#SenateIntelHearing | Jeff Sessions Testimony

A new report says Attorney General Jeff Sessions will double down on a Department of Justice claim that former FBI Director James Comey misrepresented an interaction between the two during sworn testimony last week.

Jonathan Swan at the news website Axios says Sessions will repeat under oath a DOJ claim that he “was not silent” following a conversation in which Comey, then the FBI director, informed him of a one-on-one meeting with President Donald Trump.

Sessions is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Comey said in sworn testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he felt Trump was trying to pressure him to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Comey testified that when he approached Sessions about the one-on-one meeting with the president, the attorney general remained silent.

“Sessions is expected to counter this, saying he responded to Comey by telling him the FBI and DOJ needed to be aware of official protocol regarding communications with the White House,” Swan said.

Sessions would not be the first government figure to go after Comey.

Following Comey’s testimony, Trump accused the former FBI director of lying and said he would “100%” be willing to answer questions under oath about the situation.

Here was the relevant portion of the original Department of Justice statement following Comey’s testimony:

“During his testimony, Mr. Comey confirmed that he did not inform the Attorney General of his concerns about the substance of any one-on-one conversation he had with the President. Mr. Comey said, following a morning threat briefing, that he wanted to ensure he and his FBI staff were following proper communications protocol with the White House. The Attorney General was not silent; he responded to this comment by saying that the FBI and Department of Justice needed to be careful about following appropriate policies regarding contacts with the White House.”


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  1. DAMN!


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  3. The country has been taken over with Russian mafia thugs.


  4. LOOK AT THIS ISH, Y’ALL! What is this lawlessness from the country’s most classified intelligence? So fucking disturbing.


  5. Robert Mueller’s legal team is a BEAST! Put them in JAIL!


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  11. Well. Well. ISH has gotten real for Jeff Sessions!


  12. The bullet train is heading down the tracks…..


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  15. Breaking News: Washington Post: Special Counsel Investigating Trump For Obstruction of Justice


  16. rikyrah says:

    A Few Thoughts on the Sessions’ Hearing

    Published JUNE 13, 2017 5:52 PM

    Let me share a few quick thoughts on today’s Sessions hearing.

    The big and overriding takeaway from this hearing is that Sessions declined to answer almost all the pertinent questions – in most cases because they involved his discussions with President Trump and in at least one case (or this was what I understood him to be saying) discussions with other leaders at the Department of Justice. There’s an important back and forth about what basis he had for this refusal. That is important in itself. But the gist, as Sessions eventually seemed to concede, was that he was refusing to answer because he did not want to preclude or render moot the President’s ability to assert executive privilege.

    Sessions himself eventually seemed to jettison this idea about longstanding DOJ policy and come back to what we might call this deferred executive privilege. Again, whole conversation about what the White House is up to sending people up to the Hill where they know they’ll get these questions and not making a decision in advance. But big picture, Sessions declined to answer most or all of the critical questions on the basis of executive privilege.

    One more point on this front, Sessions appeared willing to answer some questions about what the President said in specific conversations and not others. I’d be curious to hear from lawyers whether this puts the asserted privilege on weaker ground.

    We leave this hearing a bit murky on what I think was the main point: just what James Comey was referring to when he talked about Session’s role in any Russia related investigation being ‘problematic’. It certainly seems like Comey was referring to a third meeting at the Mayflower Hotel. That appeared to be what he mentioned in the subsequent closed session. Sessions categorically denied anything more than perhaps a handshake and pleasantries that he forgot.


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  21. rikyrah says:


  22. rikyrah says:

    KKKeebler Elf


  23. rikyrah says:


  24. rikyrah says:


  25. rikyrah says:

    UH HUH


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  27. LOOKY, Y’all. After I got in her ass about saying black women were embarrassed about Kamala Harris. She protected her tweets. Run bish! Run!


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  34. Obstruction of Justice


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  43. UNFIT to serve as Attorney General. How can he possibly continue in this position? #SessionsHearing


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  47. @SenKamalaHarris #LIT 🔥🔥🔥

    dead @ white man kryptonite


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  49. Wow! And this coming from the Attorney General! UNFIT for office.


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  60. WTF do #JeffSessions know? He can’t remember ISH? Why the hell is he Attorney General? #SessionsHearing

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  61. Fuckery!


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  85. Catch him in his LIES!


  86. Let him keep digging….

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  92. Jeff Sessions is nervous. Gulping water. #SessionsHearing

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  101. bwa ha ha ha ha

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  105. Ametia says:

    It’s going to be a LONG, HOT SUMMER of fuckery, trying fumigate our WH & Government, of all these RUSSIAN-ASS-KISSING MOFOS!


  106. Ametia says:

    Keebler ELF, Sessions needs to GO


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  110. rikyrah says:

    Can Sessions explain Trump admin removal of US attorneys?
    Rachel Maddow reviews many of the lingering questions that follow Attorney General Jeff Sessions into his Senate Intelligence Committee hearing tomorrow, not the least of which is why the Trump administration abruptly got rid of dozens of U.S. attorneys.


  111. rikyrah says:

    Could Trump really fire Special Counsel Mueller?
    Matt Miller, former Department of Justice spokesman, talks with Rachel Maddow about the technical rules of the special counsel in the Trump-Russia investigation.


  112. rikyrah says:

    Sessions’ Russian meetings still a mystery
    Rachel Maddow explains what is still unknown about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and Sessions’ violation of his own recusal from matters dealing with Russia or the 2016 campaign.


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  121. rikyrah says:

    At congressional hearing, Deputy AG Rosenstein just told senators said he sees no reason for firing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel

    — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) June 13, 2017

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  129. Jeff Sessions is going to double down. Either the brazen liar thinks he’s so smart or simply don’t give a fugg?


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