James Comey plans to testify Trump pressured him to end Russia probe

(CNN)Fired FBI director James Comey plans to testify publicly in the Senate as early as next week to confirm bombshell accusations that President Donald Trump pressured him to end his investigation into a top Trump aide’s ties to Russia, a source close to the issue said Wednesday.

Final details are still being worked out and no official date for his testimony has been set. Comey is expected to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia during last year’s presidential election.

Comey has spoken privately with Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to work out the parameters for his testimony to ensure there are no legal entanglements as a result of his public account, a source said. Comey will likely sit down with Mueller, a longtime colleague at the Justice Department, for a formal interview only after his public testimony.
When he testifies, Comey is unlikely to be willing to discuss in any detail the FBI’s investigation into the charges of possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign — the centerpiece of the probe, this source said. But he appears eager to discuss his tense interactions with Trump before his firing, which have now spurred allegations that the president may have tried to obstruct the investigation. If it happens, Comey’s public testimony promises to be a dramatic chapter in the months-long controversy, and it will likely bring even more intense scrutiny to an investigation that Trump has repeatedly denounced as a “witch hunt.”

The appointment of Mueller as a special counsel in the Russia investigation had raised concerns among some members of Congress that his probe could scuttle the chance for Congress and the public to hear directly from Comey. That appears less likely now that Mueller and Comey have discussed the limits of his testimony.

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61 Responses to James Comey plans to testify Trump pressured him to end Russia probe

  1. Just as I feel a glimmer of hope….they snatch it away with the bullshit we heard in the #SenateIntelHearing

  2. The #SenateIntelHearing was a crock of ISH. Wasted time and money for a dog and pony show. Shameless mofos.

  3. In case folks are unclear, this is how whiteness works….

    White men protecting a white man. Country be damned.


  4. Just look at the sob. He’s still trying to obstruct justice.


  5. I can’t believe what I’m reading. Something is wrong here…


  6. Active partners…while he demonized immigrants & other people’s faith….


  7. Lonnie Starr says:

    These people in Washington stratagise everything, so whose to know what’s really going on until it’s just about done!? Anyway stay hopeful.

  8. Jeff Sessions lied under OATH during his confirmation hearing, didn’t disclose Russia meetings in a security clearance form and now we hear about another secret meeting with the Russian Ambassador at the Mayflower hotel? Please Lock him up! In Jesus name I pray.



  9. They both lied to the public about recusing themselves while snickering off camera


  10. Y’all see this? What a wicked POS to take from the poor when he has so much and they have nothing. Please lock him up so he never sees daylight again.


  11. rikyrah says:

    A theory from POU:


    So, Fam, come with me and and take a gander at some of my recent musings.

    It hasn’t ever made sense to me that James Comey came out of nowhere on the eve of the election to re-open the investigation against Hillary Clinton. It really didn’t make sense to me that he appeared to be insubordinate, disrespected AG Lynch, and was not reprimanded/fired by President Obama. This is a man who took out pirates, bin Laden and the whole 10,000 member group of number 2 leaders in Al Qaeda and ISIL. This whole chain of events didn’t make sense to me.

    So… what if the information regarding Russian treason/collusion committed by Trump, his campaign and the GOP was so wide-ranging and far-reaching, the Obama Administration knew they needed to keep someone on the inside in the upper echelons to stop the evidence from being destroyed. AG Lynch was out and other ranking officials were too. The only person who seemingly could possibly work through a Dolt 45 administration was the FBI Director, who has a 10-year term.

    What if Pres Obama gave Comey the go ahead to take this action, while giving AG Lynch deniability, in order to maintain control of documentation and keep the investigation going after the Presidential transition? What if Comey agreed to trash his reputation, to preserve the evidence that is needed to take this band of demons down? Unfortunately, it cost Hillary the election, which I am sure they calculated may happen, yet the cost to democracy was too great not to take the risk.

    Furthermore, look at what happened immediately following the transition. The Obamas ghosted. Hillary and Bubba ghosted. Most of the higher ranking Obama Administration figures ghosted. It wasn’t until folks started speaking up and out about Russian collusion, Trumpcare and getting in their elected reps asses about their conduct that the Obamas, Hillary and others came back on line. What if part of the strategy, in order to make sure that these treasonous acts did not go unknown or unpunished was to make sure that the push for investigation came from We, The People, instead of elected officials, to make sure the outrage would remain hot and constant?


    • eliihass says:


      Or some other version of something similar..

      We’ll all have to wait and see..

      But I do know that my historic FLOTUS and POTUS undoubtedly knew something ..

      FLOTUS was not understatedly dressed in mourning tweed and black boots, with hair slicked back …just for the heck of it…She’s always been spot-on in delivering perfect subliminal and sartorial messages..without uttering a word…even if her eyes often tell a story – often deep, but impossible to decode when she isn’t quite ready to let on…

      When history is told and folks go back to that ‘inauguration’ day…it is FLOTUS in all her authentic awesomeness who will perfectly capture and summarize what they knew but we all later found out..

      I do believe also that the Bush’s and Clintons’ releasing nearly similar statements a few moments apart confirming their attendance at the ‘inauguration’ just a few days before, was in fact not merely a coincidence..

      I do believe too that there was a consistent poker face…an eerie calm, …an unspoken insider something going on between all the First Couples at that ‘inauguration’..

      All will be told in time..

  12. vitaminlover says:

    Say on, say on, say on!

  13. eliihass says:

    With Comey and Mueller, I will only believe when I see what they actually bring..

    I have little faith in most public figures today…And I especially, have absolutely no faith in anyone who identifies as republican – or at any point did…no matter that they at some point switched to ‘Independent’…or no matter how much we are regaled with tales of their credibility and honor…or told that they are ‘unimpeachable’…by the very same folks who hold up, think highly of and effusively tout Robert Gates, Condoleeza Rice, Lindsey Graham and that ‘fearless, straight-shooting maverick’ John McCain…as ‘credible’, ‘honorable’, ‘patriots’ ..

    I will have to see real evidence and real results to be convinced..

    And anything short of completely and permanently ridding us of that Russian-orchestrated infestation in the people’s house, will be unacceptable..

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