Tim Pawlenty- Hamming It Up In The Land of Spam!

Gov. Pawlenty has signed an executive order refusing federal funding for health care for ITS citizens, billions in federal funding. 

Pray tell, what in the world would Minnesotans do if a disaster would befall that state?    Please enlighten us Gov. Pawlenty.

While Minnesota is not the first state whose Governor has refused federal funding for healthcare, It’s crystal clear to a swath of Republican Minnesotans that Governor Tim Pawlenty is grandstanding in a bid to capture his party’s 2012 Presidential nomination.

Governor Pawlenty cannot manage his state’s budget, yet he believes that he can run the entire U.S. of A.  

 We’re on to you. You Betcha!


Outgoing Minnesota governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty appeared on Fox News and Fox Business last night to defend his recent executive order prohibiting the state from applying for grants provided by the new health care law. Pawlenty’s ban could cost the state $1 billion or more in federal funds, but in his national TV tour last night, the governor compared the federal government to a drug hustler pushing its product on willing addicts:
PAWLENTY: Federal government’s acting increasingly like a financial drug dealer, handing out tastes or free samples, trying to get people addicted, further addicted. And we’ve just had it and we’re not taking the bait anymore. We’re not taking the free samples anymore. This is an executive order that says we’re sending them a strong message, but we’re also going to try to make sure the policies are for Minnesota not because some big federal bureaucracy tells us what to do.



Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) is taking a bold step among Republicans opposed to the new federal health care reform law. As his latest move, Pawlenty has issued an executive order forbidding his state’s officials from applying for grant money from the new law.

Pawlenty’s order allows only applications for money that are required by law — which would seemingly mean that this is not a case of nullification, and falls short of such an extreme step — or approved by the governor’s office.

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31 Responses to Tim Pawlenty- Hamming It Up In The Land of Spam!

  1. Pawlenty seeks Medicaid funds


    Tim Pawlenty’s decision to turn down some of the money associated with the health care overhaul was probably good national Republican politics, but it seems to have proved a headache at home, and today he announced that he’s asking for $260 million in federal funds:

    Gov. Tim Pawlenty has decided to accept about $260 million in federal medical assistance aid after directing state agencies to avoid some federal grants associated with the health care overhaul. …

    Pawlenty’s letter to Sebelius says the Medicaid dollars “reflect current and longstanding Minnesota policy objectives and commitments.” He also notes that Minnesota pays more to the federal government than it gets back.

    This is money from the jobs bill — which Pawlenty called “reckless” — not from the health care legislation. But it comes after Pawlenty took a local beating, including from the Mayo Clinic, as well as some gloating from the DNC about his declining local popularity.

    Pawlenty — the only Republican really running for president in a straightforward way at the moment — isn’t seeking reelection, and principled stands may be a bit easier once he’s out.

    Hold up, Timmy! Didn’t you call the government a drug dealer, drug hustler & an addict? But but now you want & need that government money? Explain yourself, Timmy?!!

  2. rikyrah says:

    see, when they clown like this, you know how I feel.

    want to pick and choose about Federal money?

    fine, your ass won’t get ANY federal money -explain THAT TIMMY

  3. Vettte says:

    All for the sake of politics. How and when will the elected officials in the country ever see that partisan politics is NOT in the best interest of the people to eat, leave, breathe, work and pay bills in the country. What really has to be done to stop the pandering to a select few? It’s so disheartening. Okay, look at the guy in Alaska who just got elected…he in no way is going to think independently about issues. If anything he is going to vote more to the detriment of what’s best for Alaskans. I don’t get it. Yes I do; half the country is still racist and thinks they can return to “the good ole days of the good ole boys being in charge”. The other half of the country wants taxation AND representation and inclusion for all. Then the Independents voters blow like the wind. This country is doomed. Appacolipse NOW.

    • What did Tracy Morgan say? We are a racist country! The end.

    • Ametia says:

      Good info to preuse for your states.

