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2010 Vote: Celebrating 90 Years of Women’s Right To Vote

August 18, 1920 Women earned the right to vote.  So Please let’s continue exercising this right. I Couldn’t let this anniversary date go by with acknowledging it. Question:  Who gained the right to vote first: women, or African Americans? Answer:  Technically … Continue reading

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TV LAND- Everybody Wants To Rule The World!

STEP RIGHT UP, HURRY, HURRY.  LET THE SIDESHOW BEGIN!                                     THE PLACE FOR POLITICS!                                                                                                                                                       FAIR AND BALANCED!    

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Jade Has Her Say About Dr. Laura

Jade on CNN- August 19, 2010 The woman whose call ignited Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-word controversy speaks with “American Morning.” The lightning-rod life of Dr. Laura – CNN.com Here’s the video interview with T.J. Holmes & Jade: http://cnn.com/video/?/video/us/2010/08/19/am.hanson.dr.laura.caller.cnn Comments?

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Serendipity SOUL-Thursday Open Thread

Happy Thursday Beautiful SOULS! Let’s not get distracted by the media pushing Muslim bashings and contrived polls about Americans believing POTUS is a Muslim.  We’re not buying the poll nonsense.  Your disdain for diverse religious beliefs is SHOWING! This video is dedicated … Continue reading

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What do some in the mainstream media, the left, right, teabaggers, slave-catching coons, and PUMAs have in common in regards to President Obama?  Must I post a list of all this PRESIDENT has accomplished in the last 18 months?  In the spirit … Continue reading

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Thank you, to our solders and their families! Here are a series of MSNBC videos on the troops exit from Iraq.  After 7 1/1 years and 4,400 deaths and tens of thousands of Iraqis, the US combat presence in Iraq … Continue reading

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