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Tax Loop Holes For Corporate Jets or Investments In Jobs or Education?

What programs could we help fund by closing the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires? Take a look at this graphic from the Center for American Progress — then pass it along: Share on Facebook & Twitter!

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Videos | Sunday Wrap-Up: Romney & Ryan Won’t Give Specifics – To The Point Where They Contradict Each Other

Who the HELL is running the Romney campaign? LOL They are scrambling to keep up with the Obama camp after that blistering smackdown of truth at the DNC. On “Meet the Press” today, Mitt Romney again refused to identify one … Continue reading

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*Vanity Fair Investigates Mitt Romney’s Offshore Accounts, Tax Loopholes & Mysterious I.R.A

3 Chics will keep reposting this information on MR. ENTITLEMENT Mitt Romney, until he releases his TAX RETURNS! Tomlinson/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis (beach); by Justin Sullivan/Getty images (inset). This thorough piece of investigative jounalism is worth the read. WHERE THE … Continue reading

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