Jade Has Her Say About Dr. Laura

Jade on CNN- August 19, 2010

The woman whose call ignited Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-word controversy speaks with “American Morning.”

Here’s the video interview with T.J. Holmes & Jade:



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17 Responses to Jade Has Her Say About Dr. Laura

  1. reticulator says:

    I was impressed with Jade. It seems she sincerely believed she could get advice from LS. Now, even though that is amazing to me…it just goes to show how genuine her actions were.

    She also is not as bewildered as I would have thought, nor was she complaining about her marriage, as it was perceived initially. Rather, she was asking about the other white folks she has been around due to the interracial marriage and how THEY ask her stereotypical racist questions.

    Once I understood that, I realized, she was basically asking LS about racist whites which as it turns out was not a bad source for that…but what she encountered was the very hate she was calling to ask about…so I GET why she is hurt.

    AND I am glad she understands that that IS how LS truly feels….and it is sad that she had to question had she done anything to precipitate that vile rant.

    Only problem I have now, is…JADE didn’t get an answer YET!! She still wants to know as we all do ..’how come white folks ask us racial stereotype questions that are said in a way that is mean and hurtful?”

    Maybe Jade did get the answer….it’s cause they are hateful and mean.

  2. vettte says:

    Nobody is there waiting to pounce on people who want to silence voices. She started this by saying “nigger” 11 times in one rant. So who was setting her up other than herself? Nobody ever knew who she was.

    Oh now she is stirring the black pot! “Whites are afraid of the black man taking over America” WTH! WTF!

    Yeah it definitely went “askew” and it was her fault.

    • "Ametia" says:

      Hi reticulator, and welcome to Ametia’s blog. I thouroghly enjoyed your insights and commentary regarding Jade. You sifted through the chatter and spin and shone the light on Jade, not as a victim, but as a victor.

      There was never any doubt in my mind that Dr. Laura is a racist clown. And because Jade had followed this woman’s radio show for over a decade, and got slammed by her racial hate is very telling. The chickens have come home to roost.

  3. vettte says:

    11 Times Nigger!

    Nigga please…and her 1st amendment rights were abused! Nigga please.

    • "Ametia" says:

      Karma came-a-knockin’ on Dr. Laura’s door. Cause & Effect, that’s all karma is. She caused it, and now the effects have come to collect. BYE!

  4. vettte says:

    I hate they gave out her real name and I hope that she/husband has changed their phone number. The CAC haters are buzzing them right about now with the death threats.

    • "Ametia" says:

      Jade is making the media rounds. I hope they’re paying her, so she can get help for staying in a marriage where her husband condones racial slurs in her presence.

      • "Ametia" says:

        Fuck Laura’s 1st amendment rights. We know they weren’t abused. She’s not accepting responsibility for the privilege and rights.

        My point is Jade getting the hell away from racism she’s shrouded in with that marriage. She needs to stop playing the victim. Dr. Laura doesn’t have that kind of power now that she’s been called out publically.

  5. vettte says:

    I do believe that Jade just nipped Dr. Laura in the bud. She didn’t back down from anything that she felt. Laura is crying in her pillow tonight, to be undone by a AA woman over something as despicable as a racial rant. How dare the Nigg… keep taking down “viable talk show hosts” who can’t hold their racism in.

    • "Ametia" says:

      Jade has played a MAJOR role in shinning the light on Dr. the cockroach, Laura. No doubt, and Laura Lu is one mighty angry bitch. But you and I know that Dr. Laura will go away and make a pile of money with books and prsonal appearance, and in a year or less, she’ll be right back on talk radio.

      Good for Jade in telling her story. Now this sista needs to deal with her husband and his racist friends.

  6. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Jade is very lovely!

    • "Ametia" says:

      Yes, Jade is lovely, and I’ll bet she’ll think twice about asking advise from a white woman about racism again.

      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        Jade stated she listened to this Dr Laura all the time and trusted this bigot bish for advice on how to help her deal with her husband’s idiot friends. The husband need to step it up and let his friends know their behavior will not be tolerated or kick them to the curb.

      • "Ametia" says:

        Jade found out the hard way, and I certainly do agree that her hubby needs to get REAL and DEAL with his family & friends.

        For Jade: Your husband should be your best friend, your feelings should be his top priority.

      • "Ametia" says:

        Jade is on Larry King Live, right now. She’s making the media rounds now. Watch, she’ll be on The Today Show & Good Morning America tomorrow or next week.

        She’s not accepting Dr. Laura’s apology.

      • "Ametia" says:

        I’m listening to this woman, and all I can think is that she’s got some self-esteem issues. Girl, I was married to a Dutch man, sweet, loving, kind, and so was his fam.

        I’d of hit the dusty trails a long time ago, had my white husband not stood up for me against the racial slurs..

        Come to think of it, I would have figured how he and his family rolled before I commited.

        Jade needs to get it together and address her husband and his so-called bigoted friends. Stand up woman and beat down these bitches!

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