      State Legislation Challenging Certain Health Reforms, 2010
      Updated: September 1, 2010
      by: Richard Cauchi, Program Director, NCSL Health Program

      States have an extensive and complicated shared power relationship with the federal government in regulating various aspects of the health insurance market and in enacting health reforms.
      In response to federal health reform legislation, some members of at least 40 state legislatures have proposed legislation to limit, alter or oppose selected state or federal actions, including single-payer provisions and mandates that would require purchase of insurance. In general most of the measures, in both 2009 and 2010:
       Contradict, some would say challenge, some features of the new federal law.
       Focus on not permitting or enforcing mandates (federal or state) that would require purchase of insurance by individuals or by employers and impose fines or penalties for those who fail to do so.
       Seek to keep in-state health insurance optional, and instead allow people to purchase any type of health services or coverage they may choose.
       The language varies from state to state, often using provisions from Arizona, as cited below.

      Check out your state here: http://www.ncsl.org/?tabid=18906

      • Ametia says:

        Tiny Timmy won’t be able to explain shit. Minnesota’s budget is in the crapper, and this assclown is refusing funding.

        What if we suffer a major disaster? what then, Timmy? He can’t leave office quick enough for me!

      • LOL

        Was it you, Ametia, that stated if the President wheeled out money in a wheel barrow & gave it away, they’d refuse because he’s BLACK! It’s stupifying!

  4. Vettte says:

    I meant to mention that our illustrious governor of the great state of Texas showed up at the black cherch house this last Sunday. Yes is seceding azz did; must be getting a little bit afraid of Bill White, his democratice opponent in the upcoming November midterms. Well he sat on the front row trying to act as though he enjoyed “the gospel experience”. Now mind you, Dubya came out of his cave about a month ago and showed up there. When it was mentioned, NOT ONE person applauded, not one. So this time a little prep work was done for Perry. When he was introduced, there were people place right around him that were apparently TOLD to received him warmly, because they were the only ones who rose. Now they weren’t crazy enough to let him speak because they new that the congregants would have given him the side eye. He sat thru the entire service and right before it ended he made a dramatic exit for all to see. I just don’t get the GOP hoods, thinking they can just show up hoping for a few straggling votes and after the election go back to turning away from federal funds and threatening abdication. Do they really think that AAs are crazy? GTHOH Perry.

  5. Ametia says:

    I think it’s pretty telling that some Minnesotans would rather have Mittens Romney as a GOP presidential candidate than Tiny Poor-lenghty.

    IMO, Pawlenty skipped out on Minnesota years ago… I think it’s time for him to go on a long fishing trip.

    • The GOP cares for no one but themselves. Pawlenty is playing with folks lives. This is no got damn game.

      • Ametia says:

        I hear you , Vette. I live here and have health insurance. We’re already bearing the brunt with higher insurance premiums. And your’e so right. Why should Minnesotans lives be at risk for one man’s poliitcal pandering.

        Like I said, Pawlenty checked out as MN gov. a while ago, taraveling around the country skinnin & grinnin with right wing talking points.

        In the end, I think he”ll take the funding. Isn’t that what thes GOP governors do.

        Can’t wait for this clown to skip town

      • Vettte says:

        Yeah, he’ll take the funding after the mid-terms presumably, but who is he really representing by threatening to NOT take it is the real question, the money donors?

      • I’d like to know too, Vettte. Who’s behind the money? Pawlenty is seemingly ready & willing to fk over Minnesotans without a care. Run his ass out of town.

    • Vettte says:

      Not a game at all to the people affected. Who’s going to bear the brunt of the bill for healthcare services when people show up at the ER? Why should partisan politics go this far to endanger the very lives of Minnesota’s citizens? If given a vote would the majority of the electorate turn down the money? I don’t think so. Why does Pawlenty think this move is a good one and who does he represent? Would hate to get sick in Minnesota without health insurance.

    • Ametia says:

      WHEREAS, Timmy don’t give a flying fungus about Minnesotans.


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