…

    And even if the Obamas – our Forever FLOTUS and POTUS – are too humble to hold on to it, we’ll gladly do it for them..

  2. Ametia says:

    CIAO BELLA!!!!

  3. rikyrah says:


  4. vitaminlover says:

    She and Barack will continually draw crowds wherever they go. I like it when people cheer and applaud them too,

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    She is so stylish in fashion!

    I miss her.

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