Senator Al Franken Speaks On Net Neutrality

“We cant’ let companies write the rules they’re suppose to follow.”

                                                                                            __ Senator Al Frankin

Senator Franken spoke live in Minneapolis Thursday, August 19.  He is a staunch advocate for net neutrality. He called “Net Neutrality” the most pressing free speech issue in modern America.”

Think about what this means for all of us in the blogosphere.

He gave real examples from his own experiences working for tv networks as a comedian.

We need to support opposition to the Google/Verizon merger to control the traffiic and speed of wireless services, and package them for sell to the highest bidder.  There’s real danger in having a handful of corporations in control of the INFORMATION HIGHWAY, that is the WORLDWIDE WEB.

Love my Senator…

Save the Internet is operating an online petition that asks Americans to send their thoughts on the issue of “Net Neutrality” to the FCC. Similarly, Sen. Franken also has an online petition advocating “Net Neutrality.”

Please take a moment and sign the petition, and contact your elected representatives and ask them to oppose Google/Verizon/ATT/Comcast plans to limit free speech and equal access to the internet.

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2 Responses to Senator Al Franken Speaks On Net Neutrality

  1. SouthernGirl2 says:

    I just signed the petition.

    • "Ametia" says:

      Right ON! We’ve got to keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE.

      While the media is playing the ole okey dokey about where the POTUS worships, folks can get easily distracted from what is really going on.

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